Guide to Popular Interior Design Styles in Japan

A minimalist modern day design of TV Lounge

  Japan is one of the countries that like to incorporate and stick to its culture and traditions. Even though the traditions date back thousands of years, the Japanese still inculcate them in their everyday life. There was a time when Japanese homes mostly consisted of bamboos and other wood types for … Read more

Guide to Classical and Historical Design Styles in Japan

Classical interior Japanese design

  Japanese tend to follow the Zen philosophy when it comes to designing their homes and apartments, particularly the interior. Although Zen originated in China but its principles have spanned across almost the entire Asia. It is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes the value and importance of intuition and meditation. … Read more

The Guide to Traditional Japanese Sports

sumo match

  Sports is one of the essential aspects of Japanese culture, as the country has produced some of the most well-known sporting events and martial art styles that are organized and utilized in various countries around the world. However, despite creating and developing unique sports, it cannot be argued that the most … Read more

The Great 2011 Tōhoku Quake

The location of the earthquake and tsunami

  The Great 2011 Tōhoku Quake was a magnitude-9 earthquake that shook the area of northeastern Japan. It not only caused a lot of wreckage on its own, but also triggered a destructive tsunami. The effects of this earthquake were also apparent in several other parts of the world, even going to … Read more

An Introduction to Manga

A manga store in Japana

  Comic books have always been fascinating. While some are easy to read and understand, others such as Manga are a bit complicated. It is a Japanese version of comics and when you try to enter a new culture, things can become confusing and intimidating. When it comes to discussing Manga, it … Read more