The Best Gambling Destinations in Asia

Online gambling is prevalent in the present time. Many people find it very convenient to play at online casinos as they can do it in the comfort of their homes, and anytime they like, too. In addition, many online casino sites also offer lots of bonuses, including free spins. But sometimes, it is also great to visit brick and mortar casinos, especially in other countries.

There are many popular casinos all over the world, and some of the best ones are found in Las Vegas. In fact, when you search for the best places to gamble, Las Vegas is always on top of the recommendations. However, if you are tired of visiting Las Vegas for your gambling trips and want to discover other places where you can have fun and get the chance to win jackpots, another place you can visit in Asia.

Asia is a very exotic part of the world, leaving you breathless with its landscapes and beautiful places to visit. But aside from that, Asia is also a great destination if you are looking for a world-class casino experience. Every country in Asia has its own magnificent individuality, and each of them offers a few signature spots where you can get a grand and sumptuous gambling experience. If you are looking for places you can visit in Asia for your next gambling trip, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you the best gambling destinations in Asia.

1. Macau


If Las Vegas is the epitome of gambling in North America, and Monaco is of Europe, Macau is undeniably the casino capital of Asia. In fact, it is dubbed as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient” and the “Las Vegas of the East.” Macau is a small island resort, and there are 38 casinos here, some of which are the most magnificent in the world. These casinos feature thousands of slots and hundreds of tables, and they operate 24/7. Some of the best casinos you can visit in Macau are Parisian Macau, Galaxy, The Venetian, and MGM. It is a top destination and a must-visit for all gamblers out there.

2. Singapore


Singapore does not have as many casinos as Macau. But it offers quality casinos in a tropical paradise. Therefore, if you are looking into going on a high-end casino vacation, Singapore is one of the best destinations in Asia. However, keep in mind that you need to be ready to show a valid identification document if you want to visit casinos in Singapore. Gambling is not forbidden in this country, but the locals are required to pay an additional “levy” for entering a casino. The proceeds from this tax are usually used for public works and charity. Some of the best casinos you must visit when you go to Singapore are Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa Casino.

3. Philippines

a view of Manila at night

In Asia, the Philippines is one of the top tourist destinations, and it also offers some of the best casinos out there. It has a thriving gambling industry that transformed it into one of the chief competitors of Singapore and Macau for being the best gambling destination in Asia. Most of the time, people want to visit the Philippines to see its vibrant nature and beautiful beaches. But if you are a fan of gambling, you will also be spoilt with a rich selection of casinos. Some of the best casinos that you can visit in the Philippines are Solaire Resort and Casino, City of Dreams, Okada Manila, and Resorts World Manila.

4. Malaysia

Malaysia only has one casino complex where people can gamble legally, but it is a breathtaking resort called World Resorts Genting. It is also operated by the same company that runs its sibling in Singapore, and it is located just an hour away from the cosmopolitan capital of Malaysia. What’s amazing about this gambling destination is that it’s located on top of a hill that is about 1800 meters above sea level. It is only accessible by car or by one of the two cable car lines. It offers a spectacular and scenic view of the lush forest that surrounds the complex.

5. Cambodia

In the last 20 years, Cambodia has seen a steady rise in the gambling industry, especially since the Golden Crown Casino was opened, which is located on the border with Thailand. You can find over 50 casinos in Cambodia, and most of them are along the Thailanders and Vietnamese borders, which can cater to both neighbors. Most of these casinos have more than 160 tables. Therefore, if you are looking for a wonderful vacation on beautiful and pristine beaches and some fun in casinos, Cambodia is a great destination.

6. South Korea

When you visit casinos in South Korea, you will not meet local players. This is because South Korean locals are not allowed, or it is illegal for them to gamble. But it is still one of the best gambling destinations in Asia. When you visit the Grand Walkerhill Casino, you will find a range of gaming technology-based machines and tables. In addition to that, there are also other gambling establishments here that are old-fashioned and modest because they are not open to the locals. But they can still give you a good time after your tour around other beautiful places in South Korea

These are some of the best gambling destinations in Asia. The casinos you can visit in Asia may not give you the same experience as what you are used to in the United States, but they all have something unique to offer. It depends on the country you are visiting, and as well as how their culture view gambling.