Best Maples For Your Front Yard

There are many stunning varieties of maple trees to plant in your front yard. Maple trees are prized for their stunning Fall colors and brilliant foliage. As a result, they add a stunningly beautiful focal piece to any landscape. With 14 types of maple trees to choose from, you are sure to find a variety that will fit your yard and personal taste. I compiled a list of my favorite maple trees for your yard. I have chosen them for their hardiness, ease of maintenance, and color.  Meanwhile, if you think your old EPDM residential roofing tulsa ok is already affecting the aesthetic value of your home, contact a trusted EPDM roof repair in Denver to help you fix the problem. 

Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

One of the best maples is the Autumn Blaze Maple. It is extremely hardy, adaptable, fast growing, and the color can’t be beat. This beautiful deciduous tree grows in zones 3-8. Therefore, it can survive in most places in the United States, with the exception of very hot or cold areas. It is also uniquely robust. If you are worried about keeping these maple trees alive, worry no more! They are drought and pollution tolerant, as well as pest and deer resistant. In short- these trees are as gorgeous as they are hardy. In addition, these trees provide wonderful shade coverage as they grow between 40-50 feet tall. I personally suggest planting between 1-3 in your front yard with 15 feet between each tree. If you want a low-maintenance, lovely tree that will give your yard endless beauty, this might be the tree for you. 

Tamukeyama Japanese Maple

The Tamukeyama Japanese Maple tree is another popular choice. And it’s not hard to see why! It has unmatched beauty with 3 seasons of color. The first season begins during Spring when leaves turn purple-red. In the Summer, the foliage turns red, and then the finale in the Fall has bold scarlet and red colors. These trees are also prized for their compactness and ability to be planted in containers. No matter how big or small your yard is- you can plant this maple! In addition, it grows in cascading branches, unlike the Autumn Blaze Maple. Furthermore, it grows best in zones 4-9 and is extremely low maintenance. If you are searching for a tree that is hardy, has unique colors, and adds significant beauty to your yard, this is a fantastic choice. But despite the fact that you have the most beautiful variety of maple trees in your yard, you must prioritize your house’s fence first. Of course, as the fence is the main layer of your house’s security. Contact a reliable High security fence company so that you can install a high-quality security fence in your perimeter as soon as possible. 

Orangeola Japanese Maple

Do you want a maple tree that is compact, easy to grow, and has a bold orange color? Then take a look at the Orangeola Japanese Maple! It is also known as the Laceleaf Japanese maple because of its beautiful leaves. And like the Tamukeyama maple, this tree can be grown in containers, has a cascading shape, and fits any yard size. However, it is unique because it has orange-red colors that change with the seasons. Spring brings hues of orange on green foliage and hints at what is to come. Summer deepens the orange hue to a pleasing bright orange, and Fall transforms it into orange-red. As a deciduous tree, the leaves do fall off in Winter, but this tree shows off color for a very long time. And the curb appeal? Fantastic. Plant as many as you desire either in containers or directly in the ground. These maples grow in zones 5-8. And with their elegance, color and beauty, they are easily one of the best maple trees for your front yard.

October Glory Maple

The October Glory Maple absolutely deserves its name for its vibrant orange and red colors. As a result it is an incredible focal point for your yard. This variety is as tall as the Autumn Blaze Maple, but has deeper reds. They are very popular maple trees due to their spectacular colors and fast growth. In fact, these trees can grow up to 3 feet in a year! These maple trees grow best in zones 5-9 and are relatively easy to maintain. They are disease and pest resistant and just need the right amount of watering, mulching, soil, and location. I highly recommend planting this tree as a focal point to your yard due to its size and beauty. 

There are many maple trees that add beauty, charm and curb appeal to your home. These are some of the easiest to grow, have the best colors, and are robust. Whether you have a large yard or a small one, a green thumb or not, you can make your yard a stunning masterpiece of Fall colors.