A Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin Instantly with USD


Over the past couple of months or so, we have witnessed the value of bitcoin soaring. Well, there is no wrong time for buying bitcoin because you never know, probably its value may triple overnight, who knows? However, most people are still confused about how to buy bitcoin instantly. Don’t worry, buying crypto-currency is becoming simpler by the day, and you don’t need any new technical skills to know your way around.

What You Need

You will need to accomplish a few things before you can buy bitcoin. You will need a crypto-wallet or e-wallet, payment mode, and a secure and robust internet link for starters. Most crypto-wallets allow various ways of payment. You can opt to pay via credit or debit cards or straight from your bank account. Besides those, bitcoin is also available via P2P trading platforms or Bitcoin ATMs.

Online privacy is critical when dealing with any cryptocurrency exchange platform. Nowadays, there are plenty of scammers online waiting to swindle you of your hard-earned cash. Ensure you do your transactions from a secured and private network. The Bitcoin tech ensures that it keeps your transactions confidential.

Open an Account

As discussed already, to buy bitcoin instantly, you will want an account on a crypto trade platform. Ensure that you read the reviews of the service before signing up. A decent platform should allow you to link it up with your wallet. When creating an account, ensure that you set a strong password and enable two-factor authentication to keep your account safe.

You can open an account with NakitCoins as it is safe and offers quite various services at a competitive rate. After you’re done establishing up your account, add your payment choice. However, it’s always not an excellent thought to use your credit card to acquire cryptos.

Buy Bitcoin

Once you have your account set up and connect your preferred payment choice, you can buy bitcoin instantly. The prices may vary on various platforms. You may be charged a transaction fee during your purchase. However, exchange platforms are not the only medium you can use to buy bitcoin instantly.

You can also look for bitcoin ATMs around your region. With these, you enter cash into the ATM and acquire bitcoins that are then shifted to your crypto-wallet. You can also P2P platforms to buy bitcoin instantly. Ideally, P2P platforms pair up merchants and clients. If you are getting bitcoins, the platform will set you up with a seller, and if you feel that the price is right, you can move ahead and make the purchase.

Bottom Line

Buying bitcoin instantly has never been easier. Various crypto-platforms offer trading services, albeit at a small fee. You can pay for the purchase via your debit or credit card, or bank account. Ensure you maintain caution when making your transactions. Use a private and secure internet connection and also keep your passwords a secret. You are now all set, make that move and buy some bitcoin.