Top 10 Safest and Most Dangerous Countries in the World

The Global Peace Index was released for 2012 recently, and it’s surprising in some ways, and totally expected in others. Nations were rated for safety, based on a wide range of factors, including: homicides, violent crimes, violent demonstrations, police activity, perceived criminality in society, political instability, weapons importing/exporting and access, terrorist activity, neihgbouring country relations, and deaths from conflicts. Those were just some of the major indicates, but there were even more minor indicators that were also considered, such as freedom of press, gender inequality, adult literacy rate, hostility to foreigners, unemployment, life expectancy, and infant mortality.

The index was produced by the Australia and U.S.-based Institute for Economics and Peace. And it looks like, for the first time, sub-Saharan Africa isn’t the world’s least peaceful region at the moment. Now North Africa and the Middle East are, thanks to the Arab Spring.

The full list is here, but I have a shortened list below. The countries also have their 2011 ranking in parentheses.


Top 10 Peaceful Nations

1) Iceland (Same as 2011)

2) New Zealand (Same as 2011; now tied with Denmark)

2) Denmark (↑ from 4)

4) Canada (↑ from 8)

5) Japan (↓ from 3)

6) Austria (Same as 2011; now tied with Ireland)

6) Ireland (↑ from 11)

8) Slovenia (↑ from 10)

9) Finland (↓ from 7)

10) Switzerland (↑ from 16)


Other Notable Countries

12) Qatar (Same as 2011)

14) Sweden (↓ from 13)

18) Norway (↓ from 9)

22) Australia (↓ from 18)

25) Spain (↑ from 28)

29) UK (↓ from 26)

42) South Korea (↑ from 50)

83) Brazil (↓ from 74)

88) U.S. (↓ from 82)

89) China (↓ from 80)

135) Mexico (↓ from 121)

142) India (↓ from 135)


Bottom 10

149) Pakistan  (↓ from 146)

150) Israel (↓ from 145)

151) Central African Republic (↓ from 144)

152) North Korea (↓ from 149)

153) Russia (↓ from 147)

154) Democratic Republic of Congo (↓ from 148)

155) Iraq (↓ from 152)

156) Sudan (↓ from 151)

157) Afghanistan (↓ from 150)

158) Somalia (↓ from 153)


What the Rankings Mean

It’s no surprise that Iceland and New Zealand ranked high (1st and 2nd, respectively). Both countries have good education; Iceland is the most gender-equal country in the world, and New Zealand is the friendliest and least-corrupt country in the world, not to mention one of the most generous and prosperous. Obviously these kinds of distinctions correlate with some seriously good living conditions.

Canada also ranked very high (#4) with a big leap from 8th place in 2011, because of the reduction in casualties in the conflict in Afghanistan. And perhaps Japan’s rank fell from #3 last year to #5 because of an impending sense of death that looms over Tokyo, as a massive quake is slated to hit within the next few years. Scientists don’t know where or when, but they know what places are at the greatest risk, and that there’s a 70% chance that it’ll occur by 2016.

Last year’s “Arab Spring” brought the global peace numbers down, and the year before was plagued by economic issues that made the world more tumultuous. Syria has gotten progressively more dangerous every year since the index was started, ranking #77 in 2007 to 147 this year. However, according to Steve Killelea – the Australian entrepreneur who created the first index six years ago – this is the first in three years that the world  as a whole has become more peaceful.

The improvement in relation with the states and a greater reluctance to resort to war is very profound, particularly in Africa. You’ve seen a very significant reduction in conflict [. . .] When I first went to Uganda 15 years or so ago, for example, they were fighting four wars. Now they are fighting none.

International relations are, on average, more diplomatic now and less martial. Military spending is also falling, though the global economic crisis probably has something to do with that.

So perhaps we should say that this index indicates that the world is gradually changing for the better; but we still have a long way to go before we can claim to realize the perhaps naive dream of world peace.

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231 Responses to Top 10 Safest and Most Dangerous Countries in the World

  1. Mitja says:

    I am from Slovenia and can confirm we are a fairly peaceful country.

  2. ayesha says:

    Hello ,I am from pakistan . As pakistan is in the 149 th number that it shouldn’t be , it should be in the 40 th number because its really peaceful more than brazil , U.S. ,india, china and south korea , its not a lie 😥 . everyone in pakistan are enjoying their life even poor people. 😆 i can prove you by a survey . belive me. i hope so everyone does as human. 😉

    • Sandy says:

      It’s false. I think Pakistan is the most dangerous country ever to live in. It is full of terrorists. No body can feel safe here. ➡ :mrgreen:

      • Junaid says:

        Terrorists? Look at your YANKLAND before commenting on other peoples nation, you stereotpyical whore, like every other yank thinking Pakistanis are all terrorists.

        • john says:

          Pakistani people are not all terrorists. The country is just heavily populated with extremists that have hijacked the Muslim religion. You sound like a very hateful and small minded person. The names you throw around do not help your cause.
          People that fight wars in gods name will be judged eventually. All we need is a little patience.

          • Mohammed says:

            England is full of Pakistan people, if Pakistan is so great why do so many what to live life in a country that the police do not carry guns, have a wealthfare system…etc

            Also how the hell is Ireland a peaceful country and #6 This Island has a terrible account of bombing etc another country, Norway doesn’t?

            • Richard says:

              I’m from the UK originally, now living in the United States.

              But Ireland is a peaceful country. I think you are thinking of Northern Ireland – which is a different case entirely!!

              The UK police don’t need guns. Gun crime is pretty low in the UK – and they have specialist police for dealing with it. Here in the US on the otherhand… yeah… not so good.

            • Seamus says:

              Northern Ireland peace process ongoing since 1994-96, check your facts

            • aloasd says:

              yes they are there because they work there England they don’t have a lot of population.what will u say for that 😉

        • Subhojit says:

          You are surprised by hearing terrorist activity in pakistan? 😆 What a surprise!

      • Afraz says:

        no thats what u think because of the false information given to u by the media. go to pakistan ur self and see. the only reason that it is the dangerous place in the world because of the tribal areas where the US dose its fucking drone attacks making more future terrorist in pakistan. leave pakistan alone. i can say this because i have been there, u havent.

        • mazhar says:

          I like your positive “approach”, try to be honest, please visit Karachi and find out, we knows very well because we are sufferer.

          We are hijacked by political bandits from last 5 years.

          Drones kills less peoples if you compares killing in Karachi.

      • Kamal says:

        Pakistan is not a good country, please avoid going to pakistan and afghan

        • pakistani says:

          Kamal u r not a true pakistani get out from here. You have no right to live here. In pakistan u move so freely every where is it not enough.
          in other countries u have live like a cat where u cant move so freely. then u will understood the value of pakistan.
          I love my pakistan in good time as will as in bad times.
          Shame on people like you.

          • Richard says:

            Pakistan may be safe enough for a Pakistani to walk around Lahore or Rawalpindi but not so safe for Westerners to visit Peshawar or even Karachi. The point is that some parts of the country are safer than others.

            • jalal ahmad says:

              Hi buddy , now look at the pakistan how it is going toward creating peace in country
              but unfortunately some anti pakistan propaganda is involve here.
              Hope we will soon ged rid of these terrorist in pakistan

            • Babar says:

              Peshawar is the symbol of peace . some troubles were there in past few years but go check the history of peshawar u will find quite good things

          • aloma says:

            Well, the language and the arguements of my dear Pakistan colleagues only prove the attitude of a dangerous country…. arrogant and more to violence.

            • Mashal says:

              Dear Aloma,
              you are negative and voilent and narrow mind. if you have not made even a single visit to pakistan, how do you predict that pakistan is not good country. you come here ans see. then you comment please.

        • zixrox says:

          why you dont tell the world we are not good people, same are our leaders not Pakistan itself.

        • aloasd says:

          that is true i am not from pakistan but i went there it is very peaceful but the president suck .

      • Vinayaka says:

        Thats right pakistan is really very dangerous half of the population is terrorists

        • Mashal says:

          one thief says to other thief that you are thief.

