The History of the Energizer Bunny

Most of us are familiar with the famous and all-time favorite Pink Bunny of one of the world’s largest batteries manufacturing companies, Energizer. This little furry thing has made a huge impact on the marketing industry. Supposedly, it never stops because it is operated by a long-lasting battery of the Energizer.

But, most of us do not know that this rabbit has been around for decades now. And in fact, it has a unique history attached to it. So, let’s see the background of this fury pink bunny.

The Debut

Energizer introduced their famous mascot bunny for the very first time on 30 October 1988. It made its first appearance on the television in all its glory.

It wore the signature outfit having the classic accessories, including striped flip-flops and cool sunglasses. Along with these, it had a drum that featured the logo of Energizer.

This bunny was first made to just mock Duracell’s mascot. But later, it became a marketing icon. When it debuted in the advertisement, it got famous instantly. Since then, it has been a major source of popularity for the Energizer.

The Concept behind It

The pink bunny that we see in commercials was originally copied. They took this idea from another battery company, Duracell. It was made to mock their commercial and to prove that Energizer is more durable.

But after the first advertisement, which was a total imitation of Duracell’s, they realized how important their bunny was. So, they trademarked it and started their campaign.

For a long time, all the commercials that featured the bunny had a similar concept. That was, to compare it to the batteries of other manufacturers. And, to prove that Energizer Bunny could go on, and on, for an indefinite period.

The Television Career

Even though the Bunny was created to feature in commercials, television was only a part of its career. It appeared on more than a hundred advertisements for Energizer.

It was also featured alongside many famous Hollywood stars. The celebrities that worked with it include Lyle Alzato, Ted Nugent, and Michael Andrew Fox.

Legal Disputes with Duracell

The pink rabbit we all love and adore faced some horrible lawsuits as well. But its owners fought for it. And, they made sure that it continued its journey. The following were some major legal disputes that Energizer had to face for the bunny.

The Trademark Dispute of Duracell (1990)

In 1990, Duracell pressed charges on the Energizer. According to Duracell, Energizer stole their idea of the bunny as a brand mascot. They proved in court that they used it before them. This lawsuit went on for a while but then ended with an out of court settlement.

The company decided that the Energizer Bunny should take exclusive trademark in the United States and Canada, and they did. On the other hand, Duracell and its bunny took exclusive rights in all other places in the world. However, this didn’t have much effect on the popularity of the Energizer Bunny, worldwide. It remained quite famous nonetheless.

The Distribution Lawsuit of Duracell (2016)

In 2016, Duracell went against the settlement. They released a commercial in the United States, using the bunny. This led to another lawsuit that Energizer had to file against them.

Just like the previous case, this went on for a while too. But, in the end, the court decided to renew the settlement. The court asked the companies to use their bunnies in the trademarked areas only. After that, the Energizer Bunny was the only star in the commercials of the USA and Canada.

The List of Top 10 Brand Icons

In 1999, the Energizer Bunny was included in the Top 10 Brand Icons. This list was produced by Advertising Age. It came fifth on the list, leaving major brands like Kellogg’s and Michelin Man behind.

This was indeed a turning point for the company’s marketing.

The Entry into Social Media

In 2009, the Pink Bunny completed its 20 years in the field of marketing. After that, it was introduced to the world of social media. Energizer made its accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media handle. They posted different adventures and life stories of the bunny there. This proved to be a very clever way of marketing their product. That, too, in a much-disguised way.

Now, it has thousands of followers from all over the world. People admire their posts and life updates. It is one of the popular brand mascots of social media.

The Evergreen Campaign

In 2011, Energizer launched the “that’s positive energy” campaign. In this program, they did a bunch of stuff to create a healthy atmosphere. The bunny appeared in every program and made a source of attraction. The company donated a huge amount to save National Parks. And as always, the bunny played a big role in the marketing side.

Then, they started a program asking the locals to do something good to protect the green energy. With the help of their iconic mascot, they asked people to come forward.

From small acts of just turning the lights off to cleaning the litter, everything was appreciated. And as a gesture of appreciation, for every good act a person did, the company donated a dollar in the charity program.

The New-look

In 2016, the Bunny turned 27 years old. And to celebrate its birthday, the Energizer team planned to change its look. It was a tough decision, but they decided to go for it. According to the CEO of the company, “the public wanted some change, so we did it”

The new bunny was released during the New York Fashion Week. It made its grand entrance by interrupting Angela Simmons’ during her walk on the runway. And as expected, people went crazy over its updated version.

The new-look of the bunny was a little slimmer and more lifelike. They endorsed it with the slogan of “bigger, better, and bunnier.” It featured human-like expressions.

It could now move easily and more efficiently. They also updated its sunglasses to cooler ones and changed its flip-flops a bit. In short, this version was created to make the bunny compatible with the modern era.

Madison Walk of Fame

In 2017, our favorite bunny was one of the inductees of the advertising week. A huge number of people voted for it. And as a result, it was the official winner for the year.

The Bunny Center

After the success of the Pink Bunny, the company decided to start its merchandise. That is how The Bunny Store started. It is an online store with all sorts of stuff available. From power products to pen and keychains, you can find everything there.

Each item features the infamous bunny. And obviously, most of it is pink in color. This store is an excellent addition to the Energizer family. It offers a lot of variety. Most of the products are light on the pocket and good in quality. It is quite popular in school-going kids and teenagers.

The Current Worth of Energizer Bunny

Given the fact that how famous the Energizer Bunny is, it is only fair to say that it is worth a lot. Right now, its net worth is as high as eighteen thousand dollars. It is, for sure, one of the priciest mascots in the history of advertisement.

Final Words

The Pink Bunny has changed the marketing game of the Energizer. Ever since it debuted, it has been a brand.

According to many famous commercial makers, a lot of people only know Energizer because of the bunny. People watch it, love it, and when they see it in-store, they buy the products. Therefore, it has played a critical role in the company’s fame.

Although the lovely funny has faced a lot of problems, it still managed to come through. And even now, with the age of 31 years, it is still drumming his way on.