5 Air Compressor Uses: A Guide for DIY’ers


PSI stands for pounds per square inch. It refers to the amount of force pressed on an area. Average air compressors average around 90 PSI.

That level of pressure makes air compressors efficient and powerful. Any contractor or mechanic will vouch for the value of air compressors.

While its true compressors have many industrial applications, they can also be used around the house.

If you are a DIYer, read on. This guide will examine five common air compressor uses at home and some of the must-haves industrial power tools.

1. Quick and Precise Cleaning

An air compressor opens a whole new world of cleaning. Regardless of what sort of DIY projects you are into, the compressor will help you with cleaning when finished.

Tidy up lawn tools, blow away sawdust, and clean air filters with the air nozzle.

The compressor can even be used on precision projects. Turn the PSI down to clean antiques or mechanical equipment.

2. Maintain Tire Pressure

Correct tire air pressure can increase your gas mileage. In some cases, the proper inflation of your tires can improve your fuel economy by up to 3%. If you put a lot of miles on your car, this adds up.

Tire pressure is an aspect of car maintenance that gets forgotten. Who has the time to take the car to the mechanic once a month to inspect PSI?

With an air compressor, you can stop wasting time and money.

A compressor can easily improve your car’s PSI for optimum performance. Now, you can reliably and routinely keep your tires inflated.

3. Inflate Everyday Items

Tire pressure won’t be the only inflating you’ll do with an air compressor.

Think of all the things on a regular basis that require inflation. Use an air compressor on bicycle tires, air mattresses, basketballs, and pool floats.

Forget about blowing them up or using a hand pump. Your air compressor is gentle enough to inflate these things in seconds.

Save time and save your lungs with the efficiency of a compressor.

4. Improved Painting

With an air compressor, gone are the days of tedious painting with a brush and roller.

You now have access to paint sprayers. A sprayer works by pumping the pressurized air through a hose. This compression breaks up the paint particles into an aerated spray.

The process is faster, less work, and gives a more even coat than traditional painting.

Painting the house isn’t looking so painful anymore.

5. A Fleet of Pneumatic Tools

If the benefits of a home air compressor haven’t sold you yet, there is more. An air compressor will give DIYers the ability to switch to pneumatic tools.

There is a pneumatic version of every power tool available. Drills, grinders, and wrenches can all attach to the compressor.

What’s more, your new fleet of pneumatic tools will be faster and more powerful than cordless. Forget about the days of changing and charging tool batteries.

A compressor doesn’t have to be electric either. Consider a portable diesel air compressor for projects away from home.

Take on any job with pneumatic equipment.

Everyday Air Compressor Uses

These are a few of the everyday air compressor uses. Adding one to your repertoire will unlock a world of DIY air compressor applications. Before long, it will be your favorite tool.

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