7 ideas for a super effective cold email campaign

Emails are one of the powerful tools for maintaining top-of-the-mind awareness in your audience’s mind. And while emails are amazing ways to spark a connection, cold email campaigns are perceived as difficult because you have no relationship with your audience yet, and you lack non-verbal feedback, so you can’t modify your approach in real-time.

Check out these ideas to create a super-effective cold email campaign. Also, for professional cold email campaigns, hire iTonic.

  • Personalize the email: You need to do your research before sending out a cold email. It is cold for a reason. Take time to understand the audience, his worldview, how he got into your list and what he is trying to achieve. Crafting an email that takes these into consideration shows the audience you hold her in high regard.
  • Help your audience solve a specific problem: Your audience is on your list because they are trying to solve a problem. Provide valuable and actionable information on how they can solve their problems themselves.
  • The terrible mistake you can make is to make a sale request on your first email to a cold email list. Never make this mistake, it projects you as a selfish person who thinks the world revolves around you. Why should your audience help you by making a purchase when you have not proved yourself useful to them? Think about it.
  • Keep your email short: While I am not an advocate for short emails, I believe an email of any length can be read so far it is value-packed. However, for cold emails, keep them short. Would you want to bore an acquaintance with too many rambles when you are yet to form a connection? Did you say No? Great. It simply depicts someone who lacks self-awareness and is unapologetically self-centered. If you can’t do that in real life, avoid it in emails.
  • Don’t try to rub your knowledge off the face of your audience. Don’t write a cold email that appears as if you are trying to flaunt your knowledge or how powerful you are. The purpose of your cold email is to spark a connection, not make your audience defensive against you.
  • Write your email in a conversational tone: avoid boring your audience with facts, stats, and other data. It does not make your job any easier, rather it will turn them off!
  • Walk your audience down the memory lane: to make your campaigns easier and optimized for responses from your audience, you need to walk your audience down memory lane. You need to remind them of why they are on your email list in the first place, help them remember how you helped solve a problem by giving them value for free and show them the possibility of achieving greater feats together if they give you a chance.

There may be templates flying around the internet as templates for cold email but they are rarely a fit for use. Follow these principles to achieve your desired result.