Things You Didn’t Know About Your Whole House Humidifier

Have you ever thought that replacing a humidifier pad is more important than replacing a filter? It is so in some cases. We are sure that you do not know some facts about your house humidifier. So, let’s start from the beginning.

About the humidifier

If you have a humidifier for a furnace, it means that you do not have to install separate air purifiers in all rooms of your house. It is true that by installing one humidifier pad to your furnace, you can clean the air in the whole house. It is so in 90% of all houses. So, if you still do not have such a system, check this point.

What is the humidifier pad?

Humidifier pads are a special reservoir that holds a certain level of water inside it during the whole period of operation. The part also has other names. It is often called a water pad/panel or an evaporated filter/pad. The purpose of the device is to control the required level of humidity in rooms. When the indicator is lower or higher (cool or warm air is required), the HVAC system signals the necessity to adjust humidity. Water is passed through the pad and controls the level.

Is it necessary to replace the pad and for what purpose?

When we deal with water, one thing is inevitable. No matter how clean or soft the water in your region is, still, it contains minerals or other particles. As a result, growing rust or scale is an inevitable process. Imagine that the reservoir always has water inside. So, it is obvious that metallic parts will build up a layer of dirt.

What’s next? As a result, the pad will contain less water, and the device will function insufficiently, the level of humidity will not be optimal. But this is not the whole case. The second point is even worse. Over time, as water circulates through the HVAC humidifier system, dust and debris will settle on the part. Dirty surfaces serve as an excellent Petri dish for bacterium and mold.

As you understand, circulating water will distribute these harmful particles throughout your house. As a result, instead of cleaning the air in rooms, the device will become the cause of infections and diseases. Water steam will pollute your apartment. That is why it is highly important to replace the pad timely. According to a user’s manual, the part needs to be replaced once in 3-4 months. This will help avoid breaking and microorganism buildup.

How to replace the part?

Although there are numerous HVAC equipment producers on the market, all pads have almost the same type and size. So, it doesn’t matter the device of which manufacture you have. The following instruction will suit your case. To replace an air humidifier pad, do these steps:

  1. Find the fuse box and turn off the power.
  2. Open the door cover of the device.
  3. Remove the filter with all parts, including a plastic frame.
  4. Divide the frame into two parts. Unclip one of them.
  5. Take out an old filter.
  6. Clean the frame from scale, rust, and other debris.
  7. Install a new filter and assemble the frame.
  8. Put the frame inside the system.
  9. Close the door and turn on the furnace.

It is extremely important to take care of the air inside the living premises. People spend about 75% of their time indoors. So, a whole-house air humidifier will be the perfect device for your home. It will help cope with a dry atmosphere inside rooms. For asthma sufferers, the good is a necessary tool in an apartment. Installing one pad into a furnace system will allow avoiding buying several air purifiers in each room of the house.

Some say that a big house is big trouble. Not now! Today, house owners can all chances to make living comfortable and safe for health. Do not neglect modern technologies and equip your house with such devices.