Motorcycle Crash Statistics: How to Prevent Crashes


Motorcycle crash statistics are sobering. If you ride a motorcycle, you are more likely to get into an accident than if you are driving a car. You are also five times more likely to be injured and 27 times more likely to die.

While riding a motorcycle can be a fun and freeing hobby, it is also a dangerous one.

Although there is no way to guarantee your safety while you are riding your motorcycle, you can reduce your risks of getting into an accident. By knowing the motorcycle crash statistics, you can understand the common causes of a crash and learn how to avoid them.

If you love riding and want to stay safe on the road, this short and simple guide is for you.

Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Perhaps the best tip for avoiding a motorcycle crash is to take a riding safety course. Taking a class or a course will help you hone your riding skills, know what gear and helmet you need to wear, and make you aware of all the dangers you can experience. Taking a class is ideal, whether you are new to riding or have been riding for a while.

Ride Carefully in Bad Weather

Similar to car accidents, many motorcycle accidents are caused by weather conditions. However, riding a motorcycle in the rain, sleet, or snow is even more dangerous than when driving a car.

Not only will your tires lose traction when the road is slippery and wet, but you will also lose visibility without the help of a windshield wiper. If you have to ride in dangerous weather conditions, make sure you are being as cautious as possible.

Don’t Drink and Ride

To avoid an accident while riding, make sure you are sober. Statistics show, nearly half of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve alcohol. Just by riding sober, you can significantly reduce your risk of an accident, injuries, and death.

Stay Alert

Did you know that most motorcycle riders have just 2 seconds to try to avoid life-threatening situations? Know this, it shouldn’t surprise you that not staying alert is one of the most common causes of an accident. Look for cars changing lanes, a car turning left in front of you, gravel on the ground, distracted drivers, and more.

Make Sure You Are Visible

When riding a motorcycle, make sure to stay visible as possible. This will help you reduce your risks of riding in blind spots and the resulting accident. Avoid lane splitting, wear bright colors, and be aware of your surroundings.

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Motorcycle Crash Statistics: This Is How To Prevent Crashes

By paying attention to the motorcycle crash statistics, you can reduce your risk of getting into a crash.

Start by taking a motorcycle safety course. You should also be careful in certain weather conditions, only ride when you are sober, and stay alert. Make sure you are visible at all times to reduce your risk of being hit by a car.

Follow these tips to safely enjoy your motorcycle rides.

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