Top 5 Mushrooms To Boost Your Immune System


Obviously everybody wants to live a good healthy life and become more successful. And while we all get to be constantly faced with difficulties and hardships on our road to success, the worst of them all is when your immune system fails you. With a failed immune system, life can become beyond miserable so it makes sense to always look out for reinforcements. And that is exactly why I have put together this A-list of the most active mushrooms for boosting the immune system effectively. Add to that some high quality herbal supplements and you can do your body good!  Let’s get started.

Number 1: Reishi Mushroom

Aka Ganoderma lucidum, the reishi mushroom is also called the mushroom of immortality for its supernatural ability for improving longevity and health. It is a Chinese mushroom that has drawn hundreds of studies to itself over the course of 30+ years. According to researchers, this mushroom is ultimately capable of modulating and activating the immune system. In that same light, it is confirmed to have a self-intelligence with which it uses to work together toth the immune system to fight off oxidative damages for over a long period of time. And while you can eat it raw or even cook it, if you live in Austral, you can buy reishi mushroom extract in Australia here to start living the healthy life that you’ve always Dreamt about.

Number 2: Shiitake Mushroom

Also known as Lentinula edodes, shiitake has been widely adopted for hundreds of years for the purpose of relieving symptoms of common cold. This fungus is applauded for its powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant property. Recently, several researches have confirmed Shiitake’s ability to be a solution for various chronic health conditions and its benefits for improving all significantly suppressed immune functions. Additionally, Shiitake also works for allergies.

Number 3: Maitake Mushroom

Either called Grifolia Frondosa or dancing mushroom, Maitake is an adaptogen that makes your body resistant to stress and fatigue. This mushroom functions by activating the modulation of the immune system and thereby increasing the activities of the major immune cells in the body namely; the killer cells and neutrophils. But other than being medicinal (Maitake is also recognized for its anti-tumor activities for treating cancer), the fungus has a flavor enhancer (L-glutamate) which makes it a delicious thing to add to your sauce and soup. Yummy!

Number 4: Cordyceps Mushroom

The Cordyceps mushroom is known to find its highest natural growth in the high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains and is sometimes called the caterpillar mushroom. This fungus has an adaptogenic property that reduces fatigue, enhances vigor and vitality, and also has a protective effect on the tissues of the body. Finally, it also functions as a sedative on the human’s central nerve system. Sounds familiar?

Number 5: Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga mushrooms are horribly slow-growing fungus and are found in extremely cold regions to strive better. For over 400 years, they have been adopted in the ancient medicines of Eastern Europe and Russia for their antioxidant properties which make the fungus tough on oxidative stress but are also recognized for the powerful phenolic compounds which they contain to boost the immune system of whoever uses them.