Essential for Off-Roading: Why Should You Upgrade Your Suspension

If you want to get your truck or SUV ready for off-roading, a suspension upgrade should be in your plan. Reworking your vehicle’s suspension can help you to achieve a lot of characteristics that are ideal for off-roading. Whether you plan to casually take on some trails, race against other enthusiasts or take on the most challenging climbs, you should get a lift kit or other suspension upgrade for the following benefits.

Clearance in Rugged Terrain

When you set up a lift kit such as a ProComp suspension lift, you will have significantly more ground clearance. Importantly, with a suspension lift, you will have a greater distance between the ground and your frame. This means that you can take on rugged terrain with fewer challenges.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of this is your approach and departure angles. These numbers describe how steep of a grade your vehicle can take on (even if it is a very short grade such as a boulder). A lift kit will help with this.

Shock Absorption

Another benefit of improving your suspension is shock absorption. There are two main aspects of suspension that deal with this. The suspension springs push your wheels against the ground (even when it is uneven) and compress to handle bumps. Then, the shocks dampen the movement of your wheels to achieve a smoother ride (without them, your vehicle would just bounce up and down).

When you install upgrades such as King Shocks, your vehicle will be better able to handle that unevenness. This isn’t just a matter of comfort. Better shock absorption helps you maintain control, even at higher speeds.

Off-Road Tires

If you lift your vehicle, you will also be able to install larger tires. With off-road truck tires and rims, you can handle more challenging terrain. This may be mud, rocks, sand or any other off-road environment. You can get all-terrain tires as well as specialized tires for your truck.

This upgrade can significantly improve your vehicle’s ability to handle difficult terrains. However, you will often need a lift kit to be able to accommodate proper off-road tires.

Improved Visibility

Finally, lifting your vehicle can improve your visibility of the trail. Being high up makes it easier to see obstacles clearly. It can assist with navigation and give you a more “tactical” view of what is ahead.

In short, the driving position of a lifted vehicle is typically preferable to that of a stock truck or SUV. Of course, there is a point at which it becomes too much. You should try out a few lifting vehicles to see what type of height adjustment works for your preferences and style.

Get a Lift Kit for Your Off-Road Vehicle

Getting some upgrades for your suspension can make a big difference to how your vehicle performs off-road. With the right parts, you could be ready for the toughest terrain. Alternatively, you may want something budget-friendly that is suited for casual off-roading. In either case, explore some suspension upgrades for your vehicle today.