Who Are the Most Popular K-pop Artists?

A K-pop group performing on stage

K-pop, a.k.a. Korean popular music, has taken the world by storm. Over the last decade, South Koreans produced content that enjoyed a newfound appreciation for its creativity and culture. With shows like Squid Game becoming one of the highest viewed shows on Netflix, to Psy’s Gangnam Style being one of the most viewed videos on YouTube … Read more

Asians Use These as Funeral Flowers

white funeral flowers

Nationality and religion play a big part when it comes to the traditions of Asian cultures. When it’s time to express your condolences to a friend from another culture, you may not be sure of what kinds of flowers to send or if you should even give flowers at all. Certain etiquette … Read more

Is Barbie Bad for Girls’ Body Image?

A close up photo of Barbie

Dolls have been entertaining kids for millennia, but the criticism that parents shower upon them is a new phenomenon. Modern moms nowadays are interested in how a toy can shape their children’s perception of the world and themselves. And the toy that probably receives the most scrutiny is Barbie. Launched in 1959, … Read more

Languages That Are No Longer Spoken

An ancient language writing on a cave

What is your primary reason for learning a new language? Probably because you want to improve your travel experiences or immerse yourself in another culture. But have you ever found yourself wondering about languages used in history as you want to connect to your heritage or religion? You’re looking for something you … Read more

Revived Languages — Dead Languages Making a Comeback

A Hebrew dictionary

There are approximately 7,000 languages spoken worldwide. You are aware of the world’s major languages – Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese, to name a few. About 96% of the world’s population speaks about 4% of the world’s languages, leaving the vast majority of other little-known languages on … Read more

What Is the Significance of the Shivashtakam Lyrics?

An image of Hindu god Shiva

Shivashtakam is a powerful mantra written to give glory to the Hindu god Shiva. A devotee must sing this with full devotion after taking a bath and wearing clean white clothes. He must go to any Shiva temple with some sandalwood, flowers, bel leaves, cow’s milk, rice, fruits, and other offerings – … Read more

Languages You Can Use to Read the Shivashtakam Stotram

A large sculpture of Shiva

The ShivashtakamStotram is a Hindu chanting, which is designed to please the god Shiva and get his blessing. It is one of the many stotrams in Hindu literature. To get the best results, you must recite the ShivashtakamStotram early in the morning after taking a bath and in front of a Shiva … Read more

10 Things to Do in Sweden

Ice Hotel sculpture

Sweden is a country full of tourist spots, much like its neighboring countries in Northern Europe, as the country has a rich history and culture that is accompanied by their people’s efforts in preserving the natural and man-made structures in their land. Although Sweden is not on most people’s travel bucket lists, … Read more

What is Haluski and Where Does it Come From?

Haluski in a wooden plate

  Do you know one of the many things that set us apart from other beings on this earth is the ability to make associations? Whenever we are doing something, such as enjoying a meal, our brain is busy making associations. We end up remembering the flavor of the dish while associating … Read more

The evolution of blackjack in Canada

The evolution of blackjack in Canada

  Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world, with millions of players, both casual and professional, enjoying the game every year. It is thus interesting to note that the game has been around for centuries, with several tweaks and adaptations over the years to create the various … Read more