How Much Is the Original Energizer Bunny Worth?

An Energizer bunny hot air balloon

The Energizer bunny is one of the most popular advertising icons in America, which is on par with the Kool-Aid dude, Joe Camel, and the Brawny man. When it is up for a prestige auction, other people may not even look twice at it, but it makes a lot of sense to … Read more

Asians Use These as Funeral Flowers

white funeral flowers

Nationality and religion play a big part when it comes to the traditions of Asian cultures. When it’s time to express your condolences to a friend from another culture, you may not be sure of what kinds of flowers to send or if you should even give flowers at all. Certain etiquette … Read more

CGI – Using Computer Graphics to Replace Actors

Jake's avatar and Neytiri in the movie Avatar (2009)

It is amazing how the film industry has evolved into even more convincing and uncanny in just over a decade. Recently, we have seen spectacular films that are truly a remarkable recreation and reanimation of our childhood fantasies. Back then, the imagery was merely a subjective thing, limited to the individual mind. … Read more

Is Barbie Bad for Girls’ Body Image?

A close up photo of Barbie

Dolls have been entertaining kids for millennia, but the criticism that parents shower upon them is a new phenomenon. Modern moms nowadays are interested in how a toy can shape their children’s perception of the world and themselves. And the toy that probably receives the most scrutiny is Barbie. Launched in 1959, … Read more

Does Skin Slapping Work to Improve Your Skin?

Happy afro woman touching her perfect skin with her eyes closed.

A tingling sensation, a ringing sound, a painful experience – there’s no denying that we associate unpleasant feelings when we think of a slap. But do you know that a smack in the face might be all you need to blast your wrinkles and boost saggy skin? It may sound ridiculous, but … Read more

Languages That Are No Longer Spoken

An ancient language writing on a cave

What is your primary reason for learning a new language? Probably because you want to improve your travel experiences or immerse yourself in another culture. But have you ever found yourself wondering about languages used in history as you want to connect to your heritage or religion? You’re looking for something you … Read more

Why Are Sitcoms So Popular?

Cast of Friends from season one

A sitcom is a short form of ‘Situation Comedy,’ a comedy genre that focuses mostly on the characters that carry the show from episode to episode. Before or even during the 1950s, the term ‘Sitcom’ or ‘Situation Comedy’ was actually non-existent; it wasn’t until the late 50s that people started using these … Read more

Weirdest Things about Japan

a person looking at a woman in a weird way 

Every year during the spring season, the world witnesses Japan’s beauty of blooming cherry blossoms. All the pink petals floating in the river and fully bloomed trees making archways above serene pathways move everyone to visit such a place at least once. “The Land of the Rising Sun” is what they call … Read more

Benefits of a Simple Walk

a woman walking

Walking is a free-of-cost, easy-to-do exercise that offers several health benefits to people of all ages. It is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and thus prolong your lifespan. Following are some of the highly beneficial effects of walking: 1. Maintain a Healthy Weight Walking regularly increases the body’s metabolism, … Read more

Things to Consider When Buying CBD in Japan

Things to Consider When Buying CBD in Japan

Even though it has a taboo status, cannabis, or also known as hemp, is becoming popular in the Japanese market because of the benefits it can provide when it comes to health and beauty. You need to keep in mind that marijuana is different from hemp. They may be both cannabis plants, … Read more