Talkspace on Job Searching During The Pandemic

Since the spread of the COVID-19, things have gotten very tough for a lot of Americans.

While some are managing the pandemic virtually unscathed, others are not so lucky. The unemployment numbers have gone through the roof. Many businesses have closed because it’s simply not safe enough to operate the way they used to. So, where does that leave workers?

One thing you cannot do is panic. While searching for jobs, remember not to take your well being for granted. If you have a family, keeping it together is a must. As long as you stay mentally healthy, you can make your current situation a lot more tolerable.

Talkspace is a great forum to hash out your problems. Founded in 2012, this mobile platform was developed to provide help for people ages 13 years and older. It is staffed by professional therapists who help people suffering from stress and other psychological issues.

Why self-care is important

Keeping your mental health on point is a must. If you are unemployed, you can easily fall into the trap of idle behavior. This means engaging in non-productive activities like laying on the couch all day sleeping or watching television.

Get a daily routine going and stick to it. Do some exercise like yoga or even walking. If you have a history of depression, engaging in a routine that will make you feel better is highly suggested.

There is nothing wrong with reaching out to other people with common problems. Sometimes talking it out can help. The pandemic has left many people feeling hopeless and in despair. Enlisting the help of Talkspace therapists can provide relief.

Unfortunately, there are likely more people out there who are feeling your pain than you think. Hooking up with friends and family members can be a great way to decompress. Engage in fun activities if possible. Remember you don’t necessarily have to be in the same space. Technology allows you to do too many things right over the Internet.

Remember the self-care basics

  • Always stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep
  • Get an exercise routine going to help your physical and mental health
  • Keep a journal of your feelings
  • Create an account with Talkspace

Best Job Tips During Covid

There is no shame in looking for work. Many people have lost their jobs due to circumstances beyond their control. Let people know you are looking for work. Put the word out through social media. Many people manage to snag jobs through Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. This type of networking can get you hired a lot quicker.

Joining niche Facebook groups can also increase your chances of finding work. There are many Facebook groups out there devoted to specific job types. You will find many job postings, and you can also develop professional relationships with other members. Even if you have to take something that is not in your field, it can turn into a good opportunity.

Also, check out the job boards on Linkedin, Indeed, Monster, and many more.