How To Properly Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning the toilet is no one’s favorite task, but one that has to be done regularly if you want your home to be healthy and clean. Toilets, tubs and shower taps should be cleaned once a week, and you should clean the bathroom thoroughly at least once a month.

If this seems a little overwhelming, you should consider hiring a professional company like Castle Keepers Charleston to handle bathroom cleaning for you. If you still prefer to do it yourself, below you will find a few useful tips to make this chore even easier.

Starting Out From The Top

To clean your bathroom, first move any items such as towels, carpets and other toiletries. Start removing dust and dirt from the ceiling and corners of the bathroom with a soft duster and work your way down. Spray your mirror with a special glass cleaner and then take a clean microfiber cloth and wipe it from the top to the bottom following an S pattern to remove any buildup or dirt.

Scrub the surfaces with a disinfectant spray next. Wipe the floor with distilled white vinegar, including the shower floor. Next, use microfiber wipes with an antibacterial spray on items in your bathroom such as your shampoo and conditioner bottles, laundry basket and your toothbrush handles.

As soon as you are confident that your bathroom floor is clean, dry it thoroughly with an old towel or any dry rag to prevent slipping and mold formation.

Getting Rid Of Persistent Stains

Clean the shower head and tap with baking soda, spray with vinegar and water solution and rinse thoroughly. Empty out the shower and spray the walls with a standard shower cleaning solution. Rinse with clear water and dry with a microfiber cloth at the top of the shower and work all the way to the floor to prevent buildup.

You can use all-purpose bathroom cleaners or homemade options such as vinegar, water and baking soda. You can also use baking soda and vinegar to remove soap stains and other stubborn buildup from the walls of your bathroom. If you have a fiberglass or glass shower door, clean it with a non-abrasive cleaner.

If your shower is made of stone, it is important to use a cleaner specifically designed for your shower, as conventional shower cleaning solutions can damage porous materials.

Getting Busy With The Toilet Bowl

Nobody wants to clean a toilet, but everyone wants to use a clean one. To get started, use a white vinegar solution on the toilet bowl and let it sit there while you tend to the rest of the bathroom. Once you’re done cleaning the rest of the bathroom, use a toilet cleaner and a scrubbing brush to clean the surface of the bowl.

Your toilet has much more germs than any other area of your bathroom therefore you should put in some extra care when cleaning it. You can use natural ingredients to clean it or opt in for a stronger product. White vinegar solution is a natural cleaner, and acts as a deodorizer with antifungal properties, making it perfect for cleaning toilet bowls if you are not a fan of industrial cleaners.

You can use the same multipurpose cleaners for the entire bathroom or look for products that handle specific areas if needed, since there are different materials for each part of the bathroom and some are more fragile than others and cannot handle heavy-duty cleaning products.
Once you are done with any residual dust or dirt, use a disinfectant on the toilet seat and wipe it with a cloth.