7 Tips For Keeping Your Newborn Healthy

The moment you have been waiting for has finally come – the family replenished with a small miracle – your newborn. After the birth of the baby, parents have a crucial mission to protect the baby by any means. Keeping the baby healthy is one of the most significant tasks for parents. So, let’s have a look through some tips which can be useful in providing the welfare of the newborn.

Tip 1. Pregnancy and labor are essential stages for a baby’s health

The care for newborn health starts even before birth. The mother is responsible not only for her health but also for baby one. The mother should be provided with thorough medical care and attend the doctor regularly during the pregnancy. Make sure your lifestyle and diet are healthy and nutritious. The absence of deterioration in the mother’s health is a guarantee of the baby’s health. 

Tip 2. Breastfeeding is a natural protection

Breastfeeding is the best way to provide newborns with all essential nutrients. Moreover, breast milk contains antibodies that support a baby’s immune system. Breast milk also consists of unique components which contribute to strengthening the health of the newborn. 

But don’t be afraid if breastfeeding is not available for you because of some reasons. The modern world, with its development, suggests a great alternative to breast milk – organic formulas. 

Tip 3. Balanced nutrition during the 1st year is key to health

The recommended period for breastfeeding only, if available, is at least 6 months. After 6 months, parents might want to start the mixed diet, try the first weaning, and introduce the baby to its first solids. The same situation is with bottle feeding. A baby of a certain age is supposed to drink formula at a certain stage. The European brand Holle suggests Stage PRE and Stage 1, which are suitable from birth. Stage 2 is for babies from 6 months. And then goes the formula for toddlers from 12 months. The formula of the brand Holle is a guarantee for a baby’s balanced nutrition. They are full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Check Holle toddler formula and see it yourself. Also, these formulas are organic and have strict standards of production. So, with such nutrition, your baby’s health is safe. 

Tip 4. Hygiene is a voucher for safety and cleanliness

Baby’s health demands special attention to hygiene. So, both parents and other family members need to remember about it. Wash your hands before any contact with the newborn. Keep baby’s clothes, baby’s things, and household items clean and tidy. Also, it is very important to provide the correct hygiene of the newborn’s navel, eyes, and nails. 

Tip 5. Immediate response is the best way to control illnesses and diseases

It is crucial for parents to know how to recognize the symptoms of illnesses and diseases which newborns can have. Also, parents need to monitor their babies for any allergic reactions, as babies’ stomachs are very sensitive. If any symptoms of illness or allergy are discovered, parents should immediately contact their doctors for further action. 

Tip 6. Safety at home: Prevention of injuries

Parents have to secure the home before the baby’s birth. Also, it is important to be safe during trips with the baby, even short ones. Parents need to use special tools and equipment for baby transportation in the car. Moreover, provide the baby with safe sleep in the crib (without any cushions and towels). 

Tip 7. Take care of the baby’s development

Parents need to provide the baby with a stimulating environment for physical and mental development. It is better to talk, sing, and read to the baby. Any interaction is good and useful. Put your impact on the baby’s physical and mental development according to the baby’s age. Nutrition will provide growth, and physical activity like gymnastics for newborns will develop the baby physically. 

Final words

Obviously, creating the best conditions for their child’s healthy growth and development is the best. In the first year of life, for the most part, this means providing the newborn with appropriate and suitable nutrition according to his or her age and needs. 

Love and care are undoubtedly the most essential part of this journey. And following these simple tips can help you keep your little one healthy and happy.