Miracles of Red Light Therapy on Anti-aging and Hair Growth

In the year 2020, the illusion of perfect skin and a gorgeous outfit has taken a certain hit. It was a year of sweatpants, staying at home, and self-care. We have seen a lot of celebrities and influential people talking about their struggles and how they overcame them. Many of the influential celebrities talked about their anti-aging routine and shared valuable tips on social media. We have also seen how many of them rely on red light therapy for their skincare and haircare routine. Does red light therapy really provide all those benefits? If so, what is the science behind it? Well, today, we will try to explain the process a bit, and you can determine if it is worth getting a handheld light therapy device all by yourself.

Overview of Red Light Therapy

Light therapy is a considerably new method of therapy that was invented just on the eve of the twenty-first century. Although, we can confidently state that the advantages of natural light were known to people for centuries. The natural light energizes the cells of our body and keeps them alive and active for a longer time. However, there are certain places on the earth where the shining sun is a rare sight. Places further away from the equator stay colder for extended periods, and the sun often shies away from showing his face. So, there was a specific need to provide the residents of those areas with the benefits of natural light. Then they entered the red light therapy devices, and people got excited about them. Till there were certain questions, does light therapy really give advantages to the human body?

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a non-invasive procedure. It is painless, and one can gain specific merits within a very short time. Each of the visible colors of light has a range of advantages on the human body. The blue light gives a soothing effect on the body and mind while bursting harmful bacterias. Amber light provides ambiance, yellow light provides energy and makes the person feel joy and laughter. The red light penetrates deep within the body and provides the mitochondria of the body cells with energy to function better. As a result, the cells of the body are energized, and they produce enhanced quantities of proteins like collagen and elastin fibers. These proteins and fiber help the skin glow and remove the signs of aging effectively. There had been many speculations, rumors, doubts if the therapy really works. However, with numerous researches, and real-life experiments, red light therapy has proved it is worth it and snatched away the crown.

How to Receive Red Light Therapy?

In the past, this therapy was available only in high-end therapy centers, and one had to book appointments to get the therapy under close supervision. Thanks to modern technologies and intense research, now it’s possible to grab your own device and expose yourself to the benefits at the comfort of your home. If you browse on Amazon, you’ll find numerous red light therapy devices available there. Some of them can come in stationary lightbox devices, and some can come in handheld devices. These devices contain lights that emit specific red light wavelength rather than simply tainted red on them. As a result, the therapy is specific and gives you the best benefits. One needs to simply expose oneself under the light according to the instruction that comes with the therapy light, and they are golden. Each therapy session can last from 10 minutes to an hour. Remember, light therapy is not a permanent solution. You need to use it regularly to get the results and sustain yourself in that amazing state. Each device comes with specific instructions of how and when you should use it at what frequency. Following those instructions, you will grab the best care the device can provide.

Advantages of Light Therapy on Skin and Hair

Light therapy has visible advantages on the hair and skin of a person. It kills harmful bacteria and other harmful substances residing on the skin. It energizes the skin cells and induces healthy skin growth. Moreover, essential proteins like elastin and collagen production get a huge boost with the help of red light. As a result, the skin gains a certain glow and regains the natural elasticity to hide the aging signs. When red light therapy is administered on the hair, the hair roots gain benefits and produce flawless, damage-free hair. It is also helpful to control oil contents on hair and keep the hair shiny and strong. So, if you want effortless, beautiful skin and hair, you can blindly trust light therapy with this job.

The skincare and haircare industry has come a long way, providing us with the best benefits for our specific conditions. With light therapy, the possibility has only increased, and we cannot wait for what the future will bring for our optimum comfort. Light therapy has come a long way, and we are keen to see how far it can go to bring us the best advantages.