Don’t Let ED Control Your Life

Erectile dysfunction is an incredibly common health condition that affects millions of men every year. Even though many men suffer from this condition, it’s still highly stigmatized. The majority of men with erectile dysfunction admit to feeling ashamed and embarrassed as a result of their condition. This, coupled with other factors, has led to many men foregoing treatment or even medical advice for their chronic issues.

Some of the other factors that hinder men’s ability to receive the ED treatments they need are access and affordability. While ED medications have existed for years and they’re as simple as taking a tablet, these products were only manufactured by a few of the top drug companies. Because of a lack of competition and regulation of the market, these companies were able to set the prices as high as they wanted. This meant that the cost of ED medications skyrocketed, and many men were left unable to afford them. Thankfully, there are more options available today as telehealth companies emerge to help promote access to these vital medications.

Taking Back Control with Affordable ED Medications

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In the past, the only options for men dealing with erectile dysfunction were a few brand-name medications with inflated prices. Viagra was the first ED medication that was approved by the FDA in the 1990s, and Cialis followed suit in the early 2000s. While these prescription drugs were highly effective treatment options, they were far from affordable. Now that generic versions are widely available, more men have access to the medications they need. These generic forms of Cialis and Viagra have also promoted market competition, which has helped balance out prices and even spark inspiration for telehealth companies to focus on men’s health products.

Understanding Your Condition

It’s long been thought that the most common cause of erectile dysfunction is old age. While aging can increase your chances of developing ED, it’s not actually the most common cause, and it’s also not inevitable with age. There are many medical factors that can affect your ability to get or keep an erection.

The most common reason why men experience erectile dysfunction actually has to do with blood flow, and this is why high blood pressure is the root cause for the majority of ED cases. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a very serious health condition that is also experienced by millions of people every year. While hypertension can be a direct cause of ED, it can also lead to other serious health risks like heart attack and heart failure. This is why it’s so important that you seek medical treatment if you’re experiencing these issues.

Educate yourself about natural ways to overcome erectile dysfunction. Read this guide on how to solve the issue permanently in a natural way. Lifestyle factors can also increase your risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Weight, diet, and exercise can impact your chances of developing hypertension, so logically they also affect your potential for experiencing ED. Excessive use of alcohol and smoking also have a huge impact on men’s sexual health and can lead to ED. Some common prescription medications for other health issues can also hinder a man’s ability to get or keep an erection. If your circumstances and lifestyle fall into any of these categories, it’s crucial that you seek medical advice from your primary healthcare provider in order to better understand your risk factors and condition.