        • Mehar says:

          I’m only reading all the different comments, but your comment is the shitty comment I have ever read.

        • Mehar says:

          I’m only reading all the different comments, but your comment is the shitty comment I have ever read.

      • Stormblades says:

        Yes come to india you’ll be more safer here

    • Altaf says:

      Pakistan is dangerous country only Pakistanis not for anyone else.

    • Ahsan ALi says:

      Ayesha u are absolulity right Pakistan is also Peaceful country i agree with you and i appriciate your thinking about pakistan you are a petriotic girl

    • Ejaz Zaidi says:


    • Hamxa Qtr says:

      No doubt 😀

    • naruto says:

      well is pakistan really safe

    • kml says:

      if pak z a safest country, ur govt., will not wake up after assasination of osama and watch it in american news channels. other country enters into ur own, till u didn’t kno wat z happening there. then how will u say its safest nation. & what z the situation u ppl are there. how u say ur r peaceful???

      • kml says:

        i did’t accept dat usa in 88th position.
        👿 👿 👿

        • Richard says:

          In a country where there are large areas of cities that are dangerous to be in, I consider USA to be one of the more dangerous countries I’ve visited. Though to be fair, it has become a lot safer for a tourist now than when I visited in 1980s & 1990s.

    • saba says:

      u r right saba 😉

    • Mehdi says:

      Stop leaving in drea miss AYESha. I used to live in bc Pakistan but i immigrate back in 2009 coz of target killing fuc… pakistan bc

    • Jonas says:

      Ha ha.. The biggest joke I have ever heard of. No one knows when a bomb blasts off and where. No need to tell about women’s safety and freedom of speech. People did not forget Malaya yusef. Pakistan’s democracy is another joke. Series of military coupes since its independence. Ongoing border dispute with neighbor, notorious for harboring terrorism, hide out of most wanted terrorist and lot more… Still he claims Pakistan is a peaceful country. Can’t control my laugh. :mrgreen:

      • pakistan says:

        shut up……dnt discus my cntry as dangerous cntry ….. if it is dangerous it is because of america, india and israil.

        • craig says:

          Pakistan is genereally a peaceful country…but it is a TALIBAN vacation spot (often..not always)…if you want Pakistan to have its proper place in list of peaceful nations….you must continualy work at making Pakistan an unfriendly Place for Taliban and Al Qaeda.

        • sharthak thanjaveer says:

          u pakistani ur very very bad if anyone go to u r nation u all people kill him and tell that he is a ganesters 🙄 a u pakistani people don’t tell anything bad about my nation (india) and other all nation like ,U.$.A ,AUSTRALIA , ISRAIL etc. except u pakistani people

        • Aditya says:

          Nice joke man :mrgreen: 😆


        • hadeed says:

          true visit our Pakistan and then comment on it please

    • fuck@pakistan says:

      hey @ ayesha..hope u dont know that pak is the worst country in the whole world..if according to u it is d safest country then you people have to feel shame on you because it is only yours and yours country which is producing terrorist,,do u ever listen about so much bad about any other country,no, bcoz each and every country have there self respect but only pakistani’s have anger,terrorism,,having 4-4 wives and rubbish peoples,always search a reason to fight with any of the country without any reason.feel shame on your country and just think why everyone feel the same about country because you people are like this and you dont know anything,,you just know is to kill many many innocent peoples and nothing..shame on u..bc,,mc pakistan

      • anonymous says:

        You may be talking about other people’s countries, but guess what? Everyone should be ashamed of themselves. We act so innocent and naive all the time we have NO CLUE what the heck is going on in our own government. We ALL have blood on our hands even if you don’t think so. 😐 this isn’t funny either because it’s true…even me 😥 . So don’t think you can just judge someone because of what you heard other people say. First you better check yourself and make sure you aint got nothing wrong with YOU and we sure as hell all know that aint true. None of us are perfect. So stop talking BS and do someting instead of sitting at your computer cursing people out about how bad they are.
        I’m trying to make a change…and so should you. For the better.

      • aloasd says:

        no, pakistan it is the best country we can beat u country up in any time but we will not because we are peaceful country

    • rahul says:

      pakistan is a peaceful country as u said! ok i agree but d govt. of pakistan dosent like peaceful life… why every time pakisatan does d terror activity against indai… d people of pakistan wants a friendly environment but ur govt. dosent… u tel me if india ever did sumthing wrong to ur country…. but u always did 2 us so i think aawaam of pakistan have heart but pakistani govt dont.. shame on uuuu…. fuck u pakistan…

    • tufan says:

      😈 sorry friend pakistan is the most dangerous place to live a human life, though it is safest place for terrorists and idiots :mrgreen:

      • tufan says:

        i am from india

        • Mehar says:

          You don’t have to tell that you are an Indian because your comments are showing clearly. Actually it is not your fault mate, you have been taught from your school life that you must hate Pakistan, Pakistanis are very bad people. You guys are only brain washed, nothing to say more.

    • Meerab says:

      Ayesha is right. 🙂 I live in Australia, but i cry to go back to Pakistan. 😥
      YOU GUYS SHOULDN’T SAY THAT MY BELOVED COUNTRY!!!!. 👿 I don’t even care about what you guys say. Because I love it as it is!!! 😉

    • Olive says:

      I believe you when you say Pakistan is peaceful, but I think it is marked as dangerous because of the political tension between U.S. and the Middle East. 🙂 No offense meant toward your country.

    • shakir khan says:

      india is the best …..

    • bala says:

      🙄 Pakistan safe for Muslims and terrorist

    • somlal says:

      fuck ur ass

    • muhammad umair says:

      that’s great of you

    • sanjay says:

      Nice joke terrorist bro.

    • Piyush says:

      Hello I m from India,ur wording is not true because all over the world know very well pakistan is a no.1 terrorist country in the world.most of the terrorist find in pakistan.we will remove pakistan from world map very soon.

  3. Sadly in the U.S says:

    The U.S should be the most dangerous.

    • Afraz says:

      US isnt the most dangerous place in the world but the things it dose is unbelievable. like booming the shit of afganistan 3 weeks after the 911 killing 15,000 innocent people and above which didnt even do shit at all. after that they did drone attacks in the tribal areas in pakistan which killed 35,000 innocent people and above. that didnt do shit either.
      COMPARING to the US 911 only about 3,000 innocent people died. BUT what if US got hit with 35,000 people dead, it would have caused world war 3. so my suggestion to US is to 1. LEAVE PAKISTAN THE FUCK ALONE!!!!
      2. YOU ARE NOT WINNING BUT LOOSING THE WAR( Majority opinion populations wise)
      3. U ANY GAINING SHIT, u know that’s true
      4. only pakistans tribal areas age dangerous but not the whole country
      5. Pakistan is a peaceful place 😉 ( i can say because i have been there)

  4. kieran says:

    I looks fairly accurate in fairness, i no i wudnt want to holiday any of the countries at the end of the list 😐

  5. Carl Barnes says:

    The headline is misleading. This isn’t about the “safety” of countries. It’s about which countries are most likely to be involved in a war, as determined by a An Australian “entrepreneur” named Steve Killelea.

    In other words, these numbers don’t mean anything, except to express Mr. Killelea’s opinion about what countries are most warlike. Based on the events of the last 12 years, I personally think the US should be #1.

  6. ASAD says:

    USA and Israel both are biggest trouble maker countries because they both send funds to terriost organization , i believe that if these both countries could not exist then this world would be like heaven.

  7. HAMZA ROHAIL says:

    I was born in Sligo,Ireland it is a really peaceful nation it’s a very beautiful Country.Pakistan is not a safe country because sometimes crime happens sometime a bomb explodes 🙁 and a crash happens so if your planning to go to Karachi,Pakistan change your mind ❗ But I don’t want to go to the cities at the end of the list. 😯

  8. Hadia says:

    I lived in Ireland and it’s a very safe and peaceful place to go to.But Pakistan is a very dangerous place to go to! some people are throwing rubbish in a really dirty lake!:(

    • Ovais says:

      The trouble is in Tribal Areas (not even 5% area); not whole country. There is history behind all this. Things take time to change. Pakistanis are peaceful and caring people. The people who live their know better; not media. Off course bad thing happen but they happen all over the world. We should efforts to make things better 😉

    • adnan says:

      why didn’t u visit pakistan.

