How Hard Should You Slap as a Beauty Treatment?


Having healthy, gorgeous-looking skin is one of the most important aspects of being beautiful. With that, it’s no surprise that women go far just to get stunning skin. From chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, intense pulse light therapy (IPL), and cryosurgery, to simply applying toners, cleansers, and moisturizers, there are many … Read more

Diarrhea in Toddlers: Types, Common Causes, and Recommended Treatment Options

Diarrhea in Toddlers

  Diarrhea is a common disorder among children. According to one study1, the lack of handwashing facilities and correct practices, separate feeding materials for kids, and failure to breastfeed them were predictors of the occurrence of this condition. However, in many instances, diarrhea in young children, particularly toddlers, is not an illness … Read more

What Are Cannabinoids? A Beginner’s Guide

What Are Cannabinoids? A Beginner's Guide

Public perception of cannabis has changed radically over the last several decades. For this reason, many people have been increasingly interested in this plant in a way that they hadn’t been before. Everywhere you look these days there is discussion about the medical benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids like CBD. However, there … Read more

5 Stretching Mistakes and How to Fix Them

5 Stretching Mistakes and How to Fix Them

  There are so many advantages that come with stretching, especially before or after exercises. You become more flexible, you get relaxed, your range of motion is improved, and last but not least, your muscles and joints are more prepared for the next workouts. All of these benefits will come only if … Read more