The Advancement of CGI in the Game Industry

A CGI rendered girl and dog

  In this day and age, Computer Generated Imagery, commonly known as CGI, has become the key visual recipe for most video games we play today. Since it is hard to bring out some of the dynamic effects with traditional photography only, the game industry cannot think of not using CGI. Over … Read more

How Has CGI Changed The Film Industry?

a CGI dragon firing flame

  Computer Generated Imagery, commonly known as CGI, has changed the world of cinema. We saw its full potential when the gap between animation and real-life films got smaller. But what makes CGI so important for the film industry and how has CGI influenced the world of cinema, let’s get to know … Read more

What are the Benefits of Video Gaming?

Two sets of hands holding a PlayStation controller while playing a video game

Contrary to popular belief (or what parents collectively believe), video games offer a range of practical benefits. It has gained a bad reputation for being addictive and creating a diversion. Video gaming is not just for fun or for passing the time – research found out that there’s a range of scientific … Read more

What Were the Greatest Science Discoveries of the 2010s?

The first direct visual image of a black hole in Messier 87, a supergiant elliptical galaxy in the constellation Virgo

The 2010s was a breakthrough decade for science. In the last ten years, scientists around the world in all disciplines have pulled off impressive discoveries and accomplishments. They made remarkable progress towards understanding the human body, human ancestors, the planet, and the cosmos around us. Science has also become more global and … Read more

What is Deepfake and How Is It Fooling People?

A woman's face and mask wire

In layman’s terms, deepfake is a combination of face and voice cloning with the help of Artificial Intelligence that allows you to create life-like, computer-generated videos of a real person. In order to create a quality deepfake video, developers need to accumulate tens of hours of video footage of the person whose … Read more

The Interesting History of Encyclopedia Britannica

The Encyclopedia Britannica 1993 in bookshelves of a university library

Remember the olden days when the phrase “just Google it” wasn’t a thing yet? Back then, when there was no Wikipedia or WebMD to look up stuff yet, we have the trustworthy encyclopedia. It’s nostalgic to remember the days when you’re doing your research for homework about the Vietnam War, and you … Read more

The Awesome History of Iron

Pure iron chips with a high purity iron cube

We are all made of stardust, say some imaginative, poetic writings. Literature is not always a fantasy; this could be true because all iron on Earth came from the stars or meteorites. Today, iron is not only a major element found in the human body, but it is also a metal that surrounds … Read more

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: A Brief History

a high angle photo of an AI-based robot

Although Artificial Intelligence or AI seems like a new word, it isn’t new technology for researchers. This tech is much older than a normal person would imagine. The history of AI may feel like a dense and impenetrable subject for people who aren’t familiar with Computer Science and its subsets. However, despite … Read more

Who is Aimi Eguchi?

A photo of Aimi Eguchi

In 2011, Aimi Eguchi was one of the latest addition to a Japanese girl group with millions of superfans, the AKB48. Each year, fans vote on which of the group’s members is the most popular, and the winner is announced in an internationally-televised awards ceremony. But in that same year, Eguchi soon … Read more