  9. ankit says:

    pakistan is most dangerous country…there vll be many conflicts based on religion in pakistan…they want whole world should follow islam.

  10. It'smeeh says:

    umm..well.I really don’t wanna offend.HONEST.But I guess maybe in all the countries mentioned there,there’s the good and the bad side of it 😳

  11. Mike says:

    The Us is not dangerous as you above imply.

  12. krunal says:

    majority of muslim countries are dangerous to live in…

    • istab says:

      its your fucking india

      • rohan says:

        i dont think so.u people can do nothing else except comparing ur poor,violent country which has suicide bombings every day.u people even dont know to respect integrity of our country.that is evident from the fact that ur army beheaded one of our soldiers.

    • Kuldeepsinh Ramlavat says:

      Yes bro east or weast india is the best and i am sure that gujrat which is state of india is safest region in the world.

  13. kathir says:


  14. JEC says:

    I live in NZ its pretty safe it has ups and downs like all countries. It has one problem though and that’s racism if you’re for example Indian people assume you own a corner dairy and only eat curry. Makes me ashamed to be a white European to be honest.

  15. anupam says:

    All depends on literacy percentage.
    More literacy percentage, more safe country, because of less internal problems. On an average this rule works 😉

  16. liz says:

    South Africa is also a very bad place. Cause I live here and when you read our papers I think you will agree. People kill each other for nothing.

    • *morrie* says:

      No we aren’t I mean your a south-african and I am one also but I can confirm you that we aren’t THAT BAD

    • flakez says:

      south africa is full of AIDS and i will never go there ..i am from ghana

      • Bryan says:

        Your country is a war zone. Dictators and rebels is destroying your country. Your country is rotting of poverty and wars. There isn’t a single war in my country. I can walk outside without the fear of getting shot.

    • George says:

      South African papers report everything liz, that’s why South Africa looks bad. They make it look far worse than it is. South Africa has one of the least-restricted press corps in the world and are pretty much free to report on what they want, a lot of countries are censored or partially-censored.

      I can think of many countries where people get killed over nothing, levels that would make a South African blush.

  17. Agithan Gelang says:

    We know that we are not from the list but we are still happy with all countries that are safe because we are from the__________s.(guess it man!! :mrgreen:)(^^^)

  18. Ahmed says:

    For the people who thinks pakistan is a teorist county, i strongly reccomend you join the US spec forces and see wha they’ve got cooking up for you. i was a soilder for the pakistani army once my brother was also there the day the NATO attack. i saw his peices being blown off to my face! can you imgine that he was not even a soilder he came to me to give me a gift and was blown to peices he was just a medic. not even killed anyone.USA wants pakistan for the resources the land we aquire is full of them they seem as allies but are enemies. it’s no use now to sy mashallah because americans already have eyes on them. i pray to allah that we will be a strong country now and till the day of judement.

  19. T.S.M. says:

    I live in the United States and don’t think we’re a notable country. Either everyday, or almost everyday of the year, somebody has been killed in my city, and we’re called the city of ‘brotherly love.’ We’re to hateful, and kill to much for that name. Some call us the city of “brotherly hate”, and “Killadelphia.” We have so many 👿 and 😈 people in this country.

  20. zabata says:

    the people living in US just look at ur streets which are full gun and and drug sellers

  21. lewis says:

    😎 my country is the best because there only one killing aminal i think new zealand is the bast country in the world

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  23. saone says:

    All pakistanis the world knws ur truth,no need to justify…how u treat the hindus gives the idea how safe is pakistan…pakistan is disrespecting the word “PAK” becoz all the people are non “PAK”…

    • krishna says:

      🙂 well said, i’m very surprised of your expression way, we all know pakistan is terrorist country but the all people are not supportive for terrorism, why they hate hindus? we don’t know, the fact is we have muslims in our country more than pakistan, we consider them as brothers and sisters, some people of from other country people who fights for jihad they bring poison seeds in our nation 🙁 it’s effected for nation peace and respect 🙄

  24. earthman-now says:

    There seem to be no tolerance in pakistan. bomb blasts happen frequently. people of other religions live in fear of blasphemy laws. poor hindu girls are abducted for conversion and forced marriages. uneducated christian girl was sent to prison in islamabad. Ahmedias live in fear. pakistan is under the influence of Islam (strong religous fanaticism) rather than modern open mindedness. If its a nice, peacefull country why do they go to countries like US and UK for settling down. Even there they protest for everything and complain. locally mobs are ready to burn and ransack the houses of non muslims for some reason or other. Taliban thrives on gun culture. you dont see women free on ordinary streets like in Brasil or India. Its free for mullas at best after Saudi arabia.

  25. obama style mah dude says:

    pakistan sucks you housed osama and the rest of al quedas leaders we in america dont appreciate that at all

  26. obama style mah dude says:

    da hell is wrong with you @ zabata/ how i live in the us streets are pretty clean dont see guns or weed come to america and youll see how wrong you are quit complainin what country you live in prob britain they hate america

  27. Hamxa Qtr says:

    Qatar >>>>>the best and peaceful country

  28. Juan says:

    How much Mexicans pay to be in the most notable places and countries … That’s dangerous as hell … They have some of the most dangerous cities in the word but the appear like the best … That’s BS

  29. Nasir says:

    My reply to all of u commenting here specially on pakistan the thing is that prblm is not in the islam or pakistan problm are you(non muslim)see the history america wnts to b the one super power that is imposible.
    So my msg to al of u n-muslims stay and see ur end bcos its going very bad

  30. mario says:

    Mexico is the most dangerous place in the world there murder rate is higher than the whole world I’ve lived there and seen more deaths than I’ll ever see in Camden nj in the USA

  31. albert says:

    Pakistanis are kind and friendly but they are primitive.. that’s what makes them dangerous, not all ! only the tribal areas,
    with regards to South Africans …those are true murderers & killers same as Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia., mexico, Venezuela…these are all killers the most brutal and most savage nation in every sense are the Russians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are satin in the form of a Human

    • *morrie* says:

      Uh you say that south-africa and brazil is the real killers but just look at your nation bombing them self and innocent people so hold your comments to yourself and FYI(for your information) also leave Britain , USA and Australia out of this because that nations RULE

      • *morrie* says:

        And Also the russians aren’t bad so leave south africa. Brazil. Russia. Colombia. Mexico. Venezeula. And Geutemala out of this

  32. saba says:

    pakistan is very save cuntry i love my cuntry everyone happy to live in pakistan.

  33. Abdi says:

    I used to live in Somalia but since there is hardly any government there the crime is getting out of control (piracy,war,kidnapping westerners.) that shit happens every day

  34. Abdi says:

    Don’t go to Somalia you westerners will get killed as you leave the airport I’m Mogadishu

  35. N Parker says:

    You should probably stick to Urdu. Then again you do indeed live in a “cuntry”.

  36. Leyla says:

    Hey im from iraq and I have to say while it is true that our country not safest one out there, its actually not as chaotic as they make it in the media, and they lie a lot to the point where its crazy. I hope people can just stop their madness and get along. 🙄

  37. eric rogers... says:

    i think all coutries are awesome!!! :mrgreen: 😀 😎 ➡ ❗

  38. Zafar Shah says:

    if You are Muslim and feeling unsafe anywhere in the world… you are most welcome to Pakistan…. just avoid watching News Channels.

