7 Reasons Why Hiring A Criminal Defence Lawyer Can Be Your Best Bet

With the increasing proliferation of smartphones and social media, fake and misleading news has become prevalent in Sydney. While in some instances, technology and social media have aided surveillance and crime detection, in others, these have led to false implications and unjust incarceration.

According to the statistics, the global conviction rate has increased over the decade in Sydney and almost every region. Once arrested, it is difficult for a person to defend himself as the task of defending starts to mount up. A defence lawyer can be the best bet in such a scenario. By leveraging the services of a professional Sydney criminal lawyer, a defendant can fight the case effectively and save considerable time, money, and effort.

How Can A Criminal Defence Lawyer Help?

A defendant can either opt for a government-provided lawyer or one from a private legal firm in Sydney. While private firms have an edge as they make all the effort to understand an individual defendant’s point of view, lawyers provided by the state are often overburdened by existing cases. The role of a defence lawyer can begin at the trial phase and go beyond the final hearing by the court in Sydney. Even after the announcement of the sentence, they can plead for a favourable sentence term or a compromise.

Here are seven reasons for hiring a criminal defence lawyer in Sydney.

1. Witness Examination And Cross-Examination

A Sydney criminal lawyer interviews and examines the witness and cross-examines witnesses. This thorough examination helps to build a strong case for the criminal defendant. An experienced one knows what information and case details to extract from the witnesses. Often, witnesses are also encouraged to appear before the court in Sydney.

2. Experience

An experienced lawyer provides the most efficient and effective service to a defendant. With years of experience, they can pinpoint the loopholes in the defendant’s and the prosecution’s cases.

3. Effective Communication With Defendant

For a case to be fought well and defended, a regular and unhindered communication channel is necessary between the defendant and the lawyer. A person who is accused, or undergoing a trial, is not well-versed with the legal jargon and workings of the judiciary. In such a scenario, assistance from a lawyer is helpful.

4. Diverse Portfolio Of Cases

Private legal firms in Sydney engage a broad portfolio of lawyers with expertise and experience in cases dealing with bail applications, robbery, cybercrime, scam, money laundering, drug abuse, etc. On the other hand, a state-provided lawyer may not have the domain expertise or adequate resources to address the defendant’s concerns.

5. Negotiation And Plea Bargaining

They can bargain and negotiate the case in favour of the defendant. Plea bargaining with the prosecution can reduce the quantum of punishment or, in some cases, absolve a person of the charges altogether.

6. Saving Time And Money

While fighting a case, not only does the reputation of the person take a hit, it takes a considerable amount of time (in years or decades) and money. A proficient Sydney lawyer understands this and puts the best foot forward while arguing the case.

7. Expert Counselling

Long-drawn and unjust cases can be stressful and depressing for people. Criminal defence lawyers are aware of this and provide counselling to their clients. A frank and easy-going communication without legal jargon is necessary for the defendant to understand the consequences of the case.


A case well-fought can mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. Realising the ground realities of the legal field, one should not hesitate to take the assistance of a professional criminal defence lawyer in Sydney. Such expert guidance can be a helping hand for defendants in need of genuine help.