Best Tips to Use Glass Smoking Pipes

If you are new to smoking, then chances are you are still trying to figure out how to make the most of your experience. While the basics remain the same, paying attention to some details will undoubtedly make your experience a lot better. There are specific ways of using glass smoking pipes, and if you are not sure about how to pack a bowl, here are some tips to help you out.

1. Choosing the Right Supplies

At first, you need to choose the right supplies that will help you enjoy the perfect smoke. Choose a form of cannabis that will light up easily, especially if you are a beginner. The shape of the glass pipe bowl can determine how easily you can put the weed inside and light it up. If you prefer hot smoke, then make sure that the glass is of scientific quality at least so that it does not crack on lighting up.

2. Breaking the Weed

Depending on how strong you would like your smoke to be, you need to prepare your smoke. Do not leave the weed too coarse if you have a slim pipe. This might prevent the weed from going all the way in. You can use a big weed grinder at this point to help you break the weed into smaller pieces. However, don’t grind them into powder as they might get sucked in.

3. Packing the Pipe

Packing the glass pipe in the right way is very important. The weed should not be packed in too tight or too lightly. Too light, and the weed will quickly burn up, and you will not be able to enjoy a deep inhale. Too tight, and it might end up clogging the pipe. It could take some time for you to find the right balance in packing the pipe, but you will soon get there.

4. Looking for the Carb

Depending on the kind of glass pipe you have purchased, your pipe may or may not have a carb, which is a small opening in the pipe’s body. If your pipe has this feature, place a finger on it while inhaling but quickly let it go after inhalation to clear the chamber. This helps in preventing stale smoke from accumulating inside the pipe.

5. Clean your Pipe

To enjoy every smoke, you need to clear out your pipe properly after every bout of recreation. You can use any light cleaning solution to rinse out your pipe. You can also soak your pipe in hot boiling water and then use a soft cloth to clean it. You can also use a small metal pipe if there is any gunk like burnt weed at the bottom of the pipe and gently pry it away.

Enjoying the perfect smoke with the help of a pipe is relatively easy. All you need is a good glass smoking pipe and some high-quality, unadulterated weed. The right accessories and smoking techniques will only enhance the experience, and soon you will be able to make the perfect pipe for yourself.