Should We Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

In recent years, giant technological companies started talking about how artificial intelligence can have potential harm on humans. Although it has many benefits, some people are worried about their effects for many reasons.

Nowadays, we can see artificial intelligence in different areas starting from the most serious ones such as medicine and military to more entertainment fields such as online gaming. For example, gry hazardowe online uses artificial intelligence to deliver realistic experiences where players feel they are in another reality. On the other side, AI is used in medicine to collect data about patients and suggest the best treatment. Besides, it can predict illnesses, so doctors can work on preventive methods. Hence, it appears that AI has great benefits. So, why are people afraid of it?

AI can become smarter than humans

This appears to be something influenced by science fiction movies. Yet, it is a genuine concern for many people. Developers use technologies like machine learning to enhance the abilities of computers and devices using AI. However, these computers might reach a point that they can develop themselves. If technology reached this point, humans might not be able to stop it.

The problem with this is that human brains won’t be able to develop as fast as technologies. Thus, computers and other smart devices will be in control of humans. This way, the whole of humanity will be working to serve the technology, not the opposite.

Increases unemployment

One of the biggest concerns that AI can increase the unemployment rates in various fields. Today, there are many jobs that no longer use humans. For example, call centers and customer service using chatbots and automatic repliers. In the future, more jobs may rely on AI and machines instead of humans.

Although using machines with AI technology can be a cost-effective solution, it can place humans in competition with machines. Currently, the AI implementations that yield successful outcomes are not fully automatic. Instead, they rely on AI systems to support humans, who are the main part of the job. However, this might end in the future, and AI fully replaces humans.

Using AI in bad ways

If the technology becomes in the hands of irresponsible people, they can use it in negative and harmful ways. For example, they might use AI systems to control other people’s lives by spying on their data. Similarly, governments can use AI to watch over citizens and their behaviours. Further, they can use these data for purposes that run counter to human rights principles.

All of these fears are legitimate, and we can relate them to one fact. That is, we don’t know how the technology is developing and at what pace. Moreover, not all of us are participating in the development of such technology. These modern technologies are controlled by a limited number of people or entities around the world. We don’t even know what they are currently working on and how long would it take them to reach it.