Take Your Picnic Fashion to the Next Level: Tips to Wear Your Straw Hats with the Right Outfits

When the weather becomes warmer and the restaurants seem crowded, it is best to hit the beach or the park for a family picnic. Once you have planned and packed the spread, you need to choose the perfect picnic outfit and look. Snacking on the beach or park is certainly a relaxed activity yet, we should devote some time to figure out what outfit and accessories would be best for the picnic. It could be great fun to coordinate your look with the much-awaited outdoor activity. According to the Guardian, picnic dressing today is far more practical as we are heading into an era of staycations and daycations. Your picnic dressing is incomplete without a hat. Splendid straw hats can take your picnic fashion to the next level.

The must-have accessory for picnics is the hat. Hats are a must in terms of style and functionality. The mercury may not be soaring, and the temperatures may not be 30 degrees or higher, yet the sun could be pretty intense outdoors. Hence, along with your sunscreen, it is a wise idea to wear a hat. Your hat could prove to be a health device! Moreover, you can add a new dimension to your outfit with a marvelous straw hat. A hat could be a unique way of bringing out your personality and style. Summer picnics always calls for hats: wide-brimmed floppy hats and cowboy hats in particular. It presents a great sight when you see everyone sipping their lemonade underneath their fascinating straw brims! Wearing wide-brimmed straw hats is certainly a sophisticated, fun, and flirty statement that also, provides perfect sun protection.

Reasons to Indulge in Picnics

Better Family Bonding: When on a picnic, you get the opportunity to focus on and give undivided attention to your children and spouse without any distractions. Today, picnics are perfect for making your family feel heard and loved. Playing games together helps to cement and fortify the bond.

Enhanced Mental Health: The fresh air and picnic mood work wonders on your mental health. You can forget about the worries and tension of everyday living. Your anxiety level is reduced, and the entire family is in a great mood. The sunshine does wonders to your state of mind. Picnics are a welcome change from mundane activities. Picnics are best for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Opportunity for Self-Reflection: Picnics in the lap of nature provide the right environment to indulge in introspective behaviors. Self-reflection is beneficial. You can steal some moments to be alone. The serene ambiance encourages self-reflection. You can get a clear perspective. You get to know precisely where you stand.

Picnic Dressing Guidelines

Be Practical & Keep It Simple and Chic: Simple and chic is often the best way of dressing for a picnic. Colorful, comfy, and easy-to-wear outfits are just perfect for picnics.

Comfort Is Crucial: You will be playing outdoor games and taking part in fun activities. Comfort should be the key factor while choosing your picnic attire. A perfect picnic outfit should look summery, and cool without being skimpy. You may wear a dress that may be well-fitted around your waist but it should essentially be loose around your thighs. You should feel free to sprawl on a blanket comfortably. It is better to avoid a short skirt as you will be sitting on the floor and that will be very uncomfortable. You may wear florals and polka dots. A dress with puffed sleeves and smocking could be summery and nice without being provocative.

Layering Is a Good Idea: Layering is a good way of mixing and matching different fabrics and patterns in one shot. A layered outfit seems to be picnic perfect. Try wearing a white tank with a cool, pink tunic over it for a fascinating feminine look.

Do Not Forget to Wear a Hat: Your picnic dressing is incomplete without a hat. Hats are best for sun protection. They also make a fashion statement. Straw hats are the way to go. They help take your picnic fashion or style quotient a few notches higher.

Avoid Heels, Wear Flip Flops: Wear flip-flops for ultimate comfort. They are best for completing your casual picnic dress sense. Be stylish and sensible.

Best Picnic Outfits to Match Your Straw Hats

Denim Apron Dress with Classic Straw Hat

Straw hats are undoubtedly a staple for picnics. They are lightweight and comfortable. They provide adequate sun protection yet they are breathable. You can enjoy the cool breeze, thanks to the ventilated design. Straw hats look great when teamed with a chic denim apron dress, touching your feet.

A Cowboy Straw Hat with Thin Strap Dress

Add a country feel to your picnic dressing with a straw cowboy hat from Americanhatmakers.com. You may choose a designer or custom hat with striking prints for creating that summery, stylish, fun look. Pair it with a simple strap dress about an inch above your knees for a smart and sexy look.

Straw Fedora Hat with Ripped Denim Pants

Straw fedoras are best for adding a demure, cool look to any attire. They help you get a unisex-suave look. A chic straw fedora with a stunning bow helps create a wonderful summer touch. Wear a white top with ripped denim jeans

Boater Hat with a Chic Dress

A boater hat is known for its flirty and cute look that helps to instill a girlish charm in your dress. A boater hat will help you steal the show. Wear a boater hat with a dress, makeup, and a great hairstyle. You are sure to look effortless and sophisticated.

Floppy Straw Hat Looks Best with a Floral Summer Dress

Wear a beautiful floppy summer hat with a wide brim for added sun protection. Team it up with a beautiful flora dress that defines summer perfectly.

Cowboy Straw Hat with an Elegant White Dress

Add the western vibe to a stunning bead-trimmed cowboy straw hat. It looks sexy and laid-back. Wear such a stunning hat with a dazzling white dress that seems fresh, feminine, and crisp.

Cowboy Straw Hat and Jeans with T-shirts

Create a timeless look by wearing a pair of jeans with a white t-shirt and a gorgeous cowboy straw hat.


Picnics are great for uplifting your mood and spirits. Wear the perfect outfit and a complementary hat to add a new dimension to your picnic dressing!