Two online deposit methods that are becoming more and more popular

Every day more and more people play at online casinos. Parallel to this interest, more alternative payment methods have emerged for use at casinos. Some of these methods have gradually become viral.

There is one notable reality, many players are afraid to hand over their bank details to casinos. The new deposit methods are much more flexible, anonymous and allow to leave behind conventional methods such as bank transfers.

We are in an era where people prioritize security and confidentiality. Many players are concerned about providing sensitive data on online sites where they go to have fun.

This is a reality known to those who manage and run casinos, both online and brick-and-mortar. Operators know that many players are no longer willing to hand over confidential information easily. To address this reality, casino operators are constantly looking for new ways to make deposits and withdrawals. The more variety of payment methods, the more people will play.

The possibility that a casino could be hacked, despite the extreme security measures that most of them apply, is always on the table. Thousands or millions of personal records could fall into the wrong hands through a simple firewall breach. It’s too high a risk and not worth taking.

Casino users, especially those users starting out in the world of online gambling, should be aware that casinos usually have to comply with know-your-customer rules.

It is always advisable to check that the casinos you play at have a valid license. An unlicensed online casino can do whatever it wants, including robbing you or not giving you the winnings obtained after a successful gambling streak.

Why are KYC rules established in casinos? It is a legal requirement aimed at avoiding the danger of money laundering.

In this sense, many players are fine with the online casino storing data such as name and address, but this is not the case when we are asked for credit card or bank account details. Why give out such data?

As a result of all this context, new deposit methods for playing at online casinos have emerged. Some of these methods are more popular than others. Why?

Casinos also compete in trying to offer the widest variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. In addition, they compete in other scenarios, such as advertising and SEO positioning in search engines.

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Electronic wallet

Making deposits through an e-wallet is a very popular deposit method in online casinos today. Players like this method because using it protects their financial information. It is also a simple method to use.

Among the e-wallet services the most popular is undoubtedly PayPal which is available in most countries. PayPal casinos tend to be among the most popular.

However, there are some countries where the rules state that you must have a credit card associated with your PayPal account in order to be able to make casino deposits.

One of the disadvantages of using electronic wallets to pay casino deposits are the commissions applied for each transaction made.

Even so, the commissions are still low in many cases and, therefore, it is worthwhile to obtain, thanks to electronic wallets, that additional protection for our most sensitive information.


It could not be otherwise. Cryptocurrencies have also arrived with force in the world of online gambling. Many casinos allow deposits in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the most popular virtual currency, but many casinos also accept deposits in Ethereum, Litecoin and other virtual currencies.

The biggest attraction of paying at casinos with cryptocurrencies is that players can remain anonymous when depositing.

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology which is very secure and protects your data.

It is relatively easy to own cryptocurrencies by exchanging them for traditional fiat currencies. Of course, to use cryptocurrencies you will need a cryptocurrency wallet but that is very easy to obtain and set up.