Seven Things You Should Know About Artificial Heart

Artificial Heart

It is heart-wrenching to know that among numerous other factors, cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure, become the cause of death of people more than cancer. Heart failures usually result in patients requiring heart transplants. However, no matter how much we have advanced in the medical field, heart transplants are still quite difficult. … Read more

What is Cryptozoology?

Kraken image

This might be the first time you are hearing this term. Cryptozoology is the study of animals/organisms that are rumored to exist. These things have never been recorded by science and remain a myth or folklore. For years, people have claimed to witness certain animals that scientists and researchers have been working … Read more

What are the different parts of the brain?

What are the different parts of the brain?

Controlling your entire body is a three-pound organ called the brain. Creativity, intelligence, and emotions are some of the things that our brain governs and controls. For its protection, it is enclosed inside a skull. The brain is composed of the Cerebellum, Cerebrum, and brainstem. In addition to that, the brain is … Read more

What Were the Greatest Science Discoveries of the 2010s?

Boson particle

The 2010s was a breakthrough decade for science. In the last ten years, scientists around the world in all disciplines have pulled off impressive discoveries and accomplishments. They made remarkable progress towards understanding the human body, human ancestors, the planet, and the cosmos around us. Science has also become more global and … Read more

Learn About the Power of Dogs’ Noses

A dog’s nose

We all know that dogs have an impressive sense of smell. On the surface, your little buddy’s nose looks cute, wriggling, and wet, but it’s a powerful device that guides him a lot in his pretty impressive ways. Science has been learning all kinds of things about the power of dogs’ sense … Read more

The Interesting History of the World’s Population

The Interesting History of the World’s Population

Humanity has taken over the world. Every year, the population of the world is expanding by 83 million people. As of writing, there are already 7.6 billion people in the world. But population trends are mostly uneven – while some countries are expanding exponentially, some are shrinking. But have you ever wondered … Read more