The Benefits and Drawbacks of Computer Generated Imagery

A concept of Computer Generated Imagery

Action movies have become an all-time favorite for many. People love to watch these movies because of the wild actions and intensity of the actors as shown in the films. However, most of the time, these actions are not even performed by the actors. Some of them are performed by the stunt … Read more

What Were the First Movies to Use CGI?

A CGI of alien attacking a girl

Many movies have made use of groundbreaking visual effects. Computer-generated imagery, commonly known as CGI, has changed the film industry  as a whole. It surely has lessened production costs and made hard-to-mimic movements and characters possible on the big screen. And computer graphics have come a long way since it first started. If … Read more

CGI – Using Computer Graphics to Replace Actors

CGI – Using Computer Graphics to Replace Actors

It is amazing how the film industry has evolved into even more convincing and uncanny in just over a decade. Recently, we have seen spectacular films that are truly a remarkable recreation and reanimation of our childhood fantasies. Back then, the imagery was merely a subjective thing, limited to the individual mind. … Read more

How to Use Offline Maps

Offline Maps

Today, people use online maps widely to find their way on a regular basis. The most popular maps among these online maps are Google Maps, Bing Maps, and OpenStreetMap. But, what would you do when you get stuck in some area where there is no internet? In such a situation, offline maps … Read more

Book Review: Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution

AI and Robotic Revolution

If you are anything like me, you have shuddered one too many times thinking about the advancements in artificial intelligence and the possibility of intelligent robots taking over the world. When consuming content on the internet, one has to be careful to distinguish between fact and myth, evidence-based predictions and mere speculations, … Read more

Valorant Boosting And Everything That Comes With It

Valorant Boosting And Everything That Comes With It

Before fathoming the nooks and corners of this discussion, let us comprehend the definition of valorant boosting. Well, it is a service that will help you to improve your ranking in Valorant. Numerous service providers will provide you with this service. You have to choose any one of them according to your … Read more