How Hard Should You Slap as a Beauty Treatment?

Having healthy, gorgeous-looking skin is one of the most important aspects of being beautiful. With that, it’s no surprise that women go far just to get stunning skin. From chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, intense pulse light therapy (IPL), and cryosurgery, to simply applying toners, cleansers, and moisturizers, there are many popular procedures and treatments people do for their love of their facial skin.

Of course, weird treatments exist, too, especially overseas where people follow an array of bizarre beauty skin regimens. One of which is the face-slapping treatment that originated in Thailand and Korean skin experts also approve. It is touted to have many several benefits, and who knows? A smack in your face might just be all you need to blast all your skin woes.

Here, let’s discover more about face slapping treatment and how hard you should really slap your face as a beauty treatment to enjoy all the benefits it offers.

What is Face Slapping Treatment?

A tingly burning sensation, ringing sound, tears building up at the back of your eyes, and skin redness are the usual consequences that come into people’s minds when thinking of a slap. As such, many people find it quite difficult to associate such action when trying to get healthy, supple, glowing skin. Others even treat it as a joke, but seriously, it’s an actual technique that’s used in Thailand and Korea.

Thai and Korean women follow this face slapping procedure religiously. A reason for them carrying out this beauty treatment is that it’s believed that slapping the face boosts energy levels in the skin and promotes blood flow. Moreover, face slapping also helps the skin absorb skincare products like cream and moisturizers better and aids in quicker drying of the skin after cleansing.

Some claim that the face slapping treatment is a learned treatment from their mothers, with them having early memories of their moms patting their faces and even hearing it in the kitchen from their bedroom. Through that, they keep their facial skin firmed and toned while getting the best out of their skincare items.

Face slapping is also said to do wonders on the collagen and keeps the skin soft and supple. It is believed to cater the same to the effects of micro-needling and dermaplaning, which are procedures that stimulate collagen production.

Collagen is the protein that serves as one of the primary building blocks of the skin, as well as the hair, bones, ligaments, and tendons, and what keeps the skin from sagging, providing that plump, youthful glow.

Here’s a rundown of the incredible benefits of face slapping treatment:

Better Blood Circulation

One of the main advantages of face slapping treatment is increased blood circulation. With better blood flow, you remove a lot of damaging toxins, while increasing oxygen supply and activating the cells. Thus, helping get rid of skin issues and keeping the skin looking young and healthy.

Eliminates Wrinkles

Improved blood circulation from face slapping treatment also helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Slapping the face boosts blood flow in the facial region, which encourages the production of collagen, resulting in plumper-looking skin.

Non-invasive and chemical-free

Face slapping treatment is also a non-invasive procedure, which means it doesn’t involve tools like needles, lasers, and other machines or devices that break the skin. Moreover, it is also chemical-free, as it also doesn’t utilize harsh products. Face slapping treatment is purely organic, so you can expect to have no side effects.

Slimmer Face

Another perk of face slapping treatment offers is a slimmer face. It helps in tightening the skin, minimizing pores, and boosting saggy skin, which all in all provides the face a slimmer look. Others claim that the effects of having regular face slapping treatment are decent, and that you will no longer opt to undergo other cosmetic procedures, lifts, or surgery.

Activates Muscles

Same with the effects of a massage, face slapping treatment loosens up the tight muscles in the face. As facial muscles relax, blocked energy in the region is released, and pores open to release toxins, helping you achieve your quest to look younger.

woman with beautiful skin

How Hard Should You Slap as a Beauty Treatment?

With such amazing benefits, you might be enticed to try slapping face slapping treatment to get your desired beautiful skin. However, be mindful that like with any other procedures or treatments, everything should be done in the proper way so you won’t be causing any damage to your skin and instead reap all the advantages the technique offers.

In Korea, women slap their faces around 50 times after completing their daily skincare routine. Skin experts strongly advise the slapping process must not be painful or discomforting. Though the treatment has its benefits, it doesn’t mean that you should go all out when slapping your face. It should create a relatively loud sound, but not with too much pressure to hurt yourself. Noticing a slight flushness after the moment you do it is enough indication that you’re doing it the right way.

If you’re not up for slapping yourself or not fond of the extra work after your everyday beauty regimen, you can also avail yourself of a face slapping treatment in various salons, costing around $350. Aside from getting your face slapped, therapists also incorporate pinch and strokes to further help eliminate the appearance of fine lines, enhance blood flow, and promote better absorption of oils and creams.


As it may sound crazy, face slapping treatment is an excellent organic alternative to get a healthy, youthful glow. Today, more women are taking that one step forward and are comfortable trying this seemingly quirky procedure, given that it costs less and doesn’t entail the use of harsh chemicals and tools.

So, if you’re someone who’s on the lookout for new beauty treatments as well, go ahead and try it the soonest. Whether you do it yourself and have it done by professionals, join the fad and enjoy better-looking skin.