How did Anime become so popular?

Anime Girl Inkscape

Introduction Japanese speakers refer to either hand-drawn or digital animation as “anime.” In Japanese, the word is how the word “animation” is pronounced in its abbreviated form, which includes all forms of animation. Outside of Japan, the term “anime” is used to refer only to Japanese animation or to a Japanese animation … Read more

Learn more about the ancient Japanese sport of Yabusame

Yabusame in the middle of Tokyo

Yabusame is a traditional Japanese mounted archery sport that has been practiced since ancient times. It dates back to the Kamakura period (1185-1333) and has been practiced for more than 800 years. Yabusame is distinguished by its unique and compelling combination of horseback riding, archery, and ceremonial features. The term “yabusame” is … Read more

Learn more about the fascinating history of sumo wrestling

sumo tournament

Sumo is a style of full-contact competitive wrestling in which a rikishi (wrestler) attempts to throw or push his opponent out of a circular ring (dohyo) or force him to strike the ground with any part of his body other than his feet’s soles. Sumo started in Japan, which is also the … Read more

Sports Enjoyed in Ancient Japan

Sports Enjoyed in Ancient Japan

Japan may not always come first to mind when thinking about countries with rich sports culture and sports-loving people. It’s no surprise, given that the Land of the Rising Sun is more renowned for other things like its mouthwatering cuisine, stunning natural sights, manga and anime, advanced technology, quirky inventions, and cultural … Read more

Weirdest Things about Japan

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Every year during the spring season, the world witnesses Japan’s beauty of blooming cherry blossoms. All the pink petals floating in the river and fully bloomed trees making archways above serene pathways move everyone to visit such a place at least once. “The Land of the Rising Sun” is what they call … Read more

Things to Consider When Buying CBD in Japan

Things to Consider When Buying CBD in Japan

Even though it has a taboo status, cannabis, or also known as hemp, is becoming popular in the Japanese market because of the benefits it can provide when it comes to health and beauty. You need to keep in mind that marijuana is different from hemp. They may be both cannabis plants, … Read more