8 Reasons For Family Planning

Family planning is the act of designing structures, goals, and intended actions for the sexual and reproductive health of a family.

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Decisions like the number and spacing of children and the timing of childbirth are made through family planning. Before this, women especially didn’t have control over how many pregnancies and children they wanted to have. 

Now, the narrative has changed. You now have the choice to decide when you want pregnancy or not. Family planning can be achieved through contraception.

What are the 8 Reasons for Family Planning?

1. The Health of the Woman and the Child

Family planning helps women to avoid getting pregnant at a very early or late age. Getting pregnant at those stages can pose danger to women’s health, which in turn also affects the baby. 

The maternal mortality rate is high globally, it is thus important for women to get pregnant at safe stages. 

According to research, there would be a significant reduction in infant mortality rate if there is a spacing of 3-year intervals between childbirth, especially in developing countries.

2. Financial Capacity of the Family

Have you seen situations where siblings had to wait for one another before gaining admission to the university? This mostly happens with large family sizes.

It’s time to be realistic. It’s not cool to give birth to children and not be able to provide for their basic needs, like food, shelter, education, and others. Do you see why family planning is the best?

3. Awareness

Are you aware that significantly old men and women have high tendencies to give birth to children with birth defects, like autism?

Family planning offers the best solution to prevent such pregnancies, and also results in healthier babies. 

4. Empowerment of Women

Women usually have time to pursue their careers and goals with family planning. They consider the convenient time, number, and spacing that won’t affect their goals.

With the empowerment of women, the family is empowered, and also the society at large. 

5. Abortion Reduction

Some married women abort pregnancies because they or their husbands do not want them. Abortion can lead to complications, especially if it is unsafe.

To prevent abortion, you may consider going for family planning options.

6. Economic Development of a Country

Lack of family planning gives rise to too much population that competes for limited resources in the country. In turn, it slows down economic growth.

If the country is poor, she won’t be able to meet even the basic social amenities for her people. With family planning, the problem is solved.

7. Security

Also, one of the disadvantages of a high population is the high crime rate. Social vices like robbery, kidnapping, and murder will be the order of the day.

Family planning prevents unnecessarily high populations that might lead to that.

8. Proper attention to the children

Family planning allows you to give optimum care, attention, and proper guidance to your children. When your children are too many, you may not have the capacity to monitor them well.

This results in having children shown with no proper care and love.