E2 Visa: Latest News and Current Status

Are you planning to go to a foreign country for business purposes? You might consider reading this article about E2 visas, which is beneficial if you are interested in traveling. Furthermore, let us also tackle the latest news and current E2 passes to keep you updated and informed about these things.

What is an E2 Visa?

Before we provide you the fresh news and the latest situation of E2 visas, let us identify what this is first. An E2 Visa is an official document used for traveling. However, it is exclusive only for investors. The validity period of this visa is up to five years.

The qualifications needed for a person to have an E2 visa are: the applicant must be a national of the United States, have invested or actively investing in the company, and seeking entrance to the United States to expound the investment enterprise.

It would help if you also were of the same nationality as your employer, meets the definition of an employee under a specific relevant law, and must be engaging in the activities of an executive or supervisor.

What is the difference between E2 and other E Visas?

I am sure that you already encountered E1 and E3 Visa, closely related to E2. However, the qualifications in each visa differ. For example, in E2, you must be an investor. In E1, you must be a trader, and in E3, you must be a legit employee. Despite the differences of the people that can get an E-visa, the benefits remain the same across them.

What is the latest news about the E2 Visa?

Travelers sometimes want to stay or achieve permanent residency in a country. For holders of the E2 Visa, it is not possible. In May 2021, people started suggesting and voicing out to allow people with E2 visas to achieve permanent residency. It is highly requested since many investors are succeeding within the United States’ borders; only the validity period of their access hinders them.

Fortunately, you can now apply for a Green Card visa. However, it takes too many requirements and processes in able to achieve a permanent residency. On the other hand, there are five ways you can convert your E2 to permanent residence.

  1. Invest more and file a green card under the EB5 category.
  2. Invest in a regional center and file an EB5 category green card.
  3. Have your employer support you.
  4. Have your family members help you.
  5. Create and manage a new business outside the United States.

To give you a more detailed explanation, you may want to see other related articles by browsing the world wide web.

What is the current status of E2 Visa?

E2 Visa applicants are facing a lot of struggles lately due to the coronavirus pandemic. As we all know, travel is strictly prohibited, mainly international trips. Authorities believe that it is best to suspend flights that affect the administration and process of E2 visas to those who applied for it.

Nevertheless, some national governments are starting to resume the production and distribution of E2 visas to applicants as the vaccine against the novel coronavirus is beginning to be administered worldwide. People may still apply for an E2 visa within the United States by inquiring. It is best to follow and research the prohibition of the country you are going to.


The E2 visa is mainly used for investors who want to enter the United States for business purposes. People are starting to acknowledge giving permanent residency to the holders of the visa for convenience. However, since the coronavirus pandemic began, there is a decline in the administration and process of E2 permit since international travels are highly discouraged by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is best to remain safe and wait for things to clear out.