Going on a Camping Trip This Spring? Here’s Everything You Should Bring To Make Your Car Comfortable!

The sun is shining and temperatures are on the rise. You know what that means – camping season! Adventures lie ahead in the great outdoors and you want to make your trip a success. But before you head out, you need the right gear – including protection for your vehicle with travel agency kent WA. Take a look at these tips for keeping your ride comfortable and looking good. Also, check out where you can purchase high-quality and genuine Rhino Rack online.

Best Car Covers for Road Trip Protection

You may be surprised to see custom fit car covers among camping gear recommendations. But Mother Nature doesn’t take a day off. There’s probably no parking garage at your destination, so it’s up to you to shield your vehicle’s exteriors from sun, wind and weather. And a vehicle cover is a perfect choice to get the job done.

First things first – you’ll need a cover designed for outdoor use. Selecting the best one is easy when you know what to look for. Your local weather conditions should dictate which material to choose:

  • Superweave: soft lightweight water-, weather- and UV-resistant fabric
  • Superweave Premium: a heavy-duty version of Superweave designed for harsh conditions
  • Stormweave: a five-layer water-resistant material with a 180 UPF rating
  • Supremeweave: a lightweight three-layer fabric that’s UV and water-resistant
  • Reflectect: all-weather protection that’s best for hot and sunny climates

Superweave and Supremeweave deliver versatile, all-around protection. And as a bonus, Supremeweave has a fleece-like inner layer that cushions your vehicle’s paint job. Stormweave is best for areas that get lots of sun and rain. Reflectect has a silver urethane coating and UV-reflective finish, your car stays cooler in sunny, extremely hot conditions. And when the weather is less than ideal, Superweave Premium keeps your finish in top condition.

If you’re taking your RV on the road, custom camper covers shield it from the elements. PolyPRO RV covers use a triple-ply design to block out rain, snow and dirt while treating your camper’s finish with TLC.

How To Best Protect Your Interior While on the Road

You may not want to cover your car on short trips during the day. Maybe you need to run to the convenience store or you’re driving to a nearby attraction. But you still need protection from the blazing hot sun, and custom car window shades are an ideal solution.

Sun shades are a simple and inexpensive way to keep sunlight away from your vehicle’s interiors. They block both sunlight and UV rays, with some models using mirror-like surfaces to reflect it back out. A sun shade can keep interior temperatures 15 to 20 degrees cooler, and surfaces like your steering wheel up to 50 degrees cooler. You also avoid exposure to harmful UV rays that can fade materials and cause them to break down over time.

Car Cover and Sun Shades: Camping Essentials

Ready to hit the road for some well-deserved leisure? When you’re prepping for your camping trip, don’t forget about some essentials for your vehicle. Car covers and sun shades help both its interiors and exteriors stay cool and look great.