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Personal Trainer Becomes Overweight to Understand Clients

I recently learnt about a personal trainer who is doing something that almost nobody does. He is trying to understand his clients. I mean… really understand them. Starting on May 7th of this year, he vowed to gain 50 or 60 pounds (he actually gained 70 so far) and stop exercising, in order to “let himself go.” That means losing muscle, getting a huge belly, and spending a lot of time blogging. But that’s not the most important part. The fascinating thing is that after he gains all of this weight (which would not be a difficult thing for most people) he’s going to lose it all again within the same amount of time, and return to his fit shape.

The website is fit2fat2fit, and the man is Drew Manning. He is, in short, awesome.

Who is Drew Manning?

Can you imagine how good a therapist would be if they understood their patients’ issues? This is a very rare phenomenon. Most people know the story of the great writer and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, in “Supersize Me,” where he eats absolutely nothing but fast food for a month. But that was only a month – this is six months. And whereas Spurlock’s point was to understand the effects of eating unhealthily, Manning’s goal is to understand the effects of becoming fat. Watch the video below, where Manning explains his “massive” project.

“The main reason I put myself through this is because I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I don’t really know what it’s like to be overweight, or to have bad eating habits, or to crave fatty, sugary foods; and the truth is I really don’t.”

So how has his progress been coming along? He started at 193 pounds, with a waist of 34.5 inches. He’s now at 263 pounds, with a waist of 47.5 inches.

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

Even after twenty three weeks of gorging himself, he still looks like he could snap you like a twig

It’s true that 6 months is not enough for someone to understand what it’s like for someone who has been obese basically their whole life… but honestly, how much does a man have to sacrifice in order for people to learn that becoming fit is not beyond their reach? He has a life of his own to live, and this is a selfless commitment that very few people in the world would consider doing. Hopefully, his clients appreciate his effort as much as the large following on his website.

Why This is So Important

This man is a big inspiration, and I hold him to great esteem. He deserves all the publicity he gets, and much more. He has almost finished his “fat phase,” and will soon start living the lifestyle he always lived – eating healthy, and being fit and happy about it.

He documented his progress through becoming fat – which includes his psychological and emotional changes as well as the obvious physical ones – but he will also take it a step further. He will document his process of losing that weight and returning to normal. He’ll break down his meal plans, and his exercise routines… and do it all for free.

So what can gaining 70 pounds and losing it honestly teach us? For one thing, no more of that “well you just have a certain body type” nonsense. Many people complain that their genetics are to blame for their, but Manning completely changed his body type in a matter of months. If this man is showing the world that he can not only put on the weight, but also take it off – not to mention showing you exactly how he did it all – then there should be no more excuses for others not to be able to do the same. Unless, of course, they’re one of the unfortunate people who simply cannot afford to eat healthy food, which is a sad reality in our current global economic situation.

I will certainly be checking in on this story in the future, and I hope one day he can tell it on a stage like TED. And if he succeeds, as I suspect he will, then it will just go to show: The only difference between him and any other overweight person is that he genuinely wants to lose weight, and he’ll work for it. He’ll show everyone how it’s done – let alone prove that it’s even possible.

And for that, Drew Manning, I salute you!

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