How does Japan Have a 99% Conviction Rate?

How does Japan Have a 99% Conviction Rate

Japan is a remarkably safe society with a low crime rate. It belongs to the most peaceful countries in the world. This country also incarcerates fewer people than in other wealthy countries. The number of prisoners in Japan is also low compared to other countries. As of 2015, Japan has 48 prisoners … Read more

What is the Weapons Effect?

A semi-automatic pistol with bullets on the table

Gun violence is a leading problem in the United States, which is the primary reason why it’s not among the safest country in the world. Compared to 22 other high-income nations, the gun-related violence in the US is 25 times higher. So this poses the question, is the increasing cases of gun … Read more

What are Some of the Most Outrageous Lawsuits?


When people are living in a country with a well-established judicial system, they have the opportunity to raise to the courts any injustice for whatever wrongs they see. While most cases are legitimate, sometimes the wrongs being sued at the court are not what most people consider to be unjust. For some, … Read more

How are Patents Valued?

Patents Valued

Innovation is one of the most important means of staying competitive in the business, and the only way to keep that advantage is to protect innovative ideas and prevent other companies from making use of them. Patents offer a way for businesses to keep their ideas safe from other users for a … Read more

Is Dancing Really A Crime in Tokyo?

Is Dancing Really A Crime in Tokyo?

As a matter of fact, YES, it is a crime to dance in Tokyo, and you might be heavily fined for it. This law against dancing in public and nightclubs in Japan dates back to the post World War II times. Japanese government imposed this ban amid hopes to curb the rates … Read more

What are the Most Corrupt Countries In the World?

What are the Most Corrupt Countries In the World?

Corruption continues to be pervasive around the world. More than two-thirds of the world’s governments have a serious corruption problem. From rigged election results, blatant bribery, to embezzling of public funds to intimidating and murdering journalists and political opponents – unethical dealings are common across nations. The world’s most corrupt nations have … Read more