Money Habits Every Zodiac Sign Should Leave Behind in 2021


Whatever your zodiac sign, it’s likely that there are certain money habits you’re prone to that might be better off left in 2020. Whether you read about money in your free daily horoscope or you became curious after your tarot reading, every sign has financial habits to kick. Check out Juneau Empire to get accurate predictions from expert tarot card readers.

1. Aries: Refusing To Consider Others’ Financial Advice

If you’re an Aries and you’ve ever gotten a psychic reading or even just checked your horoscope, you’ll know you have a stubborn streak. Sometimes, this may mean refusing to take others’ financial advice.

2. Taurus: Splurging on Luxuries

Taurus likes to live the good life, but this habit can easily drain a bank account. Try splurging on the little things instead, like an occasional coffee.

3. Gemini: Forgetting To Track Expenses

Gemini can sometimes be a little all over the place, including when it comes to finances. Start tracking regular expenses and fleshing out a detailed budget.

4. Cancer: Spending Too Much on a Home

As part of a search for stability, Cancer may be inclined to spend big on a particular line item: a house. However, if more than a third of your income is going toward house payments, you may have overdone it! Instead, try:

  • Renting at first
  • Buying a small starter home

5. Leo: Being Overly Financially Risky

Leo loves to be the center of attention, even if that means taking some risks. Remember to temper financial risks and play it safe sometimes!

6. Virgo: Never Enjoying a Treat

Virgo can be a bit Type A when it comes to money, but it’s ok to enjoy a treat once in a while! Being a little too tight with the purse strings can hamper your enjoyment of life in the moment.

7. Libra: Not Saving Enough

Libras may be having a good time in the moment, but it’s essential to save up, too. You may want to push yourself to get rid of that extra restaurant trip and invest the change into your savings instead.

8. Scorpio: Letting Financial Shame Hinder You

Feeling shame about things like debt or poor financial habits is normal. In 2021, though, it’s important for any Scorpio to acknowledge financial weaknesses and work towards overcoming them.

9. Sagittarius: Making Spur-of-the-Moment Purchases

Sagittarius often has a sense of adventure, but in financial terms, this personality trait may spell trouble. You may be prone to making spur-of-the-moment purchases that drain your account.

10. Capricorn: Playing It Too Safe With Investments

Capricorn can be a little too cautious when it comes to money. Certain long-term investments could be the place to take a little more of a risk!

11. Aquarius: Lending Out Money Often

Aquarius is well known for being a free spirit, but this can sometimes lead to being a little too freewheeling. In 2021, stop money out to friends often, especially when they might not be able to repay you.

12. Pisces: Having Unrealistic Money Expectations

Pisces can often have a childlike view of money. Rather than expecting huge investment growth or counting on a big salary increase, try figuring out what realistic changes you can make.

Every zodiac sign is prone to various negative financial habits. In 2021, resolve to leave behind your sign’s worst habits.