How to Find the Perfect Student Accommodation Near University of Queensland

With year-round outdoorsy weather, Brisbane is a community filled with multicultural people and award-winning educational institutions. One such place is the University of Queensland.

If you are enrolled in the university by now, you have already crossed the first hurdle. But the next hurdle is finding the perfect accommodation near the university.

From places like Iglu Student Accommodation which provides a homely feel with all luxuries, to places that introduce you to great roommates, there are countless options near the university to choose from.

But how do you find that perfect place?

Start Looking For Places Early

Once you get admission into institutions like the University of Queensland, immediately start looking for student accommodations near the university. If you want to find the ideal student accommodation for your college year, then you have to beat the rush and find the good ones before they get filled.

Sign up for newsletters well ahead of time so that you will get alerts when the accommodations become available. Almost 80% of the student properties get booked between December to February, so be well prepared to work ahead.

A few places like Iglu Student Accommodation in Brisbane even provide exclusive offers for students studying at the University of Queensland. So be proactive and start your search early before the good ones are taken.

Find the Right Area Near The University

South Bank, Kelvin Grove, Red Hill, Frogs Hollow, etc., are some of the neighbourhoods close to the Herston and St. Lucia campus of the University of Queensland. Each of these neighbourhoods has different unique traits.

If you want to live in an area with social spaces like parklands, cafes, restaurants, and malls, choosing accommodation near the South Bank will give you all the perks. You have to find out how close the bus stops, hospitals and other essential places like supermarkets and food shops are.

Choose a place in the city centre well connected to the university so that you can cut down on taxi fares. Don’t compromise on the location.

Be Picky & Look Around A Little

Even if you like the first student accommodation that you find near the University of Queensland, keep it on hold and look around for other places and make a list to compare them. When you do this, you will understand how the local market is, and you can find what you prefer and what you don’t before you pick one.

If you are on a tight budget, look for places like Iglu Student Accommodation, which allows you to apply for rental assistance scholarships. Consider all the factors, compare and make a decision.

Visit the Property Before Deciding

Finding the perfect student accommodation is not easy, especially when doing it for the first time. It gets easier as you familiarise yourself with the process on due time and with reasonable consideration.

Once you find an accommodation that you like online, you cannot settle for just the pictures and the virtual tour you check out on the internet. You must visit the place near the university to make sure that it is legit.

Check How the Billing Works

Living in Brisbane can save you more dollars. But with the University of Queensland present in the area, many shady student accommodations take advantage of having their premises close to the university by billing you unethically.

So, look for all bills included accommodation. Few student accommodations in the Kelvin Grove and Brisbane city areas offer prices that include all the bills. It can save you from so much work, as you don’t have to check the meters or the Wi-Fi usage and more.

Say no to places that promise packages that can be too good to be true. Compare and cross out at least three places and find that perfect student accommodation near the University of Queensland to spend the rest of your college year.