Heavy-Duty Essentials: A Guide to Industrial Factory Supplies

You’ve worked hard and now you’re ready to start your own manufacturing business! Something about that “made in America” sticker on your products that gives you pride.

Factories and warehouses make up a huge part of the economy in the United States. A recent survey found about 250,000 manufacturing companies that call the United States home. Those companies also pay about 13% of the entire American workforce!

But what equipment do you need to open your factory? How do you know you have everything you need before you start the first order? Keep reading to learn the most important factory supplies to consider having before you open your commercial doors.

Manufacturing Equipment

If you’re making a product you’ll need a few good machines to help. But, the kind of machines depends on what kind of product you’re making.

Skincare/Cosmetics- For these products, industrial size mixers and tanks allow for larger batch production.

Agriculture- If you have a farm, a good generator can give you power when a bad storm knocks power out.

Food & Beverages- To keep foods and drink products safe, you’ll want refrigerators and chillers in the factory.

Mining- Miners need all kinds of heavy equipment to move the earth from one area to the next in search of minerals.

Not all manufacturing companies use the same methods. So, don’t panic if a competitor uses a different set of machines than you.

Warehouse Equipment

If you’re not making products, but storing them, you’ll need other kinds of heavy machinery. Here are some examples of warehouse heavy equipment.

  • Heavy Lifting Equipment
  • Dock Equipment and Machinery
  • Facility Specific Equipment
  • Packaging Equipment

Even storing products means investing in a few good machines to help make the process easier, safer, or cheaper!

Other Factory Supplies to Consider

Depending on the kind of factory you’re running, you may need a few more items so be sure to check out this website. These are some of our favorite supplies to add to the checklist before you open the doors.

Sound Dampening Equipment

Most heavy equipment makes a ton of noise when in use. Unless you’re on a large piece of land, your neighbors may want you to keep the decibels down. Click for more information about acoustic blankets for your factory equipment.

Transportation Vehicles

Will you need to transport any of your products or materials? What about company cars for the employees? Decide if your company needs to put together a good fleet of vehicles to serve business needs.

We’ll Supply the Business Knowledge and News

Once you have all the supplies checked off the list, you’re ready to open your factory for business! Try to resist the urge to rush the opening and make sure you’re ready.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it’s a good jumping-off point for anyone looking to open their own manufacturing or warehouse. Your business may also need special machines to carry out the tasks you need.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about heavy-duty factory supplies. If you’re looking for more informative articles about business, science, technology, and more, check out the rest of our blog today!