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What do Japanese People REALLY Think of America?

After 3/11, countries like the U.S. gave a great deal of assistance to Japan. Find out how the Japanese public now views them. Continue reading

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Hypnosis, the Power of Suggestion, and the Science of Hypnotherapy

Take the trip of two BBC documentaries which show the truth behind hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It’s a surprising and fascinating journey that will leave you more informed and interested in the practice. Continue reading

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Earthquake Research Says Tokyo May Get “The Big One” Within the Next Few Years

Some awful news from the University of Tokyo – new predictions suggest a powerful earthquake to hit Tokyo by 2016. Continue reading

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Blogging is Good for Your Memory

If you ever wondered “why bother?” when you thought about whether or not to start blogging, this article is for you. I discuss something that non-bloggers never really think about. Continue reading

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Left-brain vs. Right-brain Learning Styles

What can right and left brain distinctions tell us about learning styles? This is the wrong question. As it turns out, the question should be “do learning styles even exist?” Continue reading

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Japan, the “Twitter Nation,” Shatters Twitter Record Yet Again

Japan is the Twitter Nation. As we see here, the records just keep getting shattered by Japan. Continue reading

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Skeptikai Turns One Year Old! And My Top 10 Picks

Skeptikai turns 1! So here are my 10 favourite articles from 2011. Continue reading

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Can You Hear the Music? – MP3 Players Yield Hearing-Impaired Youth

They always said that listening to music too loudly would cause permanent damage. As it turns out, they were right. Researchers at Tel Aviv University (Israel) published a recent study that investigated the music-listening habits of young people (pictured above: a young … Continue reading

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Truth and Fantasy, and the SOPA bill

Truth and Fantasy launches, and the SOPA bill is discussed Continue reading

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Love Plus Imagination – Part 2: Visual Novels

In Part 1, we looked at how simulation games appeal to players. Being the social creatures that we are, gamers often like to engage with others, even in the virtual world. We saw how dating sims are often – but … Continue reading

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