How to Encourage Your Organization to Volunteer Online

It feels like a lot is going on even though the world is shut down. Since the pandemic started, we’ve all been stuck home more. Many of us have lots of extra time on our hands outside of work — a perfect time to volunteer!

Lots of companies resort to volunteering as an ethical business decision but as a way to unite their team in an appropriate activity, outside of work. Now that people have been stuck inside, it’s limited the options for volunteer work and it can be challenging to find options.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online volunteer options to help your community or communities around the globe — a perfect way to connect with others. People might not know where to look when it comes to volunteering or how to approach it. It’s been a tough year for everyone and it can be challenging to motivate your employees

Here’s our recommendations on how to encourage online volunteer work in your organization.

Where to Find Volunteer Ideas

You may have decided you want to encourage your employees to volunteer but it can be challenging to think of ideas that everyone would appreciate. Fortunately there’s a wonderful organization, Points of Light, who have created a network just for this purpose: CECE (Community for Employee Civic Engagement). Points of Light is a global network meant to promote change by connecting communities; while highlighting volunteering efforts and inspirational stories  around the world.

In addition to their network, they’ve created a coalition meant to generate ideas to help employees connect. Through CECE, you can find experts in volunteering and civic engagement who post ideas and answer questions about volunteer opportunities. Their website is incredibly easy to navigate, is perfect for community engagement and an inspiring platform for your employees. The Points of Light website is constantly posting useful resources and articles about volunteer opportunities.

Connecting with CECE allows for your company to develop a positive and powerful network, encouraging communities to work together. It’s the perfect way to introduce the idea of volunteering to your employees and connect with their work peers. Using this platform is also a great way to get your coworkers and/or employees involved and excited to participate.

Using the Points of Light website, you can access ideas about volunteer opportunities and ask questions if you need guidance from POL experts. You can recommend your staff to look at the platform to get excited about helping. Part of the mission of CECE is to create excitement about civic opportunities; there’s no doubt they can help boost civic morale while providing useful resources in your company!

Everyone Gets One Turn

There are many organizations out there in need of volunteers. Often people are inspired  or drawn to a non-profit because they have a personal connection to that particular cause. Your work team might be encouraged to volunteer if they knew their desired organization could be highlighted when it’s their turn; it’s a wonderful way to get people excited about volunteering!

Propose the importance of volunteering and quality co-worker time and that everyone’s name will be written down and each week or month, a person’s name is drawn and whatever online volunteer opportunity that person chooses, everyone else has to participate. It helps initially further company bonding because everyone will learn why a specific cause or organization is important to each individual. Plus, everyone will be more inclined knowing their choice will be picked eventually.

Create a Work Contest

Who doesn’t love a good contest? Creating a competitive mission is a fun way to get others excited but an effortless way to incorporate volunteering efforts. Think about making teams and whichever team collects the most hours per month, wins! Or any game or contest that would allow volunteer hours as the marker. If possible, determine a prize and the rules to make sure everything is clear and fair. The incentive will help motivate others to participate plus the friendly competition between co-workers.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to boost company morale and help unite your work community. Although most situations are impacted by Coronavirus, you still have plenty of online opportunities to volunteer around the world while working (remotely) alongside your co-workers.