Do you bet on cricket? Here’s what to know

Cricket is similar in appearance to baseball as it also uses a bat and a ball. The playing field has a round or ellipsoidal shape, inside it, there is a 20-meter playground, protected on both sides by gates. Even though cricket belongs to non-contact sports, this does not make it less exciting and spectacular. The game has British roots but is currently incredibly popular in India, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, and other countries. Fans and professional bettors are looking forward to the meetings of such top teams as RR vs KKR, which will take place this spring, but they are happy to watch the course of gaming events between rivals from different countries.

The specifics of cricket or what you need to know about this game to make winning bets

The essence of the game is simple. Within one period, the players of the team serving the ball must complete the run while their opponents try to deflect the shot and take out the wicket. At the end of the half, the teams change roles. The specificity of the set of cricket rules is the preservation of traditions, the history of which dates back centuries. It includes a huge number of subtleties and nuances that only true fans of this sports area know. Violation of the rules is severely punished, because not only the judges but also the fans follow the course of the game, and will not miss the opportunity to “catch the hand” of a dishonest player.

Currently, three formats of cricket sports competitions are used, differing in duration and specifics. The most common games are:

  • t20;
  • test match;
  • one-day meetings.

The first format, which is used in the framework of the World Cup, is recognized as the fastest and most reckless. Its duration does not exceed 3.5 hours. Sports fans from different parts of the world are no less attracted by one-day matches. They have a slightly longer duration and include breaks. Traditionally, such games are held as part of the Olympics.

First-level cricket is held within the framework of national and international competitions. The tournament stretches for 3-5 days, so it is interesting mainly for true connoisseurs of the game. On the other hand, meetings in this format open up truly unlimited betting opportunities.

Australia has long been the leader in sports competitions within the Cricket World Cup, which is opposed by the teams of India and Sri Lanka. Top players who have earned a record number of runs and goals scored are known around the world. Bets on their achievements have high odds.

Where to bet on cricket to win

It is not difficult for fans of this sports direction to determine the favorite and the possible outcome of the meeting of the teams. However, not all gambling establishments accept bets on sports events in the world of cricket. Virtually unlimited opportunities and incredible bet variability are offered by virtual betting companies of the international level.

In addition to direct betting, they provide real-time access to broadcasts of any games, not only within the Premier League but also local meetings.

Among the most popular bets on cricket in online betting companies are bets on the outcome of the match, individual achievements of the players, the results of the draw. However, it is impossible to list all types of bets, since cricket is distinguished not only by gambling and entertainment but also by unpredictability. Therefore, large bookmakers offer wide ranges for any tournaments, which significantly increases the chances of bettors to win big.