What Is CBDA vs CBD? A Closer Look

Did you know that 1 in every 7 people in the United States consumes CBD products regulalry?

CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it has been shown to treat pain, insomnia, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

If you enjoy using CBD but need a little more support, you should consider trying CBDA products.

Continue reading to learn the answer to what is CBDA and how is it different from CBD products!

From the Same Place

If you are wondering, what is CBDA, you might be surprised to know that it also comes from the cannabis plant, like CBD.

CBDA is the first compound to appear on the hemp plants and it then turns into CBD. When plants are still growing, CBDA is formed. Once the CBDA grows and gets cured, it then becomes what people know to be CBD.

Provide Health Benefits

There are CBDA benefits that resemble the same ones people get from CBD products?

Both products are used for therapeutic reasons because of the way that they interact with the endocannabinoid system.  Many people report more benefits from CBDA when dealing with inflammation, pain, and nausea. CBD has become a popular health supplement for joint problems, insomnia, and anxiety.

Experts think that CBDA is best at relieving ailments. With CBD and CBDA working through the body differently, it is hard to compare their benefits.

How to Consume

Finding CBDA products should be just about as easy as finding CBD products.

Both of the cannabidiol options come in tincture, topical, and oil forms. Having a variety of ways to use CBD and CBDA makes it easy to treat certain ailments. The most popular form of CBD that people buy is edibles, like cookies, candies, and other treats.

You can get the most benefits of CBDa by finding a product that you like. The easier it is to eat, apply, or ingest, the easier it will be for you to find relief.

Lack THC

If you don’t enjoy the mind-altering effects of marijuana, but like the other benefits, you should try CBD or CBDA.

Both stem from the marijuana plant, however, they don’t contain enough THC to produce psychological effects. Since CBDA turns into CBD you don’t have to worry about terpenes that will lead to munchies.

THCA is the compound that turns into THC, and it isn’t located on a CBD plant. Since CBDA and CBD don’t contain enough THC, people of all ages can use these products.

What is CBDA & Why Do You Need It?

Finding out what is CBDA can be a life-changer for some people that need a bit more help than CBD has to offer.

Although both compounds come from the same plant, they work in the body differently because of their formations. CBDA has shown to be the most beneficial, likely because it is in its raw state.

CBD is still an excellent choice for pain relief and comfort, it is also the easiest to find on the shelves.

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