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Skeptikai Becomes a Blip!

A few days ago, Skeptikai reached 10,000 hits. That is, either the same person kept clicking on the same few pages over and over, or my articles are actually being read. Ten thousand is really not impressive for bloggers who get more than that per day, but this is a big accomplishment for me. I have no sponsors, no blogroll exchanges, and basically this site is 100% found by Google searches & random obscure links from places like Facebook or Reddit, neither of which I use. So I can now say that Skeptikai has become a blip on the radar. Nothing big, but it’s a start.

Blogging has been very fulfilling in some senses. Completing a blog post provides a well-deserved sense of accomplishment, because not only have I done something productive, but I have something to show for it. This is a problem with ordinary learning – despite how much you have learned; it’s hard to see such progress. This is also why many people give up on various challenges like diets. They erroneously believe that it’s not working, and give up.

Luckily, for bloggers like myself, the posts I create are nothing if not a form of studying themselves. I study various topics, and I essentially teach it as best I can on here. The problem comes in with the fact that blogging is almost like an unpaid full-time job. I’m shocked at how much work it takes to keep up and maintain a blog like this. It’s a form of studying, yes, but the real question is “what” is being studied. Almost every day, my long-term goals compete with my short-term goals, and it’s the long-term goals that usually win. In other words… I need to spend less time blogging, or it’s going to make my life much more difficult in the near future (while admitedly being benefitial in the long run). Regardless, I consider my next major milestone to be 100,000 hits, which I hope to reach in 2012. [Update: At the time this article was published, I was a bit less than the 5 millionth-most-viewed website on the internet. Nice.)

As for the 10,000 hits; it’s both kind of sad and a good sign that over half of my hits were from the last two months. Going from a few hundred hits each month to over 4000 in October was a big step up. I’m sure it had plenty to do with the fact that the frequency of my posts increased dramatically since September; and I so far have never done the “two-second blog post” that I see so many bloggers do. That’s something like a post with a video and saying “watch this!” or just taking an entire article and reprinting it, linking it to the original, without adding anything. Maybe I’ll do that more when I have built more of a foundation of articles… maybe… but for now, I have too much to say.

Skeptikai has so far served as an apt venue for me to experiment with the internet. I have learned a lot about the way people seek information, and the information that people seek. Big things are coming for Skeptikai, and I’m looking forward to it.

Feel free to congratulate me. Honestly, I can’t say I deserve it. But I deserve to deserve it.





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