  39. khan says:

    My reply to all of u commenting here specially on pakistan the thing is that prblm is not in the islam or pakistan problm are you(non muslim)see the history america wnts to b the one super power that is imposible. :

  40. well i think Pakistan has always been unlucky because of bad dictatorship. but Pakistan is a good country to visit. but carefully. actually Pakistan is kinda hot topic around the world and it is targeted by some of them. but i strongly disagree with this, that all of Pakistanis are terrorists and all of us are Taliban and shit like that. i am saying this because i live here. i don’t know about India or America or China because i don’t live their and can tell about it with my point of view. so, i know there are some of them who don’t like Pakistan for no reason. that’s fine. it ain’t that important. 😉

  41. ganesh says:

    Hi Kamal Rabbani,
    I completely agree with you that we should not talk about those countries that we never had been or we don’t know well. It’s better to speak about our own countries. Its very sad to see India at bottom, and reason behind it may be terrorist attack and countries corruption. As an individual I have no complaint with Pakistan but when you read/hear negative about Pakistan all over internet and tvs a sense of insecurity automatically comes to mind. I am a hindu and I never had any problem with any Indian muslims infact it never comes to my mind that the person is muslim or what, it really does not matter for me. but when I hear about Pakistani muslims I feel scared. Its because pakistananis(muslims) dont like indians(hindus), so I feel when they get a chance they will harm us. I know that muslims (islamic followers) are very peace loving people, I have many muslim friends, I also worked at offices where the bosses were muslims, you know in India it does not make any difference between hindus and muslims, all are same. Please dont take any example of hindu-muslim riot. because those are nothing but planned political games, we should not blame each other for this. But, one thing is true that till today I have never hard of any terrorist that attacked India is non-muslim.. No one is born terrorist but why and how they transformed into terrorist god knows.. I have seen many videos in youtube where it is clearly mentioned that in Pakistan’s every child is taught that India and hindus are your enemy, eliminate them. I ask Why??
    Bottom line is brother Kamal, spread love and good things about Pakistan, let this world listen to them read them and watch them and Insah Allah then one day Pakistan will be at top no of peaceful country.
    Jai Hind, Incredible India, Welcome to India, India is great, Mera Bharat Mahan.

  42. Rachel says:

    I think i it is the USA because there are alot of crimes that have not been solved or enen heard of.

  43. sana says:

    i think Pak is best place to live, only matter is this we have to choose right people,People who r don’t work for other nations but people who work for our nation.i am sure no nation can survive in the conditions we r surviving .we have the scenic beauty ,the lush green carpeted mountains, the water fall,rivers,sea and best Army of world.i don’t want to comment on this stupid rating as i am sure everyone love and like its mother land and i request all don’t comment on our country because its our home and if anyone don’t like please don’t visit we r not inviting anyone we love our homeland and we know how to save it and the day is not so far when we will be the best and most successful nation in world and being Muslim we always have hope for better

  44. eparanor says:

    where is nigeria?everyday boko haram continue to kill innocent lives and the militant in the niger-delta region continue to kidnap foreign workers while the government officials are busy looting the wealth of the country.the only country nigeria is better than is no country.

  45. Isaiah says:

    I don’t agree with some of the comments claiming that the US is very dangerous and full of murder. Sure, there has been some recent crimes such as the Sandy Hook shooting, but don’t let some recent occurrences set your opinions about US being dangerous. I’ll let you know that America is a very safe country ( I’m living there right now and I’m fine). Many of the safest countries have had crimes such as homicide too. If you’re going to believe a country is dangerous because of homicide, then I guess most countries on the planet are considered dangerous to you. (This comment is not to anyone specific. I’m just trying to tell the truth)

  46. Yah trick yah says:

    Okay to ASAD and those who agree with him/her… I disagree that if the US was gone that the world would be a better place because we are trying to solve the problem not cause them although we sometimes start problems,but we are actually doing something about the issue unlike other countries that don’t give a rats ass about anyone or anything.

  47. sinkies says:

    Where is Singapore?

  48. raj says:

    www .

  49. lover says:

    india is the bigget terrorist and dangerours country in the world
    becous more then 100 group there are is fighting for freedom

    • rohan says:

      have u ever seen ur country, u be in ur limits.its u who r real terrorists.dont forget that its u pakistani people who attack india(26/11)

  50. silver says:

    i live in cannada it is the 4th safest country its a wounderful place i like it here 🙂

  51. roronoa zoro says:

    i think philippines is safe tooo… 🙂

  52. Bob says:

    I see this huge argument about how safe Pakistan is. All I have to say is it depends in who you are. I have been researching it some and for a Chrisian Pakistan is one of the top 10 most dangerous places in the world. So for certain people Pakistan certainly is dangerous. Certain places unsafe once religion comes into play.

  53. Chintamani says:

    India is best!!! Pakistan is a theocratic country where army and terorists rule.

  54. Remo says:

    Top 3 dangrs cntry r
    it’s true.. So dnt be shame guys..!!

  55. Sujana says:

    hi brothers and sisters , I’m Sujana a truly beloved and proud to be an Indian. Please don’t ignore this things,” Our mother earth has given us life God has given soul to us to use properly why do we want to say that my country is great .ok deal. if u love ur own country then your country is ordering you to salute the whole world. ok all right .
    tell me some reasons that is the news conflicting u ,aren’t journalists in the world right? who came to India who hasn’t done anything to Pakistan got attacked killing 200 people and a beautiful monumented restaurant. give me the answer shame of the world. stupid countries take bad thoughts. Pakistan should have stopped that idea. you say that that wasn’t me the terrorist did ?right? before who asked you to support pakisthan? huh? The two sides shall unite on their own, the circumstances that shall lead to that are:

    1. Pakistan shall have ruined itself through its own terrorism problems.
    2. Different states in Pakistan shall slowly want to unite with India as India shall remain stable.
    3. This shall then become a trend for the other states to follow.
    4. In a few decades the 2 countries shall have united and thereby have solved the partition problem.

    this can be prevented! I am a Hindu who can explain problems. I know pakistans don’t really get along with other countries because of the technically past and ancient events. If the western countries wouldn’t conquer and barren us into deep sorrows we Asians could certainly , for sure be highly developed and technically the highest developed countries in the world. 😥 don’t take it like a banana remain ,our ancestors did it by taking it , and so hatred grew in us too. I know we as Asians one day will hold our hands and lead the world by leaving western countries like UK who erupted and destroyed the hearts of our great fathers.I have even seen cat & mouse becoming friends, so y can’t we ? It is one country, culture and history divided based on communal strife. Perhaps the partition was one of the most tragic events in history that was overshadowed by the holocaust.

    Indians and Pakistanis are friends but not as a country. The country and historic developments have got two siblings hugging each other with a political fence in between. If the political environments change from how they are today as indicated by John From below, and both stop the hate propaganda in thier own nations perhaps they can have better chances of peace and work towards progress.

    The British left behind a “Divide and Rule” mentality that thrives till date in these countries, internally and externally. But it can certainly change! mean while take care with good positive attitude to our Asian countries ! MERA BHARAT MAHAN AND PAKISTHAN KOA JAI HIND! muje bhatha hai ki ek din ham yeh sab comments koa padkar laugh zaroor karenge !! 😉

  56. Sujana says:

    i surely agree that other western countries are sending allies to eastern asia and killing and harming citizens for resources. Already they are highly developed countries and still due to their greediness the want more they are like ~ :mrgreen: “lets have some more enjoyment in torturing people , we Asians need to fight against to this western imperialism. As Asians one day we will be safe by blessing of Allah, Jesus and Vishnu Deva! and they will suffer and never even look angrily on our countries! MERA ASIAN MAHAN!!!

  57. Chris says:

    I’m from Canada, I knew it was safe but didn’t know it would be considered the 4th safest country in the world! I think South Korea is also very safe as I have lived here for 3 years and never felt in danger. In fact, I felt safer in South Korea than Canada haha

  58. peace lover says:

    Pakistan is the most dangerous place to live. maybe not for pakis because they are used to it. The police is corrupt, when people see police they should be more afraid coz they will empty your pockets and put you in jail for no reason and the only thing that can save you is money. sooner or later the country is going to be broken into pieces.

  59. Glacius says:

    Safest continent is Antarctica.

