Does Face Slapping Really Reduce Wrinkles?

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When it comes to beauty and maintaining skin, women would do anything to look younger. In the world of beauty treatments, many bizarre treatments are existing, and one such is the face slapping treatment. It is basically a Thai treatment, which, according to many, has several benefits to offer, including reduced wrinkles. … Read more

The Power Of Comedy And How Humor Gets The Point Across

The Power Of Comedy And How Humor Gets The Point Across

Few things create bonds as strong as laughter. Healthy relationships among family members are characterized by moments spent together where all parties were smiling. Comedy is also an instinctual coping mechanism built into our minds; as we have the tendency to try to make jokes during trying times. As they say, laughter … Read more

How Does Winning a Lottery Change Your Life?

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While winning a million dollars or more in a lottery can be enticing for a lot of people, not many consider how life after winning it can be. From security to financial challenges and attracting paparazzi to paying several taxes, too many things come in the way after winning a lottery. It … Read more