What You Need to Know about San Francisco Car Shipping

If you live in San Francisco or are planning to move here any time soon, then you may be transporting a vehicle.  It’s quite popular here, and once you start to learn more about it, it’s not hard to see why.  The fascinating thing is that there are folks around here who sell cars, even, and they use these types of service to do that.

Of course, this popularity raises some questions.  For instance, how does this process work?  Is it something that’s worth looking into if we need to transport a vehicle a long distance?  Today, we’ll be looking to answer these questions and more.

What Can We Use Car Shipping For?

Naturally, one of the biggest questions that most of us have is what the purpose of these services is.  When we decide to use auto transport in San Francisco, there are a ton of possibilities as to what the purpose can be.  From selling vehicles to saving yourself a road trip when you’re moving, these transport services can be quite helpful.

Admittedly, the main reason that folks opt for car transport is for anyone who is moving a long distance.  If you’re moving to San Francisco, or you’re moving out, it’s probably an option you’ll want to look into.  Additionally, it can be helpful for vacationers or employees who are going on long work trips.

Finally, for folks who want to sell cars, the ability to broaden your pool of customers to the entire country rather than locally is really helpful.  Car transport services allow that to happen, making them an invaluable part of that industry.  It’s something to consider, at least, if you’ve had a hard time selling a car.

What Can We Use Car Shipping For

How Can We Ship Them, then?

Next, let’s take a look at how the process works.  Obviously, you’ll want to sort out where the automobile needs to be transported to.  However, from there, it’s mostly smooth sailing.  Just make sure you pick a company that has a lot of positive reviews and that offers the types of services you want (such as door-to-door shipping).

Once you’ve picked a company, you can turn your attention to preparing the car and getting all of your documentation gathered.  Resources like this: https://www.forbes.com/home-improvement/garage/how-to-clean-car-interior/, can offer some insights into the vehicle part.  For now, let’s focus on documentation.

What Do You Need to Provide?

Whether you’re shipping the car to yourself or to a customer, you’ll have to show your photo ID as well as basic information about the vehicle like insurance.  Depending on the company you work with, they may ask for details about who is receiving the vehicle at the end of transport.  It doesn’t hurt to ask ahead of time so you can have all of that stuff on hand when you need it.

Cleaning Your Car

You read that right – before the driver comes to pick it up, make sure the automobile is nice and shiny clean.  This means the interior and exterior, just to be safe.  Not only are you preventing your belongings from getting lots in the shuffle, but you’re also saving some cash in the meantime.  After all, these shipping companies use weight to determine how much they charge (along with distance, of course).

Additionally, when the driver comes to pick up the car, you don’t need to have a full tank of gas.  In fact, a quarter tank will usually suffice.  This isn’t a road trip that you’d read about in a blog like this one, but instead a very brief drive to and from a depot.  Save weight and yourself a bit more money in the meantime.

Should We Bother with Car Shipping?

All of this points to one last question: is it worth it to transport a vehicle this way?  Depending on how far you’re travelling, as well as the purpose behind the process, then the answer will probably be less.  Think of it this way: you’ll be saving yourself money that you’d have spent on filling the gas tank a ton of times as well as any rest stops that you’d have to take if you were going to drive yourself.

When we look at it from a seller’s viewpoint, keep in mind that you can also charge the customer for some of the shipping costs.  That way, you’re still expanding your own market, but you won’t have to eat a ton of the profit to do so.  In that sense, it’s hard to argue that it’s not worth it.

Remember to shop around for a shipping company.  Here in San Francisco, we’ve got a lot of options.  Find one that’s trusted across the nation for quality service so you know you can entrust your vehicle into their care.