  60. Andrew says:

    lol :mrgreen: Russia killing muslims in Chechnya & China have banned ISLAM, the Uyghur muslims in china are not even allowed to worship islam, if they do they are jailed or killed. These people migrated to Pakistan, seeking help but instead of helping them, pakistan killed them too! Pakistan & Chinese army are killing Uyghur muslims in China but their media neither their muslim extremists speak a word against Chinese. 😀 😆 USA supports taliban? :mrgreen: joke of the mellienium! the weapons recovered from these fake islamic terrorists are 1950’s Ak47’s its not possible to use such a antique assault riffle without maintenance, And we all know who is manufacturer of these Kaliashinkov’s! If USA sponsors terrorists y terrorists are attacking western interests instead of Chinese & Russians? Western economy wants to avoid war to save its economy. Chinese & Russians are training & funding terrorists, painting them as “ISLAMIC JIHAD”. Forcing west to use its military which will make conditions worse for the west. Pakistan ain’t strong enough to train terrorists & fund them & execute such big plans, Its Russia & China using Pakistani soil, Pakistani leaders using Islam as their shield & fooling people.

    • Zagoo says:

      None of your words is true. In China there are many muslims including Hui (Han Chinese converted to Islam), Uyguor, Tajik, Kazak. No muslim is jailed or killed for their religious belief. Yet some Uyguor extremist terrorists are attacking innocent people including their fellow muslims to put pressure on Chinese government and stir up hatred between Uyguors and other ethnic groups.
      The Pakistan part is more ridiculous because why an Islam country kill people for they are muslims?

    • Mudassar says:

      55% Truth.I am happy to see a sensible comments.

    • Mudassar says:

      But in China,reality is that USA is supporting some ygoure peoples to contain China.Muslims are free to go to pray in china.What you learned from media,it is totally wrong.I have seen many Chines muslim,they practice Islam with freedom.USA wants to create hate between muslims of China and China govt.

  61. pakistani says:

    every one person called the best country where he or she is living
    but the false image which is created by some extremist persons about Pakistan or about ISLAMIC religion is not true
    i am living is Pakistan from 20 years and also my age is 20 🙂
    but in 20 years i don’t face any crime happens with me so i called the Pakistan is a safer and peaceful country to live
    same as it any person living in it homeland describes its country safer
    so don’t take impact of any falsehood or uncreative information about pakistan
    if you want to see what is pakistan than come to our lahore city
    you will found the most friendly country and most care taking peoples there
    what ever u r even u r european or belongs to another country you will find respects of olders there
    only thing which is uncomfortable in pakistan is heavy population and the critical point which mostly european peoples called terrorism is belongs to the northern area which touched the afghan border only that area is prohibited to go because of afghan peoples
    so be positive about pakistan and don’t take any false impression
    B cool and stay smiling every time like me 🙂

  62. Aaditya says:

    India is a safe country,considering the fact that it has low crime rate ratio to its huge population inclusive of many culture,rqces,religions.
    There are rare terrorist activities .
    Terror strikes India only when a jihadi from Pakistan arrives in India with fake identity..

  63. B says:

    I live in Iceland & I’m proud to say that it is truly a peaceful and a safe country :] Although of course there are some crimes committed here but I’d say it’s safer than most place :]] Of course I don’t know cause I’ve just lived in Iceland my whole life.

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  65. james says:

    A lot of these “safe countries” figures are not really truthful. You are only safe if you happen to live in a safe neighborhood..In other words if your rich. Also these figures are based on reported crimes…more crimes go unreported than reported. I wouldn’t call Ireland any safer than Britain for instance…yet the UK is about 20 places below it. Ive lived in both places so I know.

  66. ahmad nassr says:

    Wher the most dengerous country Syria!

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  68. Pakistani says:

    Hi All
    I wish we can all live in piece, as far as Pakistan goes fact is today Pakistan is one of the dangerous country but not because of Pakistani citizens or I should say normal Pakistani citizens. Here abnormal Pakistani citizens are the corrupt Pakistani politicians that caused corruption in all Pakistani organizations.
    Believe me country is only dangerous because of the corruption, once Pakistanis has an honest leader Pakistan will be back on one of the safest and beautiful country to live in or visit.
    I do agreed with some of the comments made above by my Pakistani friends, one of the biggest problem in Pakistan is Terrorism and off course an honest government can easily overcome this issue.
    Now what is the cause of Terrorism in Pakistan, this is just my view
    Started with India Pakistan Separation when British on purpose left Kashmir dispute and created East Pakistan,
    Russia and Afgan war, where US used Afghanistan as battle ground to defeat Russia and Pakistan had to accept millions of Afgan refugee that sorry to say play a big role in distorting Pakistan’s security system and brought their illiterate and extremist mentality.
    NATO invasion in Afghanistan has pushed all the Taliban in Pakistan.
    US led Drone attacks in Pakistan are not helping either, rather causing haterage and creating more terrorist.

  69. Luvo says:

    Fuck all of you sluts, south Africa should not be excluded in the list of safest countries if the stupid white England and stupid America a country of terrorists is mentioned. Life is not about white rats

  70. Suze says:

    Dear friends, No country’s perfect, We’ve all got to make it better!
    Defending our own nation is normal, But you can’t just criticize other Nations.
    So please stop abusing and fighting with each other.
    Much love.

  71. Sana says:

    America is the worst country! Even though its safe but people their are full on racist and America is the real terriost! America go to Africa and dig the gold and take it to their country! And if people say go back to Pakistan,Palestine,Afghanistan e.t.c my always reply is ‘I hate America and your country brought me here.’ Long Live Pakistan,Afghanistan,Africa and all those Muslims country!

  72. Islamic republic of Pakistan says:

    Pakistan is more safe than India. Foreign tourist women are not safe in india. There are most recent cases of raping with foreign tourists in India. This shows that india is fucking country. Pakistan is an islamic country Islam does not allow any kind of rape.

  73. Mohit says:

    Out of hundreds of country
    only pakistani people are barking..
    Calm you tits and stop burning you fake islamic ass..
    Your aruging cannot change the truth..
    . Muslim causes fight every where. . Even in comments..
    Are they born to cause problem to others..
    . Pakistani comments are showing how peaceful they are..

    • David Donaldson says:

      Not all Muslims are terrorists,but most terrorists are Muslim and I say Scotland is the friendliest country in the world :mrgreen:

  74. Havoc says:

    If America butt the hell out of Pakistan and its external matters, I am sure the country would today be well in peace and harmony. The ‘ignorant American pigs’ on this forum who are labelling Pakistan the most dangerous country, who harbours terrorists, have forgot it was their old dirty yanks who bought their war to our region, not once but twice. The bandits have forgot the role ‘dog Regan’s’ administration played in making the Taliban. They payed Pakistan’s powerful ISI top dollar to make a ordinary male into a jihadist, to serve ‘uncle sams’ purpose. Uncle Sam then supplied top amination and weapons to the Mujahadeen to wage a jihad against the Soviets.
    Once the Soviets were defeated, Uncle Sam, abandoned the region and mess at Pakistan’s doorstep. On the way they the (american pigs) also murdered then Pakistan military leader and ally, General Zia ul Haq and 15 other top Pakistani generals, after fitting a bomb in his plane. Today, Pakistan is a victim because of America and because of Pakistan’s top generals who have served American orders, generals such as Mr Zia ul Haq and Mr Musharraf.
    The American people are so sad and lost in their world, I bet they don’t even know that their was not a single suicide attack in the history of Pakistan, from 1947 to 2004, the red mosque seige changed all that. Today in Pakistan suicide attacks are happening for fun, but I don’t believe a single bit that fellow muslims are bombing and killing fellow muslims in mosques, this is a non-muslim act, the American CIA and Israeli Mossad are behind these coward attacks on Pakistan and islam. The American (blackwater) is freely roaming around Pakistan, notably, NWFP fata.
    Oh and just before the Americans start throwing there toys out of their prams. I meant agents and contractors such as (Raymond Davis). Raymond Davies the killer contractor who killed three Pakistanis in cold blood – flipping terrorist. These undercover CIA spies are the real culprits and terrorists who are carrying out terrorist activties all across Pakistan, notably Nwfp fata. These contractors have formed networks all across asia and have made many bogus taliban organisations. These bogus taliban organisations working for the CIA are quick to claim responsibility after a terrorist attack any part in Pakistan.

