Skeptikai Reaches 100k! …Impressive or not?

Skeptikai started in January 2011, and I’m happy to say that it has grown substantially every few months. First with bursts of a hundred or so people per day, then with hundreds, and then thousands. I can’t say whether or not they all actually stay to read my articles in their entirety, but regardless, I’m happy to say that the total hit count has reached 100,000. And I’m always surprised at the ever-time-consuming nature of managing this blog, because it’s all done by myself. But should I really be celebrating?

When I made a post in November of 2011 announcing that I finally reached 10,000 hits, I also said that I was hoping for 100,000 within 2012. I made it there a little faster than I expected, but I remember reading an interesting article a few months ago that make this achievement seem less than… genuine.

The graphic above says, in other words, that 51% of internet traffic is not from real people. This research was conducted by Capsula, who looked at a thousand websites with a monthly visitor rate of 50,000 to 100,000 visitors.

So I’d like to believe that my fantastic blogging prowess has resulted in 100,000 satisfied readers, but what’s much more likely is that half of them were bots. And another chunk of my visitors are from people who are looking for pictures on Google of random things – they probably don’t stick around to actually read the content of my articles.

Regardless, I have moved from around the 5 millionth most visited website in the world about 9 months ago to the 1.4 millionth today. Not particularly impressive, but that’s around the 550,000th most popular in the U.S., and around 55,000 in Canada. Evidently, most of my readers are from North America.

And I’m always glad to see that there has been a steady increase in the people who are happy to comment. I always encourage people to comment, even if they’re just there to tell me I did something wrong. And no, I’m not just saying that. I wrote a new blog post recently describing the significant mistakes I made to a prior article that was more critical than it initially should have been. And I have also been corrected by commenters even over a year after the initial publishing date. All of these are very appreciated.

So here’s where I’m soliciting comments…

If you read Skeptikai, and there are things you want to see more of, or things you dislike or whatever, please let me know. I have quite little feedback beyond what people are clicking on (which, in and of itself, I have learned a great deal from).

I’m curious about things like the layout as well as the content. For example, does anyone actually view the YouTube spotlight videos I put out on the sidebar? Are there any articles you particularly liked, which you’d like me to write more about? Just so you know, I will honestly never run out of ideas for articles to write (I have a list so big you wouldn’t believe how many pages of article ideas it spans), but if there’s something that interests you, I might write about it.

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