How to Use Offline Maps

a woman using maps on the iPad

  Today, people use online maps widely to find their way on a regular basis. The most popular maps among these online maps are Google Maps, Bing Maps, and OpenStreetMap. But, what would you do when you get stuck in some area where there is no internet? In such a situation, offline … Read more

Book Review: Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution

AI and Robotic Revolution

If you are anything like me, you have shuddered one too many times thinking about the advancements in artificial intelligence and the possibility of intelligent robots taking over the world. When consuming content on the internet, one has to be careful to distinguish between fact and myth, evidence-based predictions and mere speculations, … Read more

Valorant Boosting And Everything That Comes With It

Valorant Boosting And Everything That Comes With It

Before fathoming the nooks and corners of this discussion, let us comprehend the definition of valorant boosting. Well, it is a service that will help you to improve your ranking in Valorant. Numerous service providers will provide you with this service. You have to choose any one of them according to your … Read more

Learning About USB Modems and How to Use Them

A 3G 4G USB modem

  USB modems, also known as wireless modems or mobile broadband modems, are a modern convenience that allows us to connect to the Internet anywhere we bring our device. The USB modem is a small and portable USB (universal bus service) device – usually the size of a typical USB flash drive … Read more

Introduction to MarkBass

Markbass CMD-103H amplifier

  MarkBass was started by Marco De Virgiliis in 1996. Marco had ample experience in the amplifier industry as he had worked for Parsek, where he was responsible for sales, marketing, and support. In the late 1990s, he met with Sterling Ball. The collaboration led to the creation of Music Man’s audiophile … Read more

What is the History of Internet Memes?

I can has cheezburger meme

  Memes today are recognized as funny, amusing, or interesting items that are spread widely through the Internet. It has been an ever-present part of modern online life. But have you ever wondered how did it all start? Have you ever thought how they evolved? And where did the term “meme” come … Read more

Overview of Major Gaming Consoles

Overview of Major Gaming Consoles

  For gamers, consoles are like cars. Every gamer wants the newly launched with all of the latest features. For companies, these consoles are a lucrative product with a high demand. Back in the days when Nintendo and Atari ruled the gaming industry, enthusiasts would happily pay an arm and a leg … Read more

The Advancement of CGI in the Game Industry

A CGI rendered girl and dog

  In this day and age, Computer Generated Imagery, commonly known as CGI, has become the key visual recipe for most video games we play today. Since it is hard to bring out some of the dynamic effects with traditional photography only, the game industry cannot think of not using CGI. Over … Read more

How Has CGI Changed The Film Industry?

a CGI dragon firing flame

  Computer Generated Imagery, commonly known as CGI, has changed the world of cinema. We saw its full potential when the gap between animation and real-life films got smaller. But what makes CGI so important for the film industry and how has CGI influenced the world of cinema, let’s get to know … Read more

What are the Benefits of Video Gaming?

Two sets of hands holding a PlayStation controller while playing a video game

Contrary to popular belief (or what parents collectively believe), video games offer a range of practical benefits. It has gained a bad reputation for being addictive and creating a diversion. Video gaming is not just for fun or for passing the time – research found out that there’s a range of scientific … Read more