  75. Havoc says:

    Also time after time, Pakistan’s army institution have told America ‘we don’t need your aid’ the last time Pakistan requested this was after American fighter jets bombed and killed 26 Pakistani soldiers at a check point. The Americans have forgot that Pakistan are fighting their ‘proxy war’ and not ours. A war which Pakistan was forced to participate in after the dubious 9/11 attacks. The Americans and world media keep ‘barking’ about giving $10 billion aid to Pakistan, to control extremism and terrorism, but the western world have forgot, that half of that money goes to pay towards the expense of ‘America’s war’ which the Pakistani army are fighting. In comparison the Americans have spent well over $160 billion in Afghanistan and yet the taliban control 50 per-cent of the country. Let’s get one thing clear here: Pakistan is not the problem, Afghanistan is the problem, if the US and 42 Nato countries can takeover and control the whole off Afghanistan, Pakistan would become peaceful, because that’s where all the insurgents are coming from into Pakistan. The Americans as always need a scapegoat for their own failer and defeat. In Vietnam it was Cambodia, while in Afghanistan its Pakistan. The truth is ‘the yanks’ have lost the war in Afghanistan, you have suffered a humiliating defeat despite all your latest weapons and technology, something the arrogant americans are so proud off. Now you want to blame Pakistan for your shameful defeat and mess. The Osama bin Ladan killing was all a pack of lies, as we all know, Osama died years ago, either of kidney failer or killed in the ‘tora bora’ while fighting against the invading American forces. I recall the late Benazir Bhutto even telling this back in 2005. The Americans played this stupid nonsensical game just to make a fool out of their own American people. They made you believe that “we have killed Osama” and now we have completed our mission and will leave Afghanistan with our heads held high and respect intact. The Pakistani government did not deny this, because the truth is, they did not have a clue what even happened that night in Abbotabad, at that compound. The local residents in Abbotabad, heard a loud explosion and in the next few hours they heard, “Osama has been killed at the compound.” Lol with his body buried at sea. The American wanted to give their ‘real target’ the Pakistan army and its powerful ISI intitution a worldwide bad name: to ‘disgrace’ its image and trust to keep hold off the countries nuclear weapons, the US progressed in giving the ISI a bad image in front of the international world, this was part of a big American plan aginst Pakistan.

  76. Bishamonten says:

    :mrgreen:Only pakistani pigs are babbling about how they’re country is ‘safe’ when headlines could be read about ‘blasts’ incident could be read daily in newspapers, but no! We’re pakistan! Our religion is peaceful! And if you don’t accept that, we’ll blow you up! Grow up, paki-fags!

  77. Mohsin Khan says:

    Pakistani muslims don’t eat pig and does not have that animal in its country – but, we do host CIA and RAW pigs who are behind these daily suicide and sabotage attacks. Flipping ‘cow piss drinking’ hindu mutta fucker rapists!

  78. ASAD says:

    Pakistan is much safter then India , China , USA etc.
    This is a fact and everyone should admit.

  79. ASAD says:

    Pakistan is much safer then India , China , USA etc.
    This is a fact and everyone should admit.

  80. Regular dude says:

    Last time I heard, the US diddnt fuc*ing BEHEAD children that were salvaging for food! Pakistan is a bad place. Not just because they have terrorist, the kids are growin up salvaging for food.

  81. Salman says:

    The last time I checked, the CIA killing machine droned Miranshah, pakistan, just 4 days ago, killing 21 innocent people which did include children and their mothers. The CIA and American administration are also openly supplying Syrian rebels with weapon to fight the countries army and to challenge the governments rule, law and order. Now that’s open terrorism. Like the mujaheeds in Afghanistan, 1978, today the american administration are using and backing the Syrian rebels to dispatch Mr Asad and his regime. But, in time, as witnessed in Afghanistan, the Americans would return with their B52 bombers to kill today’s freedom fighting syrian rebals, who will be known as terrorists when they go against american plans in the region!

  82. Salman says:

    Regular Dude: I think you need to go visit the heart of USA and UK and see how many white English and Americans are begging and sleeping rough on the streets. Unemployment is touching a all time high as is expenses for daily requirements. Pakistan, has its share of poor but, if you ever go Pakistan (lahore, Karachi, Islamabad) you would notice and see that every middle class Pakistani family are very well off and living a comfort life than the normal working class citizen in europe. A normal working class citizen who works for one long month in England and US, earns around a thousand pound after tax, with that grand he/she would fullfill household shopping, life style, child expenses, pay bills, buy clothes, pay for motor and transport expenses (a 1 month travelcard here in London costs very expensive) and by the time he/she pays their landlord or council the weekly rent of £150 pound plus, he/she is left with barely £100 if lucky. In contrast, in Pakistan, an average person with a steady business or job would earn much better and would be able to save for the long term future. For a starters he/she would have his/her own house (property) a servent who washes, cleans the house and would even cook if you manage to pull the boat a little further. A middle class family in Pakistan enjoy a relaxing lifestyle, they also have a driver and a servent who can come each day to massage. A middle class family kids in Pakistan enjoy a much better education than a normal US/UK citizen, these children have private tutions, classes and are given all the facilities required. A few middle class families who I know from Lahore have even visited America, Australia, UK, France, Dubai and Canada, with their hard earned money. I am yet to come across a normal british citizen who has seen more all these countries without falling into credit card debt!

  83. Feroz Khan (Salman) says:

    The Indian needs to check how many starving children are sleeping rough on the streets of Bombay. Everyday a rich businessman or his spoilt kid would run over a poor family sleeping on the side of the road while he/she would get away with it, being the child or family member of a powerful politian, judge, tycoon, bollywood actor or police chief. Though India is enjoying a economy boost, because of western investment, it still remains one of the worlds most poorest country with poor human rights, particularly for kids, who are used as cheap child labour and sex tourism and indeed for women – no women including foreign females are safe to visit India, just a couple weeks ago a amercian women was gangraped by truck drivers, a few minors who were three years old have not even been spared, and just yesterday a young girl died after being gangraped by savage Indian dogs!

  84. hritik says:

    pakistaan is a bitch country full of shameless people one should have no trust in any bitcher pakistani

  85. Feroz Khan says:

    India is the country full of “bitches” maybe that is the reason why you ‘Indian animals’ rape and treat them like whore’s. The latest stats in India prove that a sexual abuse occurs every three minutes in the country, while every 21 minutes in the capital Delhi. Indian dogs have gone so wild that they have not even spared a couple of 18 month old kids, who died after being raped. A few 4 years old girls were also raped a few weeks back in shameless India. Delhi today is the international porn hotspot. Today, women in India are being treated like whore’s, they are openly being pimped in every street, bazaar, bar, club, hotels and on Bollywood screens. It is for everyone to see. At the same time their shameless fathers and brothers are sitting home enjoying a beer can in front of the television watching IPL cricket, while the women and young girl is bringing the money in after selling her ASS in either a porn movie, or to a rich business man, politian or on a b4u and on a bollywood set!

  86. rajat says:

    i m from india i also visit pakistan it is a very good place but in pakistan there are so many terrorists live there but also i does not really mean to say that pakistan is bad place. .now i live in new york people are so good and so so so hot

  87. gabroo says:

    Feroz, see how useless you seem yourself. Everyone in the world will admit that Pakistan is the worst country and the people more than that..hehe..

  88. Arsh says:

    it’s little insurgency in border area of Pakistan , because of US drone attacks , otherwise Pakistan is safe place … 92% Pakistan is conflict free ,

  89. Bryan says:

    I think the U.S is very a dangerous country. Different organized crime groups operates there. Yakuza, Chinese triads, Russian and Italian mafias. Drug cartels. Terrorist cells. You name it. But they do have good law enforcement.

