Does Face Slapping Really Reduce Wrinkles?

When it comes to beauty and maintaining skin, women would do anything to look younger. In the world of beauty treatments, many bizarre treatments are existing, and one such is the face slapping treatment. It is basically a Thai treatment, which, according to many, has several benefits to offer, including reduced wrinkles. Since no side-effects are popping afterward, it seems to be a good deal for many women out there. Let us discuss in detail as to what this treatment actually is and the hype that surrounds it.

Face Slapping Treatment

As weird, as it may sound, but the face slapping treatment really exists. It differs from traditional beauty techniques such as acupuncture. Women are provoked to get this treatment done because it is far less expensive as compared to Botox and injections etc. At $350, one can only give it a shot and wait for the results. However, it is highly unlikely that the results will show up just after a single appointment.

The face-slapping treatment is done by first preparing the customer by applying different lotions to soften the skin and open the pores. Once that is done, the treatment is carried out by a certified individual who uses a chopping motion to unblock the energy of the skin. The idea is to use a motion that is against gravity, so that blood circulation and flow both are enhanced and improved.

While some people support the fact that it does help with reducing wrinkles and increasing blood flow, but dermatologists argue that the results may be temporary. They might feel a bit younger and get that glow they were looking for, but that will only last maybe a few days after the treatment. Once the blood circulation comes back to normal, the skin will return to the same position.

What started in Thailand has now extended its reach to San Francisco as well. Tata Wongsirodkul was trained in Thailand and has now arrived in San Francisco to help her clients become younger. She and her husband both are the owners of a salon and charge $350-$425 for a 15-minute session. The sessions could last up to 6-months depending on the customer and the results desired.

Clients can ask for a particular area to be smacked, such as the jaw, so that it becomes more prominent. Furthermore, if clients wish to be slapped regularly, the salon is offering a package that offers four slapping sessions a month for around $1,000. Although Tata will implement the best practices and will be professional throughout the approach, she argues that in order for the customers to achieve optimum results, they will have to strictly follow their recommended beauty maintenance routines. For instance, if, during the process of the treatment, you happen to gain weight, then the results will not last. Therefore, cutting down fast foods or anything that might have a direct effect on your skin and that too negative will have to be permanently deleted.

Some customers who have gone through the treatment have achieved surprising results. They explain that the treatment does involve a bit of pain, but that is not something, which cannot be handled. And, since there is no gain without pain, it motivates women, even more, to get the treatment done.

If you thought that the face slapping treatment was bizarre, wait until you hear this. Ms. Khunying Tobnom, who owns a salon in Thailand, offers butt punching and breast slapping treatments as well. These treatments use the same technique as the face slapping treatment.

Although you might be thinking that Thailand is full of craziness, Ms. Tobnom states that her treatments are high in demand. These treatments remove the use of silicone, which is normally the main substance used and increases the size. She claims that the treatment works by shifting fat from one area to another. Women who have undergone these treatments were happy to share their results. They considered it to be a dream comes true without needing any surgeries or artificial additions.

Now that we discussed nearly all the slapping treatments, it is now time to shift our attention towards the benefits offered by the face slapping treatment.

Reduces Wrinkles

The face-slapping technique has long been used by old women, and yes, it is proven to be a good technique to reduce wrinkles. However, for some reason, it is new to a lot of people out there, which makes them consider it a bizarre treatment. The process may look dreadful, we can give you that, but if done by a professional, those smacks will help you look younger.

Slimmer Face

Another benefit offered is to face slimming. The face-slapping treatment intends to tighten the skin and sharpen the skin around the jaw. As a result, makes it look slimmer and youthful. Some say it is so good that you will not need plastic surgery anymore.

Increases Blood Flow

As the professional continues with smacking your face, there is no doubt that the blood circulation is bound to increase. As a result, your skin will get rid of a lot of toxins, which otherwise would damage it.

Makes you look younger

Perhaps the best part of the face slapping treatment is that it makes the customer look younger. Without needing any lift ups and just by being smacked in the face for a few minutes will help you make your skin look younger.

Chemical Free

The face-slapping treatment is as organic as it could get. Since there are no chemicals involved in the process, you should rest assured that there will be no side-effects.

Relaxes Muscles

Relaxing the muscles is the core of the treatment. The whole point of the technique is to loosen up the muscles so that the energy that is blocked could be released, and the circulation can be increased. In addition to that, it enables the pores to open, which helps in releasing toxins.

Final Word

Even though the face slapping treatment is an ancient technique, but it will take time to tell if it really helps with the youthful looks or not. At the moment, a lot of people stand skeptical, whereas the ratio of people who have undergone the treatment is not enough to guarantee results. $350 or $425 may seem too good to be true, but make up your mind before you walk in, those smacks will be unable to unleash the inner beauty if you choose to remain lazy with the aftercare routine.