Reasons to Use Crocs Knee Pads

Volleyball players wearing knee pads

Our knees have little protection on their own – it only has a thin layer of skin and muscle over the kneecap or patella. If you fall on your knees when it’s bent, there isn’t much cushion to prevent you from breaking the patella bone or pushing it out of place. When … Read more

Does Skin Slapping Work to Improve Your Skin?

Happy afro woman touching her perfect skin with her eyes closed.

A tingling sensation, a ringing sound, a painful experience – there’s no denying that we associate unpleasant feelings when we think of a slap. But do you know that a smack in the face might be all you need to blast your wrinkles and boost saggy skin? It may sound ridiculous, but … Read more

Benefits of a Simple Walk

May Lighten Your Mood

Walking is a free-of-cost, easy-to-do exercise that offers several health benefits to people of all ages. It is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and thus prolong your lifespan. Following are some of the highly beneficial effects of walking: 1. Maintain a Healthy Weight Walking regularly increases the body’s metabolism, … Read more

10 Benefits of Chewing Gum

10 Benefits of Chewing Gum

Whether to keep your mouth busy while you endlessly walk down the road, take your morning run, drive to work, or like to keep your mouth fresh, chewing gum is claimed to have loads of benefits besides these. You might pop a piece of gum in your mouth without giving it much … Read more

The History of the Artificial Heart

The History of the Artificial Heart

In the past years, we have seen impeccable advancement in medicine. Indeed, this field has come a long way. Conditions that were usually considered lethal are now treated easily. Pandemics that killed thousands and millions are now small infections that don’t require serious attention. Similarly, organ replacement and transplantation have changed the … Read more