    The problem is, the U.S always invades 3rd world countries like afghanistan and push them down the ladder. My country (South Africa) doesn’t have a single organized crime group. Our police is afraid of street thugs. Also, you have to be black to be accepted in the police force.

  90. SAIMA RAJA says:

    i dont think so U.S is dangerous ………atleast it is better than INDIA(delhi) 4 girls..actually……. 🙄

  91. NoPartOfTheWorld says:

    While the world is divided with it’s different governments, religions and the motive of business, it is as written in Isaiah as being like “the sea”, always tossing up mire. In other words, it will constantly change turbulence from one place to another, as there will be no true peace because of people’s decisions to live “a better way” than their neighbours, and to continue to insist that their way is best.

    Regardless of country borders, there is a nation made up of all these countries, and it is growing. Eventually God will step in and remove these big farces called religion off the face of the world, as it is like a prostitute, in that it instead of serves God faithfully, it serves a national interest, or a “king of the world”.

    This nation is the most peaceful. They don’t go to war, they don’t hate their brothers and sisters, and they care about their neighbours. Also, they know that it isn’t the time for the world to have peace, so as my name suggests, they are “no part of the world”, not involved in the divisions of mankind, but stick to the teachings of the scriptures, knowing that God isn’t a wimp who needs fake zealots to act on his behalf. He will act very soon, and remove ALL nations, but only after he has allowed the nations to remove ALL false (false in God’s eyes) religions. So while you squabble about which country is the most peaceful, then you are missing the point that regardless of the country, the people are all divided and happy to fight for what THEY feel is the best way.

    Peace has been taken away from the world, yet individuals will be chosen from all nations based on their attitude towards their creator, and their actions and obedience, which would demonstrate their faith. The point is accurate knowledge, so a person needs to think about whether they actually are willing to be able to challenge their own perspectives or not, as God is no fool.

    As a matter of fact, there is a prophecy from the days of Jesus (Issa)’s apostles that points to this day as having a government made up of the world governments, and it will be supported by the leading governments of the world, and other governments will rule with it. THIS government (along with all the supporters) will remove all false religion (attempting to remove all religion), but the warning is that it is God himself who is causing this to happen so that he can remove once and for all this wicked violent perverted divided world, and establish one with people who want true peace.

    THIS will be the best country in the world…the whole world in peace, who are obedient to these two commands at their heart “Love your God with your whole heart mind soul and strength” and “Love your neighbour as yourself”. If we divide by borders, we are not loving our neighbours. Food for thought. Also, time is reduced. So if you want to have the “best country in the world”, it is up to YOU and your attitude to information.

    Best wishes, and I hope I can visit all these lands after this wicked system is removed and visit all the peaceloving people who won’t be divided by any means in the way the world is today.

  92. nz says:

    Pakistanis are the shitest people I have ever met in my life. They come abroad have relations,cheat and sleep with girls and then tell them they don’t want to marry them because of their religion. They are full of lies since the day they are born. They are very selfish people. They commit haraam then ask Allah for forgiveness. Thats a wrong use of religion. Doesn’t mean Allah is most merciful you people use him for your own good. These are my own personal experience with my Pakistani bf who just used me his own good and then brutally assaulted me on the day of breakup. I can never forgive him neither will Allah do.

  93. yog says:

    India is best..and India want good relation with other countris..

  94. Ahmet says:

    EH….I am from Turkey and i dont believe that Pakistan is a Dangerous country. Pakistan is more safer than Mexico and Brazil

    BTW……Long live Pak and Turk friends 😆

  95. nutral says:

    If we analyze the whole world’s peace condition that’ll show us the very cruel face of USA. USA is enhancing terrorism in pracfull countries .like but Pakistan sirya Iraq Libya sodan and others.
    RAW MOSAD and CIA are interfering in Pakistan by Afghanistan.
    There is many evidences that Indian terrorist Camps are working in Afghanistan to train terrorist ,provide Ammunition ,latest Tech ,Bombing Materials with targets .
    The responsible of turmoil cconditions of Pakistan are USA Israel and India including UK. These all are especially India is financing terrorism in Pakistan.
    This triangle is Satanic triangle.

  96. Unknown says:

    This is a f*****g list I’ve ever seen. Australia is a peaceful country and its given the rank above Switzerland!!! What the Bloody ****. It is one of the f******g racist and horrible countries ever than UK and US. It is a country famous for tourist murders. Kindly don’t forget that and so, are the people.

  97. sanketh says:


  98. fuckpak says:

    who cares ,the pakistanis, I wish I had the power to burn down pakistan to ashes by hydrogen bombings,then the world will have peace

  99. Zayn says:

    Pakistan Is A Country Of Peace And Islam Is The Best Religion And Full Of Peace, But The Thing Is Our Religion Is Full Of Facts Which Hurt Other People And Are Afraid Their Religion Doesn’t Lose Their Image, Your Fucking Pope Fucksis Knows Our Religion Is The Only True Religion He Is Just A Retard As U Other People , Question For The Christian Why There Are So Many Converts From Christianity To Islam Why People And One More Thing U Christians Only Follow Jesus Teaching, Well In Islam We Live By His Teachings, Have You Ever Asked A Muslim That Will He Convert To Christianity He Will Directly Reject It Unless He Is A Fag Like U Christians(Not All) Your Religion Is So Messed Up That Even A Rich Man Is Sad In Your Religion In Islam The Poor And The Rich Are Both Are Happy ,One More Thing Adam And Eve Were Muslims So Islam Is The Only Religion Peace

    • David Donaldson says:

      you sound like a complete arsehole that’s the problem with Muslims they think everyone should be like them and if Pakistan is so good why is there so many of them here in the west

  100. uzair virk says:

    pakistan should be on 1 .Ilove pakistan 🙂

  101. jack says:

    fuck u all pakistan

  102. Vivek Pandey says:

    Hehei I m from India.Actually Pakistaniz are one of the most friendly and kind hearted persons but they are suffering from some problems and if you people can’t help them in solving those problems then u also don’t deserve to talk like that.I hope one day Pakistan will come out of these problems and will lead the world with India.Never forget that once Indus valley civilization was world’s best civilization and that is in India and Pakistan only.we were together,someone broke us but we are no longer going to be enemies.Surely one day we will again be together like brothers.And what is that 142nd rank to India.Gone are the days when Indians were not together and u westerns ruled over us and now we are one of the most rapidly growing economy in the world,4th strongest country,we send satalite to Marsh in just our first attempt,no one could do it before.4th in the IT sectors,even u people should know that about 32percent scientists of NASA are Indians,60 percent engineers of Microsoft are Indians.there are 22 different languages,about all religions live here,29 states all larger than most of ur European countries bt we live together to be a nation.JAI HIND.

  103. Vivek Pandey says:

    Hehei I m from India.Actually Pakistaniz are one of the most friendly and kind hearted persons but they are suffering from some problems and if you people can’t help them in solving those problems then u also don’t deserve to talk like that.I hope one day Pakistan will come out of these problems and will lead the world with India.Never forget that once Indus valley civilization was world’s best civilization and that is in India and Pakistan only.we were together,someone broke us but we are no longer going to be enemies.Surely one day we will again be together like brothers.And what is that 142nd rank to India.Gone are the days when Indians were not together and u westerns ruled over us and now we are one of the most rapidly growing economy in the world,4th strongest country,we send satalite to Marsh in just our first attempt,no one could do it before.4th in the IT sectors,even u people should know that about 32percent scientists of NASA are Indians,60 percent engineers of Microsoft are Indians.there are 22 different languages,about all religions live here,29 states all larger than most of ur European countries bt we live together to be a nation.JAI HIND,JAI BHARAT.

  104. Vivek Pandey says:

    Hei I m from India a nation where people with 22 different languages,about a dozen of religions,29 states and all of them larger than most of the European countries,having world’s 2nd largest population live together with world’s largest democracy.We live together happily with zero tolerance.This is a country of people like Mahatma Gandhi.People live with thoughts that Gandhi carried.So we are undoubtedly one of the most peaceful country in the world and we know it very well.
    you all should know that there is more Muslim population than any other country in the world but we they all live in a great peace and joy.We may no be at top but deserve a very good position in the list.

