Trendy Bathroom Tile Designs of 2021

Choosing the right tile for your bathroom is not very simple. There are various designs, colors, and textures where you might get lost in these loops of choices.

In today’s modern world, we strive to follow bathroom tile trends only. Design and beauty come first when choosing any bathroom material.

That’s the reason why manufacturers have stretched their choices to provide unique styles for bathroom installation. Nowadays, they focus more on patterns, colors, shapes, and tile configurations. Meanwhile, if you’re planning to buy a unique and high-quality mobile home, check out these styles and Modelle first.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll be telling you all the nuts and bolts about the trendy bathroom tiling designs of 2021. So keep reading till the end to know all about it!

Graphic Patterns

Accent tiles that contain geometric patterns definitely look aesthetic on the floors or walls of your home. These graphic patterns will always steal the market either in delicate, subtle shades or complex patterns!

The popularity of these patterned tiles continues to grow, starting from metro tiles to patterned ceramics. This style indeed allows the homeowners to utilize their creativity, or even if they want, they can hire an interior designer to intriguingly place tiles on the walls and floor in the bathroom.

Currently, you’ll see many painted ceramic tiles in many homes. These are a popular choice for those wildly who have patterned tiles installed.

And it indeed won’t be surprising to see many bold prints and colors across the tiles this year!

Matte Tiles

The popularity of these tiles keeps on booming in fashion this year. Matte tiles have a smooth yet powerful style that doesn’t look too glossy like the ceramics.

The advantage of this tiling option is that water stains do not remain on it, just like on a glossy one. In such glossy tiles, even the smallest of spots are visible.

This is one reason you should prefer high-quality lancaster flooring, especially in broad and large bathrooms.

When laying these tiles with a matte finish, you should always make sure there’s enough light, both natural and artificial, because they do not reflect any light!

Undoubtedly glossy finishes give your bathroom a more dramatic aesthetic effect. Such tilings tend to create an elegant and polished appearance.

That is why gloss is still trendy. Glossy tiles are an idle choice for small bathrooms, as they let a lot of light get reflected and create a sense of space, making it look larger!

But since they require additional maintenance work, glossy tiles are likely to be used on floors or walls in a bathroom with little traffic.

Neutral Light Tiles

The modern designs make extensive use of neutral colors, which remains the hot topic for bathroom tile trends in 2021.

Bright colors like blue, yellow, and red are not very common in the bathroom and will not become a bright choice in the future.

Instead, homeowners are drastically falling in love with neutral colors, mainly gray and cream. Recently, beige and gray have become very popular as a different neutral color choice.

Bathrooms that require more brightness than white are a perfect choice. Bathrooms are designed for relaxation, so these colors will surely enhance this chilling atmosphere.

Being neutral will indeed allow you to relax and create a quiet place for privacy in your house. You can also use these colors from floor to ceiling.

To ensure your bathroom does not become lifeless, use various shades of neutral colors, shapes, and textures to create beautiful compositions.

Subway Tiles With Many Pizazz

Few might find subway tiles boring. Moreover, these white rectangles seem pretty ordinary.

In 2021, you will see more colors, larger sizes, and typical design patterns to make these bland looks interesting.

Metro tiles are getting longer and thicker, and combining them with a contrasting grout color, these tiling patterns will indeed be the center of attraction to many homeowners.

Therefore, it surely wouldn’t be a matter of surprise to see if these tiling options sky-rocket the tiling industry and market.

Hexagonal Tiles

The tiles’ patterns and colors are becoming more diverse, but manufacturers are also playing with the shapes.

This year’s bathroom tile trends will indeed range from a traditional rectangle to various other geometric shapes and sizes.

One specific shape that has recently got revived is the hexagon shape. These hexagonal tiles have returned to the bathroom in all colors, designs, and textures, especially on the floors of the showers, where they create a very unique and elegant look.

You can place these stunning tiles on your bathroom floors in the form of bold graphic patterns.

These tiles’ design will make your bathroom look more astounding and appealing. And you’ll definitely love the new look of your bathroom.

Moreover, even then, you can install them if you have small bathrooms as they will tone your walls and floors, making them more gorgeous and soothing.

In small bathrooms, they can help improve space insight, especially when combined with neutral colors. On the other hand, in large bathrooms, they create elaborate accents in places such as in beauty parlors and spas.

Wood Tile

If you want the bathroom to have that premium look, then wood tiling is one of the best options.

Wooden planks in the bathroom are just starting to bloom in the tiles industry. These tiling options have become very popular recently and will allow you to create various decorative patterns like the herringbone.

On the other hand, more realistic tiles like the texture of oak, cherry, maple wood are the most common and appealing. Tiles with wooden finishes and textures will reinforce the sense of nature, which is so essential for the bathroom.

If you want a more convincing look, you can surely try mixing natural stone tiles and various other materials, like concrete, with wood-like tiles. This will add an unexpected but soothing style to your bathroom.

I hope this article will now help you know all the ins and outs of trendy bathroom tiling options in 2021!