8 Documents to have When Meeting Your Car Crash Attorney

The United States witnessed a sharp increase in the number of car crash-related deaths in the year 2020. These traffic-related statistics are shocking considering there have been fewer drivers on American roads in 2020 following the shelter-in-place orders. The growing statistics of road accidents underscore the risks on our roads.

As a driver, the inevitability of accidents should be an ever-present reality in your mind. When accidents happen, the legal process that unfolds can end up in your favor or against you. Having a car crash attorney by your side during such incidences is critical.

Once you have a car crash attorney by your side, they will require you to present some documents that will be used to prove your case.

Every seasoned car crash attorney will require these eight documents to help you win your case.

1. The Insurance Policy

Your insurance policy is the first thing a car crash attorney will ask for following an accident. The lawyer needs this crucial document to ascertain the types of insurance coverage you are entitled to in your application. Every auto insurance provider has the mandate to provide an insurance policy document when engaging a car owner.

In case you don’t have a copy of the car insurance policy in hand, don’t panic. The car crash attorney can obtain one for you. You only need to seek approvals from your insurance provider to access the policy.

2. Evidence of Insurance Premium Payments

Being in possession of an insurance policy isn’t enough. Your car crash attorney will also need to see evidence of premium payments. When dealing with a reliable insurance company, they should send periodic statements of bill payments for your premiums.

The premium payments are the surest confirmation that you have an ongoing relationship with an insurance provider. The availability of premium payment receipts is an essential affirmation that your policy is in force and updated.

3. Photographs

Most freak accidents happen so fast that you might not be in the right state of mind to do much. However, taking pictures of the scene of the accidents should be on top of your to-do list. Photographs are among the documents every car crash attorney will ask for during your meeting.

In case you don’t have such photos, you could ask your insurance representative for the same. Every seasoned insurance agent will take pictures of an accident scene immediately after calling them. The images and videos offer the necessary graphical support in favor of your compensation appeal.

4. Statements From Witnesses

Most accidents happen in the full glare of eyewitnesses. The only thing you need is to find a willing witness(s) to offer a written report of the events. Eyewitnesses reports are firsthand accounts of the events before and after the accident.

Your car crash attorney will find statements from witnesses as a valuable resource as they offer you legal representation. You should do whatever it takes to have one or more written statements from witnesses to support your claim.

5. Police Report

When accidents happen, the police officers are among the first people at the scene. Most lawyers will ask for a police report before taking up the car accident case. Such documents provide a basis to push and win your case.

Most police officers will be more than willing to offer you a copy of a written report following an accident. A police report is often the starting point after an accident. The report contains critical information, including the date, time, and exact location of the accident.

Police reports also offer clues of the probable degree of guilt attributable to each party in the accident. The evidence is an important starting point when handling your case.

6. Medical Records

If you or anyone else in the car suffered injuries following the accident, any medical treatment rendered should be documented. If you or any occupants sort medical attention, you should present medical records to the lawyer.

Such information should include receipts of medical bills paid. The documents should also retain records of any medical prescriptions and physical therapy costs paid.

Other costs such as ambulance and primary checkup paid for after the accident should also be indicated.

7. Loss of Income Information

Car crash injuries can keep you off work for long. In case of admission to hospital or sick days, you risk missing out on your income or even termination of employment. In each of these cases, your employer will provide a written communication on the same.

When meeting with a car crash attorney, you need to provide such documents. The documents can go a long way to prove the loss of active income. You are entitled to compensation for the loss of opportunity to make income during the entire period of treatment and recovery.

8. Vehicle Damage and Repair Estimates

Your car definitely takes a hit following an accident. It’s recommended that you note down every cost used in the process of repairing the vehicle. If the car ends up being a total write-off following the accident, you need to record the actual cash value.

The aftermath of the accident can leave different parts of the car either damaged or missing. The vehicle’s entire repair cost should be indicated in a detailed report to the car crash attorney. Such information will help you recover the total expenditure used to repair the car.

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Carry These Documents When Meeting the Car Crash Attorney

Car crashes affect your emotional, financial and physical well-being. You need to consult a car crash attorney to help you make a successful compensation appeal for these losses. However, for you to win that car crash injury case, you need these eight critical documents listed above.

The information contained in each of these documents provides valuable evidence to support your claim. Your car crash attorney will have an easier time pushing your claim as long as you avail each of these documents.

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