  105. Vivek Pandey says:

    I love India,where all the religions have equal rights.

  106. against pak says:

    im indian….id say that the most trouble maker….home of terrorism……is pakistan…..pakistanis break ceasefire and kill soldiers of indian army almost every day and then they dont try to realize that and improve there mistake……..proof for all this is osama found in pakistan… watch out pakis there could be terrorist standing right behind…..

  107. precious aaffiyah says:

    Aoa, and gudday 2every1

    I’m a south african, I love my country but I really hate the way this country is turning out. Born n raised here love evry1 dearly, but racism is still an issue. Strip away the color and make us all same color still we will continue to hurt one another, all because of respect and looking down to one another. Not only south africa has this problem so many countries and I personally feel that this is the begining of the end for this way or another human beings find a way to attack each other if not race religion, rich vs poor what ever happened to humanity? I hate to judge any1 I really avoid it, but sometyms I can’t help it but cry for all those who are suffering because amost those who are rude some are not, amongst those who are not racist they still suffer wherelse they did nothing to harm anyone. I’ve lost so much in this country and I know some day we will all be gone but for som1 to just take a person’s life for the sake of status and pride is pure evil to me. I hope in every country people learn to love or respect 1another despite the race or religion or even natinality. Don’t jusge my religion as I do not judge urs if we all behave civilized and respect each other closer or further apart then all this bad things will be nothing. Everything starts small and ends big I love u all whether muslims or not and I wish u all peace in ur personal journey.

  108. precious aaffiyah says:

    If we were stranded in a foreign world not in this planet, just saying. About few people from different countries and race, but from the same planet earth. We would stick together as human beings not race, not nationality or religion but as same kind. If that happened we will care more about each other and protect 1 another from the unknown that laked in that unknown planet that we crashed in. One way or another we are all human beings and should treat another another equally and not be worse than animals in the wild. Even a dog would give up its life to save a human, but wat about us? We may not lov all but we could respect 1 another that wouldn’t be so hard and we need to practise peace more if not for us but for our future children. No child is born racist they learn it from home if we teach them racism wat gud will come for them in the future? If we teach them critisize and all that watever little we say or do we plant a seed in their mind. If u love ur family or child u’d want da best for them right? But racism and all dis bad wishes won’t make it better… Let’s try more peaceful methods and be united despite our differences, please.

  109. shamseer says:

    For what
    I knw all I dont knw which is terrorst
    But pkstn people is gud
    Beacause I am wrking in dubai I have more pak frnds so I knw they
    I am not a pkstni I am frm india

  110. DrEaNeSiA says:

    Why Indonesia is not in the list ? Indonesia is the most peaceful country for every one 🙂

  111. Tom says:

    Pakistan is shitt. Im from india and india is best.pakistan always a dumb. INDIA PAKISTAN

  112. sean says:

    disingenuous raking. countries that are war should not part of this because it skews the results.

    should we also look at countries attacking other countries? the USA and countries in NATO are the most violent.

  113. Shut up fools says:

    Shut up u fools! What the fucking issue r u discusing . U fuckers are fighting like child. Listen no country is good or bad . A country is simply part of earth. U fools indians nd pakistanis why u discusing on fuking issue

  114. hindu says:

    yes pakistan is a terrorist country his neibour country india also attacked by pakistani terrorists

  115. gupta says:

    Pakistan ye sorry I think you guys are joking is there any country in the world named Pakistan I don’t find any but yeah there is terrorist training camp and it’s top in the world named Pakistan is available

  116. Srujan says:

    Pakistan is worst I hate it it is one of most dangerous countries full of terrorists I LOVE INDIA

  117. guyzone says:

    UK is not safe at all. Too many terrorist attacks kept under wraps or named as mental health related incidents.
    Pakistan though is absolutely the worst.

  118. Sachin says:

    Latest uri attack in India done by Pakistani terrorist. Pakistan is terrorist state

  119. Chanchal says:

    All countries are good but my india is best ….the most eco friendly…safe…peacefull…wonderfull….respectfull….

  120. sonali jamwal says:

    pakistan is the most problematic country i have ever seen in my life. only and only terrorism. kais traam bet krain the trath pient sa :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

  121. balochi says:

    Pakistan is the worst contry in the world. they are killing poor people and they everyday do attract on balochi people (us) I leave Pakistan and staying in Canada now. they only give safety to islamabad lahor karachi. as well as they provide security to top class terrorist like hafiz saeed. there government is ruled by militants not by political parties. in pok they are forcefully make normal people terrorist. and they kidnapped children for that.. recently they killed many balochi children for that. that’s what reality of Pakistan

  122. Zion Masih says:

    I am from Pakistan.I have read many comments of people saying that there country is good and very peaceful.So I have come with a conclusion that every country has many problems even our country but to its people it is very peaceful and good.And those who say that Pakistan is really problematic they must see there own country and should solve the problem it faces

  123. Anonymous says:

    If they think Pakistan is a good country then let them think that way . Although that attck on school cleared every doubt . Everyone have respect for their respective countries. Don’t forget to mention NEW ZEALAND and ICELAND to be most safe .

  124. Pakistani (Baloch from Balochistan) says:

    Hello Fellows,
    This is a truth, Pakistan is dangerous now a days, but someone has ever considered why?

    Pakistan is dangerous because of indian terrorists and afghan involvements (which are hugely funded by Indians).
    We caught a lot of Indian militants within Pakistani borders and they admitted their crimes already (On media records “Kalboshan yadhav” google it).
    There are bombing assaults and pre-planned terrorism almost every day in some part of Pakistan. Because of Indian terrorists, and fairly speaking half of the world wants Pakistan to break up in peaces because of the Gwadar port.

    Pakistan’s future is bright, and we have fought a lot terrorist organizations including the Taliban and terrorist think tanks like India. Our army and intelligence have fought against those terrorist and we are way better now. And we continue to improve against terrorism.

    And mark my words “In the next ten to fifteen years you will see pakistan as a super nation and Gwadar as the next Business hub.”

    “Gwadar”; A fear for dubai, A fear for chahbahar; Biggest fear for india. Do what ever you can; kill our innocents every day >>> that didn’t worth for you.
    We are standing as a united nation and we are fighting.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  125. gaurav says:

    India is the best peaceful country in the world and Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world because Pakistan follow’s sarya in India is very freely country

    I think best country in the world India Israel because India and Israel are fighting Islamic terrorist

  126. Hello Fellows,
    This is a truth, Pakistan is dangerous now a days, but someone has ever considered why?

    Pakistan is dangerous because of indian terrorists and afghan involvements (which are hugely funded by Indians).
    We caught a lot of Indian militants within Pakistani borders and they admitted their crimes already (On media records “Kalboshan yadhav” google it).
    There are bombing assaults and pre-planned terrorism almost every day in some part of Pakistan. Because of Indian terrorists, and fairly speaking half of the world wants Pakistan to break up in peaces because of the Gwadar port.

    Pakistan’s future is bright, and we have fought a lot terrorist organizations including the Taliban and terrorist think tanks like India. Our army and intelligence have fought against those terrorist and we are way better now. And we continue to improve against terrorism.

    And mark my words “In the next ten to fifteen years you will see pakistan as a super nation and Gwadar as the next Business hub.”

    “Gwadar”; A fear for dubai, A fear for chahbahar; Biggest fear for india. Do what ever you can; kill our innocents every day >>> that didn’t worth for you.
    We are standing as a united nation and we are fighting

  127. bennynal says:

    I think pakstan is nice place but some of few people destroy te peace of othrs.

  128. Incredible India says:

    Hey guys its not necessary that Pakistan should be a bad country.But many terrorist organisations like Taliban and Laskar are situated in Pakistan and the terrorists trained there are invading a number of countries.I seriously feel that the Prime Minister should take strict actions.

    A peace-loving , loyal Indian.

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