When Should You Use Your Headlights?

If you are new into cars or maybe a veteran but not sure when to use which headlight? No need to worry as in this article, we are going to discuss everything in detail. Starting from main headlights to fog lights and also ensuring how you should avoid blinding oncoming drivers.

Firstly, headlight is one of the most essential parts of your vehicle as it improves your visibility at night time and avoids accidents. Not only can you see the road but the oncoming drivers can also see you with the help of these headlights. Let’s get into the details to understand when to use headlights.

When Should You Use Your Headlights?

When Should You Use Your Headlights 2

According to headlight laws, the driver is supposed to have at least two functioning headlights that need to be turned on from sunset to sunrise. To be precise, The headlights need to be turned on 30 minutes before the sun rises and 30 minutes after sunset.

Furthermore, if the weather condition is bad – no matter what the time is – you still need to turn on your headlights to see the road and other vehicles. Usually when there is a lot of mist, clouds of fog, heavy rainfall or snowfall, visibility might decrease.

Whenever the visibility is less than 500 feet, it is highly recommended to turn on the headlights (even if it is day time). In fact, in some states it is recommended to turn on headlights even if it is 200 feet away.

Hence, if you are driving in a country or state you have never been before, then it is advisable to check the law of the land. For instance, there are countries like Scandinavia that require the driver to keep headlights on 24 hours.

Should You Use Headlights During The Day?

Should You Use Headlights During The Day

There are several situations when you need to keep your headlights on during the day.

Bad weather conditions. As mentioned above,  whenever you notice that there is a bad weather condition in a specific area you need to immediately turn on your headlights. If you don’t turn your headlight, it will be difficult for you to see the road as well as other drivers. It will also become difficult for the other drivers to see your vehicle and it can cause an accident.

Road sign. There are certain places where you need to turn on the headlight due to certain reasons known by the government. There could be construction work or there could be visibility issues that you are unaware of. Hence, whenever you see a sign board that says “Daytime headlight zone,” make sure that your headlights are turned on.

Mountain area or rural roads. If you are driving your vehicle in the mountains or in the rural area, then you should definitely keep your lights on so that you can avoid accidents. The roads are narrow in the hills and if the headlights are not turned on, it can be difficult for you and others to spot your car.

When To Use High Beams

High beams can be used on roads that are pitch dark such as rural places. If you see there is no traffic on the road nor any streetlights, then you can use the high beams as It will allow you to see the road clearly without getting any debris, pedestrians, and animals.

When To Use Low Beams

Low beams can be used when the visibility is low despite street lights as you drive in the city areas. Moreover, if you don’t have fog lights during bad weather conditions, then you can use low beam lights to see the road clearly.


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